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American Journal of Mathematics 1878 - 2013
The Annals of Applied Statistics 2007 - 2012
Annals of Economics and Statistics 2012 - 2017
Annales d'Économie et de Statistique 1986 - 2011
Annales de l'inséé 1970 - 1985
Cahiers du Séminaire d'Économétrie 1951 - 1985
Annals of Mathematics 1884 - 2014
The Analyst 1874 - 1883
Archive for History of Exact Sciences 1960 - 2013
Bernoulli 1995 - 2012
The Bibliography 1894 - 2017
Biology and Environment: Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 1993 - 2018
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Section B: Biological, Geological, and Chemical Science 1902 - 1992
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy (1889-1901) 1889 - 1901
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Science 1870 - 1884
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Polite Literature and Antiquities 1879
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy (1836-1869) 1836 - 1866
The Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 1995 - 2015
The College Mathematics Journal 1984 - 2017
The Two-Year College Mathematics Journal 1970 - 1983
Econometrica 1933 - 2013
Educational Studies in Mathematics 1968 - 2013
For the Learning of Mathematics 1980 - 2012
Journal for Research in Mathematics Education 1970 - 2017
Journal for Research in Mathematics Education. Monograph 1985 - 2008
The Journal of Symbolic Logic 1936 - 2012
Journal of the American Mathematical Society 1988 - 2012
Lecture Notes-Monograph Series 1982 - 2009
Lecture Notes Series 1981
Math Horizons 1993 - 2017
The Mathematical Gazette 1894 - 2009
Mathematical Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 1998 - 2017
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Section A: Mathematical and Physical Sciences 1902 - 1997
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy (1889-1901) 1889 - 1901
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Science 1870 - 1884
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Polite Literature and Antiquities 1879
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy (1836-1869) 1836 - 1866
Mathematics in School 1971 - 2009
Mathematics Magazine 1947 - 2017
National Mathematics Magazine 1934 - 1945
Mathematics News Letter 1926 - 1934
Mathematics of Computation 1960 - 2012
Mathematical Tables and Other Aids to Computation 1943 - 1959
Mathematics of Operations Research 1976 - 2013
The Mathematics Teacher 1908 - 2017
Mathematics Teacher Educator 2012 - 2017
Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School 1994 - 2017
NSF-CBMS Regional Conference Series in Probability and Statistics 1990 - 2004
Regional Conference Series in Probability and Statistics 1989
Philosophical Transactions: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences 1996 - 2013
Philosophical Transactions: Physical Sciences and Engineering 1990 - 1995
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 1934 - 1990
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Containing Papers of a Mathematical or Physical Character 1896 - 1934
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. A 1887 - 1895
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London 1776 - 1886
Philosophical Transactions (1683-1775) 1683 - 1775
Philosophical Transactions (1665-1678) 1665 - 1677
Proceedings: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences 1996 - 2013
Proceedings: Mathematical and Physical Sciences 1990 - 1995
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 1934 - 1990
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A, Containing Papers of a Mathematical and Physical Character 1905 - 1934
Proceedings of the Royal Society of London 1854 - 1904
Abstracts of the Papers Communicated to the Royal Society of London 1843 - 1850
Abstracts of the Papers Printed in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London 1800 - 1837
Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 1950 - 2016
Real Analysis Exchange 1976 - 2017
SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 1966 - 2012
