The Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon: The Earliest Text

EDITED BY Royal Skousen
Copyright Date: 2009
Published by: Yale University Press
Pages: 800
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    The Book of Mormon
    Book Description:

    First published in 1830, the Book of Mormon is the authoritative scripture of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its estimated 13 million members. Over the past twenty-one years, editor Royal Skousen has pored over Joseph Smith's original manuscripts and identified more than 2,000 textual errors in the 1830 edition. Although most of these discrepancies stem from inadvertent errors in copying and typesetting the text, the Yale edition contains about 600 corrections that have never appeared in any standard edition of the Book of Mormon, and about 250 of them affect the text's meaning. Skousen's corrected text is a work of remarkable dedication and will be a landmark in American religious scholarship.

    Completely redesigned and typeset by nationally award-winning typographer Jonathan Saltzman, this new edition has been reformatted in sense-lines, making the text much more logical and pleasurable to read. Featuring a lucid introduction by historian Grant Hardy, the Yale edition serves not only as the most accurate version of the Book of Mormon ever published but also as an illuminating entryway into a vital religious tradition.

    eISBN: 978-0-300-15629-4
    Subjects: Religion

Table of Contents

  1. Front Matter
    (pp. i-iv)
  2. Table of Contents
    (pp. v-vi)
  3. Introduction
    (pp. vii-xxviii)
    Grant Hardy

    A new addition to the library of world scripture is a relatively rare phenomenon. In every age there are individuals who claim revelations, some of which get committed to writing and eventually published, but very few of these texts come to be regarded by millions of believers as sacred and authoritative and then, through translations, gain readers and adherents beyond their culture of origin. Over the past thousand years, this has happened perhaps only a dozen times, with the Adi Granth of the Sikhs (17th century) as the preeminent example. The concept of “holy book” takes various forms in different...

  4. Editor’s Preface
    (pp. xxix-xlvi)
    Royal Skousen
  6. APPENDIX Significant Textual Changes
    (pp. 739-790)
  7. Back Matter
    (pp. 791-791)