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Ulbandus Review 1977-2013
Ulster Journal of Archaeology 1853-2010
Universal Human Rights 1979-1980
University College Review 1961
The University Journal of Business 1922-1927
The University of Chicago Law Review 1933-2014
The University of Miami Inter-American Law Review 1984-2012
University of Pennsylvania Law Review 1945-2011
University of Pennsylvania Law Review and American Law Register 1908-1944
The University of Texas Studies in English 1949-1956
The University of Toronto Law Journal 1935-2013
University Review 1954-1968
Die Unternehmung 1947-2011
Die Unterrichtspraxis / Teaching German 1968-2011
Urban Anthropology 1972-1984
Urban Anthropology and Studies of Cultural Systems and World Economic Development 1985-2011
The Urban Lawyer 1969-2011
Ursus 1998-2013
U.S. Catholic Historian 1980-2012
U.S.-Japan Women's Journal 2003-2009
U.S.-Japan Women's Journal. English Supplement 1991-2002
Utopian Studies 1987-2017
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