Journal of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics 1953 - 1965
SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis 1966 - 2012
Journal of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics: Series B, Numerical Analysis 1964 - 1965
SIAM Review 1959 - 2011
Studia Logica: An International Journal for Symbolic Logic 1953 - 2012
Teaching Children Mathematics 1994 - 2017
The Arithmetic Teacher 1954 - 1994
Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 1900 - 2012
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Abraham Robinson: The Creation of Nonstandard Analysis, A Personal and Mathematical Odyssey 1995
Across the Board: The Mathematics of Chessboard Problems 2004
Adaptive Control of Parabolic PDEs 2010
Advances in Analysis: The Legacy of Elias M. Stein 2014
Advances in the Theory of Riemann Surfaces. (AM-66) 1971
Agent_Zero: Toward Neurocognitive Foundations for Generative Social Science: Toward Neurocognitive Foundations for Generative Social Science 2013
Algebraic Curves over a Finite Field 2008
Algebraic Structures of Symmetric Domains 1980
Algorithms for Worst-Case Design and Applications to Risk Management 2002
The Ambient Metric (AM-178) 2012
Analysis of Evolutionary Processes: The Adaptive Dynamics Approach and Its Applications: The Adaptive Dynamics Approach and Its Applications 2008
Analysis of Heat Equations on Domains. (LMS-31) 2005
Analytic Pseudodifferential Operators for the Heisenberg Group and Local Solvability. (MN-37): 1990
Archimedes 1987
Arithmetic Compactifications of PEL-Type Shimura Varieties 2013
Beautiful Game Theory: How Soccer Can Help Economics 2014
Beautiful Geometry 2014
The Best Writing on Mathematics 2011 2011
The Best Writing on Mathematics 2012 2012
The Best Writing on Mathematics 2013 2014
Biomolecular Feedback Systems 2015
The Birth of Model Theory: Lowenheim's Theorem in the Frame of the Theory of Relatives 2004
The Blind Spot: Science and the Crisis of Uncertainty 2011
Blow-up Theory for Elliptic PDEs in Riemannian Geometry (MN-45): 2004
Boundary Behavior of Holomorphic Functions of Several Complex Variables. (MN-11) 1972
The Bounds of Reason: Game Theory and the Unification of the Behavioral Sciences 2009
The Calculus of Friendship: What a Teacher and a Student Learned about Life while Corresponding about Math 2009
The Calculus of Selfishness: 2010
Casson's Invariant for Oriented Homology Three-Spheres: An Exposition. (MN-36): An Exposition. (MN-36) 1990
A Certain Ambiguity: A Mathematical Novel 2007
Chaos 1986
Chaotic Transitions in Deterministic and Stochastic Dynamical Systems: Applications of Melnikov Processes in Engineering, Physics, and Neuroscience 2002
Chases and Escapes: The Mathematics of Pursuit and Evasion 2007
Chow Rings, Decomposition of the Diagonal, and the Topology of Families 2014
Circles Disturbed: The Interplay of Mathematics and Narrative 2012
Classifying Spaces of Degenerating Polarized Hodge Structures. (AM-169) 2009
Complex Adaptive Systems: An Introduction to Computational Models of Social Life: An Introduction to Computational Models of Social Life 2007
Computational Aspects of Modular Forms and Galois Representations: How One Can Compute in Polynomial Time the Value of Ramanujan's Tau at a Prime (AM-176) 2011
Computer-Aided Verification of Coordinating Processes: The Automata-Theoretic Approach 1994
Concepts of Mass in Contemporary Physics and Philosophy 2000
Control Theoretic Splines: Optimal Control, Statistics, and Path Planning 2010
Convex Analysis: (PMS-28) 1970
Convolution and Equidistribution: Sato-Tate Theorems for Finite-Field Mellin Transforms (AM-180) 2012
A Cooperative Species: Human Reciprocity and Its Evolution 2011
Count Like an Egyptian: A Hands-on Introduction to Ancient Mathematics 2014
The Crest of the Peacock: Non-European Roots of Mathematics (Third Edition) 2011
The Cult of Pythagoras: Math and Myths 2012
Cycles, Transfers, and Motivic Homology Theories. (AM-143) 2000
The Decomposition of Global Conformal Invariants (AM-182) 2012
