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Transportation Studies

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4 Journals in JSTOR Date Range
The Great Circle 1979 - 2012
Journal of Transport Economics and Policy 1967 - 2011
Transportation Journal 1961 - 2017
Transportation Science 1967 - 2013
114 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Airlines and Air Mail: The Post Office and the Birth of the Commercial Aviation Industry 2002
American Railroads 2014
American Women and Flight since 1940 2004
The Angola Horror: The 1867 Train Wreck That Shocked the Nation and Transformed American Railroads 2013
Aptitude for Destruction, Volume 1: Organizational Learning in Terrorist Groups and Its Implications for Combating Terrorism 2005
Aptitude for Destruction, Volume 2: Case Studies of Organizational Learning in Five Terrorist Groups 2005
Assessment of Beddown Alternatives for the F-35: Executive Summary 2013
Assessment of Beddown Alternatives for the F-35 2013
Atlantic Automobilism: Emergence and Persistence of the Car, 1895-1940 2015
Autonomous Vehicle Technology: A Guide for Policymakers 2014
Aviation Infrastructure Performance: A Study in Comparative Political Economy 2008
Aviation Security: After Four Decades, It's Time for a Fundamental Review 2012
Balancing Environment and Development: Costs, Revenues, and Benefits of the Western Riverside County Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan 2008
Bicycle Design: An Illustrated History 2014
The Boomer: A Story of the Rails 1942
Born to Be Wild: The Rise of the American Motorcyclist 2015
The Bunkhouse Man: Life and Labour in the Northern Work Camps 1972
A Century of Subways: Celebrating 100 Years of New York's Underground Railways 2003
Changing Lanes: Visions and Histories of Urban Freeways 2013
Che's Chevrolet, Fidel's Oldsmobile: On the Road in Cuba 2004
Close Ties: Railways, Government, and the Board of Railway Commissioners, 1851-1933 1991
Dancing Cultures: Globalization, Tourism and Identity in the Anthropology of Dance 2014
Dining Car to the Pacific: The “Famously Good” Food of the Northern Pacific Railway 1990
Dixie Highway: Road Building and the Making of the Modern South, 1900-1930 2014
Do Joint Fighter Programs Save Money? 2013
Do Joint Fighter Programs Save Money?: Technical Appendixes on Methodology 2013
The Effectiveness of China's Industrial Policies in Commercial Aviation Manufacturing 2014
Efficient Aviation Security: Strengthening the Analytic Foundation for Making Air Transportation Security Decisions 2012
El tesoro del San José: Muerte en el mar durante la Guerra de Sucesión española 2010
Empire of the Air 2013
Empire on the Hudson: Entrepreneurial Vision and Political Power at the Port of New York Authority 2001
Employing Land-Based Anti-Ship Missiles in the Western Pacific 2013
Enabling Early Sustainment Decisions: Application to F-35 Depot-Level Maintenance 2013
English Merchant Shipping: 1460-1540 1947
Erie Water West: A History of the Erie Canal, 1792-1854 1966
An Executive Perspective on Workforce Planning 2004
Expanding the Envelope: Flight Research at NACA and NASA 2001
Fast-Forward: Key Issues in Modernizing the U.S. Freight-Transportation System for Future Economic Growth 2009
A Federal Role in Freight Planning and Finance 2012
Finding and Fixing Vulnerabilities in Information Systems: The Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation Methodology 2003
Forests and French Sea Power: 1660-1789 1956
Freedom and Information: Assessing Publicly Available Data Regarding U.S. Transportation Infrastructure Security 2006
The Future of Driving in Developing Countries 2014
The Future of Mobility: Scenarios for China in 2030 2015
The Future of Mobility: Scenarios for the United States in 2030 2013
The Future of Mobility: Scenarios for the United States in 2030, Appendixes C–G 2013
The Great Northern Railway: A History 1988
Harriman vs. Hill: Wall Street’s Great Railroad War 2013
Hawai`i's Scenic Roads: Paving the Way for Tourism in the Islands 2015
Heavenly Mathematics: The Forgotten Art of Spherical Trigonometry 2013
Hero of the Angry Sky: The World War I Diary and Letters of David S.Ingalls, America's First Naval Ace 2013
The Hiawatha Story 1998
History of the Louisville & Nashville Railroad 2003
