City Of Salt

City Of Salt

Gregory Orr
Copyright Date: 1995
Pages: 80
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    City Of Salt
    Book Description:

    City of Salt, Gregory Orr's sixth book of poems, is largely autobiographical and presents moments of intense emotion which are anchored in clearly dramatized events. These are poems of elegy and celebration, and of occasions where the two modes fuse in acts of redemptive imagination.

    eISBN: 978-0-8229-7992-0
    Subjects: Language & Literature

Table of Contents

  1. Front Matter
    (pp. [i]-[vi])
  2. Table of Contents
    (pp. [vii]-[viii])
  3. I. House of Childhood

    • Origin of the Marble Forest
      (pp. 3-3)
    • A Litany
      (pp. 4-4)
    • A Moment
      (pp. 5-5)
    • Haiti, 1961
      (pp. 6-6)
    • House of Childhood
      (pp. 7-7)
    • Everything
      (pp. 8-8)
    • The Citadel
      (pp. 9-9)

      Though it’s only midmorning, it’s already a hundred degrees as you climb the four miles of switchback. Near the top, there’s a cannon just off the path; then you emerge onto the jungle peak where the huge fort looms above you with the swoop of a battleship’s prow.

      And now you’ve arrived below the outer walls, now you enter by the single gate and the guide conducts you up along the ramparts lined with giant bronze cannon (your mother and father still with you, your brothers and sister not yet withdrawn into their separate griefs and destinies).

      Then he leads...

    • In the House of Orphans
      (pp. 10-10)
    • A Dark Night
      (pp. 11-11)
    • Elegy
      (pp. 12-12)
  4. II. Who’d Want

    • Who’d Want to Be a Man
      (pp. 15-15)
    • The Door
      (pp. 16-16)
    • The Vase
      (pp. 17-17)
    • Night Journey
      (pp. 18-18)
    • The Motorcycle
      (pp. 19-19)
    • A La Mysterieuse
      (pp. 20-20)
    • Muse of Midnight
      (pp. 21-21)
    • Tristan and Iseult
      (pp. 22-22)
    • The Hinge
      (pp. 23-23)
    • The Fire Hydrant
      (pp. 24-24)

      Little stump of a thing stuck on the curb of my street: dull as bark, with no leaves or branches. For you, the truth is rust, although here and there a brass fitting may last forever—like those perfect teeth the skeleton flosses on the poster in my dentist’s office. And I know he means well, my conscientious little dentist whom I hate, who’s trying to frighten me awake before it’s too late.

      He’s like that hydrant I mock and pity. When flames break out in my house, he’s the small man at the back of the crowd gushing his...

    • The Cliff
      (pp. 25-25)
    • The Gray Fox
      (pp. 26-26)
    • Self-Portrait at Twenty
      (pp. 27-27)
    • Looking Back
      (pp. 28-28)
    • Lament
      (pp. 29-30)
  5. III. Tales Out of Time

    • After Piero Cosima’s Venus and Sleeping Mars
      (pp. 33-33)
    • Betrayals/Hades, Eurydice, Orpheus
      (pp. 34-34)
    • Investigation
      (pp. 35-35)
    • The Change
      (pp. 36-36)
    • Penelope/The White Door
      (pp. 37-37)
    • In the Art Museum
      (pp. 38-38)

      To the guard I’m probably only another oaf from the sticks, one of those people he’s paid to intimidate. He can see the dried cow dung still clinging to my shoes.

      But doesn’t that Dutch barnyard scene belong to me? The old woman herding geese with a willow switch; that tiny figure lugging a milk yoke? And the way his arms steady it, as if he were martyred to a cross: a life of sacrifice that leaves no trace.

      No trace at all except this canvas daubed with paint in this huge marble hall where I stand in a shaft...

    • Suspicions
      (pp. 39-39)
    • Annunciation
      (pp. 40-40)
    • Glukupikron
      (pp. 41-41)
    • Aubade
      (pp. 42-42)
    • Scarlet T-shirt: The Lyric Muse
      (pp. 43-44)
  6. IV. City of Salt

    • Full Moon
      (pp. 47-47)
    • The Gift
      (pp. 48-48)
    • Father’s Song
      (pp. 49-49)
    • The Search
      (pp. 50-50)
    • Cartoons
      (pp. 51-53)

      My wife rises every few hours to nurse our infant, so these mornings I get up with our three year old while she sleeps a little longer. I make our daughter breakfast then sit her in front of the TV to watchSesame Street. After that, I have twenty minutes or so to sip coffee and browse some book in the morning quiet.

      But today is Sunday andSesame Streetisn’t on yet, so I sit with my daughter on the couch, trying to find something that interests her on the eight channels we get. It’s animated cartoons she likes...

    • I Found a Bird
      (pp. 54-55)
    • Clear Night
      (pp. 56-56)
    • The Path
      (pp. 57-57)
    • My Father’s Voice
      (pp. 58-58)
    • Elegy
      (pp. 59-60)
    • The Cherry Orchards
      (pp. 61-61)
    • Under Pressure
      (pp. 62-62)
    • Three Small Songs
      (pp. 63-63)
    • The City of Salt
      (pp. 64-64)
  7. Back Matter
    (pp. 65-67)