Degenerate Diffusion Operators Arising in Population Biology (AM-185) 2013
Differential Geometry of Complex Vector Bundles 1987
Diffusion, Quantum Theory, and Radically Elementary Mathematics. (MN-47) 2006
Digital Dice: Computational Solutions to Practical Probability Problems 2008
Discrete Orthogonal Polynomials. (AM-164): Asymptotics and Applications (AM-164) 2007
Distributed Control of Robotic Networks: A Mathematical Approach to Motion Coordination Algorithms 2009
D-Modules and Spherical Representations. (MN-39): 1990
Dr. Euler's Fabulous Formula: Cures Many Mathematical Ills (New in Paper) 2011
Duelling Idiots and Other Probability Puzzlers 2000
Dynamics in One Complex Variable. (AM-160): Third Edition. (AM-160) 2006
"e": The Story of a Number 1994
Economics of J S Mill 1985
Elementary Set Theory, Part I 1979
Elementary Set Theory, Part I/II 1967
Elliptic Partial Differential Equations and Quasiconformal Mappings in the Plane (PMS-48) 2009
Elliptic Tales: Curves, Counting, and Number Theory 2012
Enlightening Symbols: A Short History of Mathematical Notation and Its Hidden Powers 2014
The Ergodic Theory of Lattice Subgroups (AM-172) 2010
Estimates of the Neumann Problem. (MN-19) 1977
Euler Systems. (AM-147) 2000
The Evolution of Animal Communication: Reliability and Deception in Signaling Systems: Reliability and Deception in Signaling Systems 2005
An Evolutionary Model of Industry Transformation and the Political Sustainability of Emission Control Policies
Existence and Regularity of Minimal Surfaces on Riemannian Manifolds. (MN-27): 1981
Fascinating Mathematical People: Interviews and Memoirs 2011
The Fascinating World of Graph Theory 2015
Fearless Symmetry: Exposing the Hidden Patterns of Numbers (New Edition) 2006
Forward-Looking Decision Making: Dynamic Programming Models Applied to Health, Risk, Employment, and Financial Stability 2010
Fourier Analysis on Local Fields. (MN-15) 1975
Fractals in the Natural Sciences 1989
Fréchet Differentiability of Lipschitz Functions and Porous Sets in Banach Spaces (AM-179) 2012
Frontiers in Complex Dynamics: In Celebration of John Milnor's 80th Birthday 2014
Fundamental Papers in Wavelet Theory 2006
Galileo's Muse: Renaissance Mathematics and the Arts 2011
Game Theory and Canadian Politics 1998
Gamma: Exploring Euler's Constant 2003
General Theory of Algebraic Equations 2006
Generative Social Science: Studies in Agent-Based Computational Modeling: Studies in Agent-Based Computational Modeling 2006
Genomic Signal Processing 2007
The Geographic Spread of Infectious Diseases: Models and Applications: Models and Applications 2009
The Geometry and Cohomology of Some Simple Shimura Varieties. (AM-151) 2001
The Geometry and Dynamics of Magnetic Monopoles 1988
The Geometry and Topology of Coxeter Groups. (LMS-32) 2008
Global Analysis: Papers in Honor of K. Kodaira (PMS-29): Papers in Honor of K. Kodaira (PMS-29) 1969
The Global Nonlinear Stability of the Minkowski Space (PMS-41) 1993
Global Surgery Formula for the Casson-Walker Invariant. (AM-140) 1996
Global Variational Analysis: Weierstrass Integrals on a Riemannian Manifold. (MN-16): Weierstrass Integrals on a Riemannian Manifold. (MN-16) 1976
Godel's Proof 2001
The Golden Ticket: P, NP, and the Search for the Impossible 2013
Google's PageRank and Beyond: The Science of Search Engine Rankings 2006
Graph Theoretic Methods in Multiagent Networks 2010
Graphic Discovery: A Trout in the Milk and Other Visual Adventures 2005
Green's Function Estimates for Lattice Schrodinger Operators and Applications. (AM-158) 2005
The Gross-Zagier Formula on Shimura Curves: (AMS-184) 2013
Group Theory: Birdtracks, Lie's, and Exceptional Groups 2008
Guesstimation 2.0: Solving Today's Problems on the Back of a Napkin 2012
Guesstimation: Solving the World's Problems on the Back of a Cocktail Napkin 2008
Hadamard Matrices and Their Applications 2007
Hangzhou Lectures on Eigenfunctions of the Laplacian 2014
Haphazard Reality: Half a Century of Science 2010
Heavenly Mathematics: The Forgotten Art of Spherical Trigonometry 2013
