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Comparative Studies of Health Systems and Medical Care

JSTOR has 6 titles in this series.

Books in the Series


Ngoma: Discourses of Healing in Central and Southern Africa

John M. Janzen
Copyright Date: 1992
White Plague, Black Labor

White Plague, Black Labor: Tuberculosis and the Political Economy of Health and Disease in South Africa

Randall M. Packard
Copyright Date: 1989
Nan-ching—The Classic of Difficult Issues

Nan-ching—The Classic of Difficult Issues

translated and annotated by Paul U. Unschuld
Copyright Date: 1986
Edition: 1
Pages: 700
Policies, Plans, and People

Policies, Plans, and People: Foreign Aid and Health Development

Judith Justice
Copyright Date: 1986
The Making of Rehabilitation

The Making of Rehabilitation: A Political Economy of Medical Specialization, 1890-1980

Glenn Gritzer
Arnold Arluke
Copyright Date: 1985
Disease Change and the Role of Medicine

Disease Change and the Role of Medicine: The Navajo Experience

Stephen J. Kunitz
Copyright Date: 1983
Pages: 232