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Research Report

WHERE THE POWER LIES Multiple stakeholder politics over natural resources: A participatory methods guide

Bevlyne Sithole
Copyright Date: Jan. 1, 2002
Pages: 87
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Table of Contents

  1. (pp. i-40)
    Bevlyne Sithole

    Negotiations, promises, none attendance, inducements, vote buying, lobbying, threats (intimidation) or bargains constitute some of the many ways stakeholders use to resolve choices and priorities in relation to each other within a group. Often relations within and among the stakeholders are highly complex and very dynamic depending on the nature of the resource being managed. The more valuable and contested the resource, the more complex and volatile the relations. Often the distribution of power in these groups is skewed towards certain stakeholders and in some cases they wield this power unchallenged by others. Inequitable distribution of power is a reality...

  2. (pp. i-31)
    Bevlyne Sithole and Witness Kozanayi

    To develop an appropriate and easy to apply framework for analysing micro-politics in multiple stakeholder groups we held consultations with experienced field practitioners working on research or developing projects in Zimbabwe and Indonesia. These consultations were held for a number of reasons:

    i) To identify demand or need for an analytical framework to assess micro-politics among people who work with multiple stakeholder groups;

    ii) To establish existing experience and gaps in analytical tools for such an analysis;

    iii) To collect experience and opinions on some of the critical methodological issues when conducting this type of analysis;

    iv) To get some...