Henri Poincare: A Scientific Biography 2013
Hidden Markov Processes: Theory and Applications to Biology 2014
Higher Topos Theory (AM-170) 2009
History and Philosophy of Modern Mathematics: Volume XI 1988
A History in Sum: 150 Years of Mathematics at Harvard (1825–1975) 2013
Hodge Theory (MN-49) 2014
How Mathematicians Think: Using Ambiguity, Contradiction, and Paradox to Create Mathematics 2007
How Round Is Your Circle?: Where Engineering and Mathematics Meet 2008
Hybrid Dynamical Systems: Modeling, Stability, and Robustness 2012
Hypo-Analytic Structures: Local Theory (PMS-40) 1992
Hypoelliptic Laplacian and Orbital Integrals (AM-177) 2011
The Hypoelliptic Laplacian and Ray-Singer Metrics. (AM-167) 2008
Identification and Analysis of Technology Emergence Using Patent Classification
An Imaginary Tale: The Story of i [the square root of minus one] (Princeton Library Science Edition) 1998
The Implementation of Prolog 1993
Impossible?: Surprising Solutions to Counterintuitive Conundrums 2008
Impulsive and Hybrid Dynamical Systems: Stability, Dissipativity, and Control 2006
In Pursuit of the Traveling Salesman: Mathematics at the Limits of Computation 2012
Integration of One-forms on P-adic Analytic Spaces. (AM-162) 2007
An Introduction to Combinatorial Analysis 1978
Introduction to Harmonic Analysis on Reductive P-adic Groups. (MN-23): Based on lectures by Harish-Chandra at The Institute for Advanced Study, 1971-73: Based on lectures by Harish-Chandra at The Institute for Advanced Study, 1971-73 1979
Introduction to Ramsey Spaces (AM-174) 2010
Introductory Lectures on Automorphic Forms 1973
Invisible in the Storm: The Role of Mathematics in Understanding Weather 2013
The Irrationals: A Story of the Numbers You Can't Count On 2012
Jane Austen, Game Theorist: Updated Edition 2013
John Napier: Life, Logarithms, and Legacy 2014
Kunihiko Kodaira: Collected Works, Volume I: Collected Works 1975
Kunihiko Kodaira: Collected Works, Volume II: Collected Works 1975
Kunihiko Kodaira: Collected Works, Volume III: Collected Works 1975
Lectures on Complex Analytic Varieties: Finite Analytic Mappings. (MN-14): Finite Analytic Mappings. (MN-14) 1974
Lectures on Exponential Decay of Solutions of Second-Order Elliptic Equations: Bounds on Eigenfunctions of N-Body Schrodinger Operations. (MN-29) 1982
Lectures on Pseudo-Differential Operators: Regularity Theorems and Applications to Non-Elliptic Problems. (MN-24): Regularity Theorems and Applications to Non-Elliptic Problems. (MN-24) 1979
Lectures on Resolution of Singularities (AM-166) 2007
Lectures on Riemann Surfaces: Jacobi Varieties: Jacobi Varieties 1972
Lectures on the Theory of Games (AM-37) 2003
Linear Algebra and Geometry 1974
Log-Gases and Random Matrices (LMS-34) 2010
Logic and the Foundations of Game and Decision Theory (LOFT 7)
The Logician and the Engineer: How George Boole and Claude Shannon Created the Information Age 2013
Louis Bachelier's Theory of Speculation: The Origins of Modern Finance 2006
Loving and Hating Mathematics: Challenging the Myths of Mathematical Life 2011
Magical Mathematics: The Mathematical Ideas That Animate Great Magic Tricks 2012
Math Bytes: Google Bombs, Chocolate-Covered Pi, and Other Cool Bits in Computing 2014
Mathematical Analysis of Deterministic and Stochastic Problems in Complex Media Electromagnetics 2012
Mathematical Aspects of Nonlinear Dispersive Equations (AM-163) 2007
Mathematical Evolutionary Theory 1989
Mathematical Excursions to the World's Great Buildings 2012
The Mathematical Mechanic: Using Physical Reasoning to Solve Problems 2009
Mathematical Modeling of Earth's Dynamical Systems: A Primer 2011
Mathematical Modelling of Zombies 2014
A Mathematical Nature Walk 2009
Mathematical Tools for Understanding Infectious Disease Dynamics: 2013
Mathematicians Fleeing from Nazi Germany: Individual Fates and Global Impact 2009
Mathematicians under the Nazis 2003
Mathematics and Democracy: Designing Better Voting and Fair-Division Procedures 2008
A Mathematics Course for Political and Social Research 2013
