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13 Journals in JSTOR Date Range
Décisions Marketing 1993 - 2011
Journal of Advertising 1972 - 2013
Journal of Consumer Research 1974 - 2015
Journal of International Marketing 1993 - 2012
Journal of Marketing 1936 - 2013
National Marketing Review 1935 - 1936
American Marketing Journal 1934 - 1936
Journal of Marketing Research 1964 - 2012
Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice 1993 - 2012
Journal of Public Policy & Marketing 1983 - 2012
Journal of Marketing & Public Policy 1982
Marketing Letters 1989 - 2013
Marketing Science 1982 - 2013
Marketing: Zeitschrift für Forschung und Praxis 1979 - 2013
Monographs of the Journal of Consumer Research 2001
Recherche et Applications en Marketing 1986 - 2010
29 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Advertising and a Democratic Press 1994
Advertising at War: Business, Consumers, and Government in the 1940s 2012
Advertising on Trial: Consumer Activism and Corporate Public Relations in the 1930s 2005
Automatic: Changing the Way America Saves 2009
Connections: An Introduction to the Economics of Networks 2007
Culture Incorporated: Museums, Artists, and Corporate Sponsorships 2002
The Daily You: How the New Advertising Industry Is Defining Your Identity and Your Worth 2011
The Decline in Saving: A Threat to America's Prosperity? 2012
Fashioning the Nineteenth Century: Habits of Being 3 2014
The Global Emerging Market in Transition: Articles, Forecasts, and Studies 2004
Industrial Organization, Trade, and Social Interaction: Essays in Honour of B. Curtis Eaton 2010
Limits to Satisfaction: An Essay on the Problem of Needs and Commodities 1988
Living It Up: Our Love Affair with Luxury 2002
Market Rebels: How Activists Make or Break Radical Innovations 2009
Marketing Nutrition: Soy, Functional Foods, Biotechnology, and Obesity 2005
The Myth of Green Marketing: Tending Our Goats at the Edge of Apocalypse 1998
The Network Is Your Customer: Five Strategies to Thrive in a Digital Age 2010
A New Brand of Business: Charles Coolidge Parlin, Curtis Publishing Company, and the Origins of Market Research 2010
The New Industrial Revolution 2012
OurSpace: Resisting the Corporate Control of Culture 2007
Pocketbook Politics: Economic Citizenship in Twentieth-Century America 2005
Purchasing Power: Black Kids and American Consumer Culture 2001
Social Choice and Individual Values 2012
A Social Strategy: How We Profit from Social Media 2014
Sold American: Consumption and Citizenship, 1890-1945 2006
Why Nudge?: The Politics of Libertarian Paternalism 2014
A Word from Our Sponsor: Admen, Advertising, and the Golden Age of Radio: Admen, Advertising, and the Golden Age of Radio 2014
Working Longer: The Solution to the Retirement Income Challenge 2008