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Research Reports
10 Research Reports in JSTOR Copyright Date
The Alberta GPI Accounts:: Forests 2001
The Alberta GPI Accounts:: Parks and Wilderness 2001
eNGO and Conservation Group Outreach on Biomass: Position and rationale regarding the use of biomass for electricity/heat production 2011
Environmental Evaluation and Accounting:: the Case of Pakistan’s Forests 1998
Forest Management Paradigms and Resource Rights in Historical Perspective:: Evidence from the Swat District, Pakistan 2010
Impact assessment of agricultural water management interventions in the Jaldhaka watershed: Application of SWAT and a groundwater model for current state of water resources and scenarios of agricultural development. 2011
Mainstreaming Pakistan for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation Plus (REDD+):: The way forward to Readiness Phase 2011
Russia’s Wrong Direction:: What the United States Can and Should Do 2006
The State of Forests in Pakistan through a Pressure-State-Response Framework 2002
Transformative Learning and Engagement with Climate Change Adaptation:: Experiences with Sweden’s Forestry Sector 2013