Mathematics in India 2009
Mathematics in Nature: Modeling Patterns in the Natural World 2003
Mathmatical Recreations & Essays: 12th Edition 1974
Matrices, Moments and Quadrature with Applications 2010
Matrix Completions, Moments, and Sums of Hermitian Squares 2011
Matrix Mathematics: Theory, Facts, and Formulas (Second Edition) 2009
Maverick Mathematician: The Life and Science of J.E. Moyal
Max Plus at Work: Modeling and Analysis of Synchronized Systems: A Course on Max-Plus Algebra and Its Applications 2006
Measurement 2012
Measures and Men 1986
Mind and Nature: Selected Writings on Philosophy, Mathematics, and Physics 2009
Modern Anti-windup Synthesis: Control Augmentation for Actuator Saturation 2011
Modular Forms and Special Cycles on Shimura Curves. (AM-161) 2006
The Motion of a Surface by Its Mean Curvature. (MN-20) 1978
Mrs. Perkins's Electric Quilt: And Other Intriguing Stories of Mathematical Physics 2009
Multi-parameter Singular Integrals 2014
Mumford-Tate Groups and Domains: Their Geometry and Arithmetic (AM-183) 2012
Music Theory and Mathematics: Chords, Collections, and Transformations 2008
Mythematics: Solving the Twelve Labors of Hercules 2009
New Perspectives on Games and Interaction
Newton's Dream 1988
Non-Abelian Minimal Closed Ideals of Transitive Lie Algebras. (MN-25): 1981
Nonnegative and Compartmental Dynamical Systems 2010
Nonplussed!: Mathematical Proof of Implausible Ideas 2007
Notes on Crystalline Cohomology. (MN-21) 1978
Number-Crunching: Taming Unruly Computational Problems from Mathematical Physics to Science Fiction 2011
Numbers Rule: The Vexing Mathematics of Democracy, from Plato to the Present 2010
Numerical Algorithms for Personalized Search in Self-organizing Information Networks 2010
On the Cohomology of Certain Non-Compact Shimura Varieties (AM-173) 2010
On the Tangent Space to the Space of Algebraic Cycles on a Smooth Algebraic Variety. (AM-157) 2005
On Uniformization of Complex Manifolds: The Role of Connections. (MN-22): The Role of Connections (MN-22) 1978
Operator Techniques in Atomic Spectroscopy 1998
Optimization: A Theory of Necessary Conditions: A Theory of Necessary Conditions 1976
Optimization Algorithms on Matrix Manifolds 2008
Outer Billiards on Kites (AM-171) 2009
Philosophy of Mathematics in the Twentieth Century: Selected Essays 2014
Plateau's Problem and the Calculus of Variations. (MN-35): 1989
Plato's Ghost: The Modernist Transformation of Mathematics 2008
Polynomials and Equations 1992
Positive Definite Matrices 2007
Predicative Arithmetic. (MN-32): 1986
Prime-Detecting Sieves. (LMS-33) 2007
A Primer on Mapping Class Groups (PMS-49) 2012
The Princeton Companion to Mathematics 2008
Problems in Analysis: A Symposium in Honor of Salomon Bochner (PMS-31): A Symposium in Honor of Salomon Bochner (PMS-31) 1970
Proceedings of the Princeton Symposium on Mathematical Programming 1970
Programming as if People Mattered: Friendly Programs, Software Engineering, and Other Noble Delusions 1991
Pythagoras' Revenge: A Mathematical Mystery 2009
Quadrangular Algebras. (MN-46) 2006
Radon Transforms and the Rigidity of the Grassmannians (AM-156) 2004
Rational Decisions 2009
Rational Ritual: Culture, Coordination, and Common Knowledge 2001
The Real Fatou Conjecture. (AM-144) 1998
Recent Advances in Global Optimization 1992
Recurrence in Ergodic Theory and Combinatorial Number Theory 1981
Renormalization and 3-Manifolds Which Fiber over the Circle (AM-142) 1996
Robert Recorde: The Life and Times of a Tudor Mathematician 2012
Robust Optimization 2009
Role of Mathematics in the Rise of Science 1966
Science, SETI, and Mathematics 2014
The Search for Mathematical Roots, 1870-1940: Logics, Set Theories and the Foundations of Mathematics from Cantor through Russell to Godel 2000
The Seiberg-Witten Equations and Applications to the Topology of Smooth Four-Manifolds. (MN-44) 1996
Selectors 2002
Self-Regularity: A New Paradigm for Primal-Dual Interior-Point Algorithms 2002
Selfsimilar Processes 2002
