Catalogs, Services and Portfolios
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Previously published asNo One of Us is as Strong as all of Us(ISBN: 9781849283861)

Achieving success through transforming behaviourHigh-performing IT organizations know that success is more dependent on transforming behaviour than on the state of their technology. They have learned how to adapt behaviors to meet new challenges as effectively as they would change technology.

Managing change in real-life ITSM projectsBased on the real-life experiences of the author and other ITSM professionals,Catalogs, Services and Portfolios - an ITSM success storyis a fictional account of change management surrounding ITSM projects. It tells the story of ITSM practitioner Chris as he learns how to deal with resistance to change and overcome inertia in staff behavior. Through his experiences, readers encounter the common challenges faced when implementing change in an IT Service Management context. The 'tips that would have helped Chris' sections are packed with helpful advice for anyone facing similar challenges.

Catalogs, Services and Portfolios - an ITSM success storyshows how the leading ITSM practitioners are able to:

Deal with situations where being right doesn't mean successSurvive management pressure as others get fired around themBuild credibility in the face of doubt and mistrust from their peersSeparate good advice from bad

Ideal for newly trained ITIL® practitionersThe narrative style of the book helps readers understand how to manage resistance to change and the lack of empathy that often exists between IT and the business it supports. Presenting a realistic overview of an ITSM implementation, the book is equally suitable for newly qualified ITIL professionals and as an inspiration for team discussions.

Read this book to learn from Chris's experiences and transform your ITSM project

About the authorDaniel McLean is an ITIL consultant with over 20 years' experience in IT. He has spent the last 10 years designing, implementing and operating processes supporting ITSM. He was also a peer reviewer during development of the OGC ITIL v3 Service Strategy Best Practice.

eISBN: 978-1-84928-568-1
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