Return migration in later life
Book Description:

There is increasing evidence that migrants who return in later life to their country or region of origin have not always thought through the personal, practical, and social implications of their decisions. This timely book explores this neglected subject in an era of ageing and more mobile societies and contains ground-breaking studies of migration flows of older people in North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, South Asia, and Australia, to explain how and why people in later life return to their country of origin. It brings together a fusion of social gerontology, anthropology, migration, and human geography perspectives that explore the complex, and sometimes conflicting, themes of family ties and their emotive strengths; comparative quality and cost of health and welfare provision in host and home countries; life course transitions and cultural affinity with homeland; and psychological adjustment, belonging and attachment to place. This important book fills a gap in the market by raising important health and wellbeing implications and will be of interest to government departments, agencies working with and for older people, policy developers, research bodies, students in the above disciplines, and the tourism industry.

eISBN: 978-1-4473-0123-3
Subjects: Sociology