Semiclassical Soliton Ensembles for the Focusing Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation (AM-154) 2003
Shafarevich Maps and Automorphic Forms 1995
Slicing Pizzas, Racing Turtles, and Further Adventures in Applied Mathematics 1999
Small Unmanned Aircraft: Theory and Practice 2012
Some Problems of Unlikely Intersections in Arithmetic and Geometry (AM-181) 2012
Some Vistas of Modern Mathematics: Dynamic Programming, Invariant Imbedding, and the Mathematical Biosciences 1968
A Source Book in Mathematics, 1200-1800 1986
Spaces of PL Manifolds and Categories of Simple Maps (AM-186) 2013
Spatiotemporal Data Analysis 2012
Spherical CR Geometry and Dehn Surgery (AM-165) 2007
Spin Glasses and Complexity 2013
Springs of Scientific Creativity: Essays on Founders of Modern Science 1983
Stability and Control of Large-Scale Dynamical Systems: A Vector Dissipative Systems Approach 2011
Strange Curves, Counting Rabbits, & Other Mathematical Explorations 2003
The Structure and Dynamics of Networks: 2006
The Structure of Affine Buildings. (AM-168) 2009
Surveying Natural Populations: Quantitative Tools for Assessing Biodiversity 2010
Surveys on Surgery Theory: Volume 1. Papers Dedicated to C. T. C. Wall. (AM-145) 2000
Surveys on Surgery Theory: Volume 2. Papers Dedicated to C.T.C. Wall. (AM-149) 2001
Szego's Theorem and Its Descendants: Spectral Theory for L2Perturbations of Orthogonal Polynomials 2011
Taming the Unknown: A History of Algebra from Antiquity to the Early Twentieth Century 2014
Theory of CMOS Digital Circuits and Circuit Failures 1992
Theory of Games and Economic Behavior (60th Anniversary Commemorative Edition): 60th Anniversary Commemorative Edition 1944
The Theory That Would Not Die: How Bayes' Rule Cracked the Enigma Code, Hunted Down Russian Submarines, and Emerged Triumphant from Two Centuries of Controversy 2011
Three Views of Logic: Mathematics, Philosophy, and Computer Science 2014
Topics in Algebraic and Analytic Geometry. (MN-13): Notes From a Course of Phillip Griffiths: Notes From a Course of Phillip Griffiths 1974
Topics in Non-Commutative Geometry 1991
Topics in Quaternion Linear Algebra 2014
Topology of 4-Manifolds (PMS-39) 1990
Totally Nonnegative Matrices 2011
Towing Icebergs, Falling Dominoes, and Other Adventures in Applied Mathematics 1998
The Traveling Salesman Problem: A Computational Study 2006
Triangulated Categories. (AM-148) 2001
Trust in Numbers: The Pursuit of Objectivity in Science and Public Life 1995
Twisted L-Functions and Monodromy. (AM-150) 2002
Two Applications of Logic to Mathematics 1978
Undiluted Hocus-Pocus: The Autobiography of Martin Gardner 2013
Unsolved Problems in Mathematical Systems and Control Theory 2004
Values of Non-Atomic Games 1974
Vectors, Matrices and Geometry 1994
Venture Capital and Strategic Investment for Developing Government Mission Capabilities
A Wealth of Numbers: An Anthology of 500 Years of Popular Mathematics Writing 2012
Weyl Group Multiple Dirichlet Series: Type A Combinatorial Theory (AM-175) 2011
What's Luck Got to Do with It?: The History, Mathematics, and Psychology of the Gambler's Illusion 2010
Who's #1?: The Science of Rating and Ranking 2012
Why Cats Land on Their Feet: And 76 Other Physical Paradoxes and Puzzles 2012
Wind Wizard: Alan G. Davenport and the Art of Wind Engineering 2013
Wizards, Aliens, and Starships: Physics and Math in Fantasy and Science Fiction 2014
Workplace Wellness Programs: Services Offered, Participation, and Incentives
X and the City: Modeling Aspects of Urban Life 2012
The Zen of Magic Squares, Circles, and Stars: An Exhibition of Surprising Structures across Dimensions 2002
5 Research Reports in JSTOR Copyright Date
Addressing the risk of double counting emission reductions under the UNFCCC 2014
The Evolution of Core Stability in Decentralized Matching Markets 2013
A Peak into the Future:: Potential Landscape Impacts of Gas Development in Northern Canada 2005
A Review of Offset Programs:: Trading Systems, Funds, Protocols, Standards and Retailers 2008
Shale Gas in British Columbia: Risks to B.C.’s climate action objectives 2011