At the Global Crossroads

At the Global Crossroads: The Sylvia Ostry Foundation Lectures

The Sylvia Ostry Foundation Lectures
Copyright Date: 2003
Pages: 88
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    At the Global Crossroads
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    Sylvia Ostry is one of Canada's foremost public servants. She reached the rank of deputy minister of the Canadian public service at the age of forty-five and served with distinction in three different federal departments as well as directing the Economic Council of Canada. She spent four years as chief economist at the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, and was appointed the prime minister's personal representative for the Economic Summit from 1985 to 1988. After leaving the public service of Canada, she became successively chairman of the National Council of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs, chancellor of the University of Waterloo, and chairman of the Centre for International Studies at the University of Toronto, where she is currently a Distinguished Research Fellow at the Munk Centre.

    eISBN: 978-0-7735-7158-7
    Subjects: Economics

Table of Contents

  1. Front Matter
    (pp. i-iv)
  2. Table of Contents
    (pp. v-viii)
  3. Foreword
    (pp. ix-x)
    Michael Wilson

    When Bernard Ostry asked me to succeed Peter White as chair of the Sylvia Ostry Foundation, I was intrigued. I had worked with Sylvia on a number of occasions during my time in public office and had tremendous admiration for the work that she did, particularly at the pressure-packed G7 Summits. I was also interested in finding out who had given the Sylvia Ostry Lectures since the inception of the foundation. The list that Bernard produced for me was very impressive indeed. These were lectures on matters of great current interest by clear leaders in their respective fields. Given my...

  4. Introduction
    (pp. xi-2)
    Peter G. White

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr Sylvia Ostry and her husband, Bernard, since 1963. At that time I was an assistant to the Honourable Maurice Sauvé in Ottawa where the Ostry’s were a power couple long before the term was coined. So when Bernard, that tireless promoter of his wife’s causes, asked me one day in 1991 to take on the chairmanship of the Sylvia Ostry Foundation, I agreed immediately.

    The Sylvia Ostry Foundation was established in April 1991 by a number of Sylvia’s Canadian friends and admirers. Its object was to sponsor a major annual or biennial...

  5. Challenge to the United Nations: A Humanitarian Perspective
    (pp. 3-16)

    It was a great privilege and pleasure for me to present the inaugural lecture of the Sylvia Ostry Foundation. Dr Ostry is one of those rare individuals who has been able to combine practical experience of international and domestic policy-making with academic research covering macro and micro economic issues. During her distinguished career, Mrs Ostry has been a powerful and persuasive advocate of coordinated international policies and freer multinational trade.

    Enormous challenges have been posed to the United Nations in the post-Cold War era, particularly from a humanitarian perspective. I hope to examine the ways in which humanitarian issues have...

  6. The Future of Europe: Managing Economic and Social Change
    (pp. 17-33)

    It is a great pleasure to contribute to this volume under the auspices of the Sylvia Ostry Foundation. Sylvia Ostry’s contribution to our understanding of international economic issues is recognized not only in university circles but also among governments and policy-makers. She has enlightened us through her perspectives on the economic data and has helped us to see problems in a new light.

    The adventure of building the new Europe is not at all, as you know, like a long, tranquil river – to borrow the title of a French film. However, progress is being made, even though it is...

  7. The International Monetary Fund in a Globalized World Economy: The Tasks Ahead
    (pp. 34-48)

    It is a great pleasure and a privilege for me to have this opportunity to pay tribute to Sylvia Ostry and to do so in Canada, a country with such a tradition of openness to international cooperation and held in very high respect in all international fora. For more than fifteen years I have had the honour of counting Sylvia as a friend and ally in many a battle for international economic cooperation. In Paris in the early 1980s I witnessed at first hand the intellectual leadership she provided as head of the Economics Department of the Organization for Economic...

  8. The Road Ahead: International Trade Policy in the Era of the World Trade Organization
    (pp. 49-67)

    There cannot be many individuals in Canada, or elsewhere for that matter, who combine Sylvia Ostry’s extraordinary depth and breadth of experience in the area of trade, and economic policy more generally. Nor can there be many who match her record of excellence in her chosen field. Sylvia Ostry has served as a high official in her government, she has held a senior position in a prominent international institution – the Organization for Economic and Cultural Development (oecd) – and, from her academic vantage point, has made a signal contribution to our understanding of the complex world we live in....

  9. Prospects for Greater Hemispheric Economic Cooperation: An Opportunity for Canada
    (pp. 68-84)

    In the world of international trade and economic relations, Sylvia Ostry has made many significant contributions. Therefore, I consider it a great honour to have been asked to share with you some perspectives on the relationship between Latin American and the Caribbean and Canada – past, present, and future.

    Latin America and the Caribbean have long been thought of in the broader world as an area where countries have particularly strong economic and political ties to the us. While the perception of the us’s overwhelming presence is no doubt largely true, Canada has long had a special relationship with the...

  10. International Financial Markets: The Prospects for Economic Growth and Stability
    (pp. 85-98)

    It’s an honour to be part of the Sylvia Ostry Lecture series. All through Sylvia Ostry’s life she has thought it was her mission in life to make things better, in fact, to make the system better, to make the world economic system work better. Her vision and her influence are international.

    There has been enormous progress in the development of freer trade in these past few decades. It’s expanded with very little interruption and it certainly has reinforced growth in the world generally and particularly growth in the newer and emerging economies of East Asia. It’s been a great...

  11. Contributors
    (pp. 99-106)