The Hook and Eye: A History of the Iowa Central Railway 2005
How We Got to Coney Island: The Development of Mass Transportation in Brooklyn and Kings County 2002
The Impact of Adopting Time-of-Day Tolling: Case Study of 183A in Austin, Texas 2015
The Keelboat Age on Western Waters 1980
Language of the Skies: The Bilingual Air Traffic Control Conflict in Canada 1983
Last Exit: Privatization and Deregulation of the U.S. Transportation System 2010
Locomotive to Aeromotive: Octave Chanute and the Transportation Revolution 2011
Mapping the Risks: Assessing the Homeland Security Implications of Publicly Available Geospatial Information 2004
Maritime Capital: The Shipping Industry in Atlantic Canada, 1820-1914 1990
Maritime Enterprise and Empire: Sir William Mackinnon and His Business Network, 1823-1893 2003
Maximizing Throughput at Soft Airfields 2013
Michigan Railroads & Railroad Companies 1992
Mileage-Based User Fees for Transportation Funding: A Primer for State and Local Decisionmakers 2012
Milwaukee Road Remembered 1990
The Minneapolis & St. Louis Railway: A Photographic History 2009
Modeling Terrorism Risk to the Air Transportation System: An Independent Assessment of TSA’s Risk Management Analysis Tool and Associated Methods 2012
Modernizing the Mobility Air Force for Tomorrow’s Air Traffic Management System 2012
Moving Los Angeles: Short-Term Policy Options for Improving Transportation 2008
Moving Millions: The Commercial Success and Political Controversies of Hong Kong's Railway 2008
New Departures: Rethinking Rail Passenger Policy in the Twenty-First Century 2002
The Next Crash: How Short-Term Profit Seeking Trumps Airline Safety 2014
November's Fury: The Deadly Great Lakes Hurricane of 1913 2013
Oil Shale Development in the United States: Prospects and Policy Issues 2005
An Operational Process for Workforce Planning 2004
The Option of an Oil Tax to Fund Transportation and Infrastructure 2011
The Philosophy of Railways: The Transcontinental Railway Idea in British North America 1997
Post-Katrina Recovery of the Housing Market Along the Mississippi Gulf Coast 2008
Qatar's School Transportation System: Supporting Safety, Efficiency, and Service Quality 2012
Rail and the City: Shrinking Our Carbon Footprint While Reimagining Urban Space 2014
Railroads for Michigan 2013
Railroads, Reconstruction, and the Gospel of Prosperity: Aid Under the Radical Republicans, 1865-1877 1984
Railway Game 1976
Respectable Ditch: A History of the Trent-Severn Waterway, 1833-1920 1988
Sailors and Traders: A Maritime History of the Pacific Peoples 2009
Seascapes: Maritime Histories, Littoral Cultures, and Transoceanic Exchanges 2007
Securing America's Passenger-Rail Systems 2007
Shaping the Next One Hundred Years: New Methods for Quantitative, Long-Term Policy Analysis 2003
Ships That Sail No More: Marine Transportation from San Diego to Puget Sound 1910--1940 1966
The Soviet Wood-Processing Industry 1970
Stage-Coach Days In The Bluegrass 1935
The State of U.S. Railroads: A Review of Capacity and Performance Data 2008
Steamboat Connections: Montreal to Upper Canada, 1816-1843 2000
Street Fight: The Politics of Mobility in San Francisco 2013
Taking Aviation to New Heights: A Biography of Pierre Jeanniot 2013
Taking the High Road: A Metropolitan Agenda for Transportation Reform 2005
Tancook Schooners: An Island and Its Boats 1994
The Tootin' Louie: A History of the Minneapolis and St. Louis Railway 2005
Towboat on the Ohio 1995
The Train Journey: Transit, Captivity, and Witnessing in the Holocaust 2009
Transportation Rates and Economic Development in Northern Ontario 1977
Trucking Country: The Road to America's Wal-Mart Economy 2008
Twilight Rails: The Final Era of Railroad Building in the Midwest 2010
Twin Cities by Trolley: The Streetcar Era in Minneapolis and St. Paul 2007
Union Pacific: Volume I, 1862-1893 1987
Union Pacific: Volume II, 1894-1969 1989
Urban Elites and Mass Transportation: The Dialectics of Power 1982
We Are the Union: Democratic Unionism and Dissent at Boeing 2011
The Wire Devils 2013
With Sails Whitening Every Sea: Mariners and the Making of an American Maritime Empire 2014
Women in British Imperial Airspace: 1922-1937 2007
The Wright Company: From Invention to Industry 2013