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Research Report

A Strategy for Peace with the Palestinians

Max Singer
Copyright Date: Nov. 1, 2012
Pages: 45

Table of Contents

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    Max Singer

    This paper is an analysis of how Israel and other countries can pursue peace between Israel and the Palestinians. It starts with the assertion that peace must remain Israel’s permanent goal. Peace on Israel’s terms means an end to the Arab world’s long-term effort to eliminate Israel, establishment of long-term arrangements for the Palestinians, and Palestinian acceptance or recognition of Israel as a Jewish state. Not only is continuing war dangerous and costly in lives, it has a profound economic and moral cost as well. Israel must also be committed to pursuing peace, to be true to its inherent character...

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    To think about a strategy for peace one must work with an understanding about what goal the Palestinians are pursuing and what they might agree to. Of course there are many Palestinians and not all of them think alike. The most useful way to think about how to negotiate with the Palestinians is to think of them as being in a continual dialogue with each other, which partly reflects a similar dialogue within the mind of each Palestinian. At any one time it is possible to speak of the position of the Palestinian community, which involves the political leadership and...

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    The point of the strategic analysis is to look at the reasons currently preventing peace in order to choose actions that can overcome the obstacles. The following are actions that could counteract the factors that make the Palestinians unwilling to make peace.

    The most important action that can be taken to make peace possible is to move to resettle the Palestinian “refugees.” Everybody who has been trying to make real peace understands that Israel cannot accept the demand that these “refugees” be admitted into Israel, and that this demand undermines any negotiations. Only the Arabs and their supporters give any...

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    Peace is not possible now because Palestinian society is not yet ready to give up the goal that it has shared with the Arab world since before Israel was created: to prevent the establishment of and eliminate the existence of a Jewish country. This can be known from the statements and actions of Palestinian leaders, and from the fact that the internal political struggle necessary for the community to change its fundamental goal hasn’t taken place. It is confirmed by the Palestinian leadership’s denial of Jewish history in the land and the systematic teaching of hatred of both Israel and...

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