Collected Poems Of Muriel Rukeyser

Collected Poems Of Muriel Rukeyser

Janet E. Kaufman
Anne F. Herzog
with Jan Heller Levi
Copyright Date: 2005
Pages: 712
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    Collected Poems Of Muriel Rukeyser
    Book Description:

    Muriel Rukeyser held a visionary belief in the human capacity to create social change through language. She earned an international reputation as a powerful voice against enforced silences of all kind, against the violence of war, poverty, and racism. Her eloquent poetry of witness-of the Scottsboro Nine, the Spanish Civil War, the poisoning of the Gauley Bridge laborers-split the darkness covering a shameful world.

    In addition to the complete texts of her twelve previously published books, this volume also features new poems discovered by the editors; Rukeyser's translations, including the first English translations of Octavio Paz's work; early work by Rukeyser not previously published in book form; and the controversial book-length poem Wake Island. An introduction by the editors traces Rukeyser's life and literary reputation and complements discerning annotations and textual notes to the poems.

    eISBN: 978-0-8229-8018-6
    Subjects: Language & Literature

Table of Contents

  1. Front Matter
    (pp. i-vi)
  2. Table of Contents
    (pp. vii-xxii)
  3. Editors’ Notes
    (pp. xxiii-xxviii)
  4. Acknowledgments
    (pp. xxix-xxxii)
  5. Introduction
    (pp. xxxiii-xlii)

    Throughout her life, Muriel Rukeyser maintained that poetry proved an essential means of communicating and acting in the world, a way “to meet the moment with our lives” and invite “a total response” (Life of Poetry8–11). Rukeyser was a prolific and important writer during her publishing years, 1935–1980. In addition to the fifteen volumes of poetry she left at her death, she published biographies of the scientist Willard Gibbs and the explorer Thomas Hariot, a book that she called “a story and a song” about the politician Wendell Willkie, the musicalHoudini, andThe Life of Poetry,...

  6. Theory of Flight (1935)
    (pp. 1-70)
  7. U.S. 1 (1938)
    (pp. 71-152)
  8. A Turning Wind (1939)
    (pp. 153-198)
  9. Wake Island (1942)
    (pp. 199-204)
  10. Beast in View (1944)
    (pp. 205-250)
  11. The Green Wave (1948)
    (pp. 251-284)
  12. Orpheus (1949)
    (pp. 285-296)
  13. Elegies (1949)
    (pp. 297-330)
  14. Body of Waking (1958)
    (pp. 331-400)
  15. Waterlily Fire (1962)
    (pp. 401-410)
  16. The Speed of Darkness (1968)
    (pp. 411-468)
  17. Breaking Open (1973)
    (pp. 469-530)
  18. The Gates (1976)
    (pp. 531-570)
  19. Juvenilia
    (pp. 571-588)
  20. A New Poem
    (pp. 589-594)
    (pp. 595-596)
    (pp. 597-636)
    (pp. 637-650)
    (pp. 651-654)
    (pp. 655-662)
    (pp. 663-670)