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In Defense of the Alien 1978-2003
India International Centre Quarterly 1974-2011
Indian Anthropologist 1971-2013
Indian Journal of Asian Affairs 1988-2012
Indian Journal of Industrial Relations 1965-2011
The Indian Journal of Political Science 1939-2012
Indian Literature 1957-2012
Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 1993-2017
Indiana Magazine of History 1913-2017
The Indiana Quarterly Magazine of History 1905-1913
Indiana Theory Review 1977-2016
Indonesia 1966-2017
Industrial and Labor Relations Review 1947-2011
Industrial Relations Law Journal 1976-1991
Industrielle Beziehungen / The German Journal of Industrial Relations 1994-2013
Infection Control 1980-1987
Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology 1988-2014
Information Systems Research 1990-2012
Informationen (Europäisches Parlament) 1967-1977
Inner Asia 1999-2009
Innovar: Revista de ciencias administrativas y sociales 1994-2017
Innovation Policy and the Economy 2000-2015
Inquiry 1963-2013
Inside Missile Defense 2001-2007
Instant Research on Peace and Violence 1971-1977
Instructional Science 1972-2013
Intégral 1987-2012
Integration 1978-2011
Integrative and Comparative Biology 2002-2011
International Affairs Review Supplement 1940-1943
International Affairs (Royal Institute of International Affairs 1931-1939) 1931-1939
International Affairs (Royal Institute of International Affairs 1944-) 1944-2012
The International and Comparative Law Quarterly 1952-2012
International Economic Review 1960-2013
International Family Planning Digest 1975-1977
International Family Planning Perspectives 1979-2008
International Family Planning Perspectives and Digest 1978
The International Forestry Review 1999-2001
International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 1970-2012
The International Journal of African Historical Studies 1972-2011
International Journal of American Linguistics 1917-2015
International Journal of Arts Management 1998-2011
International Journal of Cuban Studies 2008-2016
International Journal of Ethics 1890-1938
International Journal of Ethiopian Studies 2003-2010
International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics 2001-2013
International Journal of Hindu Studies 1997-2012
International Journal of Mental Health 1972-2011
International Journal of Middle East Studies 1970-2012
International Journal of Peace Studies 1996-2012
International Journal of Plant Sciences 1992-2015
Internationales Jahrbuch für Geschichts- und Geographie-Unterricht 1965-1978
Internationales Jahrbuch für Geschichtsunterricht 1951-1961
Irish Arts Review (2002-) 2002-2013
Irish Arts Review Yearbook 1990-2002
The Irish Church Quarterly 1908-1917
Irish Historical Studies 1938-2011
Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research 1992-2013
Irish Journal of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology 1967-1991
Irish Journal of Agricultural Research 1961-1991
Irish Journal of American Studies 1992-2004
Irish Journal of Earth Sciences 1984-2016
The Irish Journal of Education / Iris Eireannach an Oideachais 1967-2011
Irish Journal of Food Science and Technology 1977-1991
The Irish Monthly 1873-1954
The Irish Naturalist 1892-1924
The Irish Naturalists' Journal 1925-2010
Irish Pages 2002-2011
The Irish Penny Journal 1840-1841
The Irish Review (1986-) 1986-2011
The Irish Review (Dublin) 1911-1914
Irish Studies in International Affairs 1979-2018
Irish University Review 1970-2009
ISEI: Issues in Special Education & Inclusion / סחי״ש: סוגיות בחינוך מיוחד ובשילוב 2008-2011
ISER: Issues in Special Education & Rehabilitation / סחי״ש: סוגיות בחינוך מיוחד ובשיקום 1988-2007
Isis 1913-2015
Islamic Africa 2010-2014
Islamic Law and Society 1994-2012
Islamic Studies 1962-2012
Israel Exploration Journal 1950-2011
Israel Studies 1996-2017
Israel Studies Bulletin 1992-2001
Israel Studies Forum 2001-2010
Israeli Sociology / סוציולוגיה ישראלית 1998-2012
Issue: A Journal of Opinion 1971-1999
Issues in Criminology 1965-1975
Italian Americana 1974-2012
Italian Politics 1986-2007
Italianistica: Rivista di letteratura italiana 1982-2009
Italica 1926-2012
Iyyun: The Jerusalem Philosophical Quarterly / עיון: רבעון פילוסופי 1945-2011