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South Asia Across the Disciplines

JSTOR has 7 titles in this series.

Books in the Series


Cut-Pieces: Celluloid Obscenity and Popular Cinema in Bangladesh

Copyright Date: 2014
Pages: 272
Text to Tradition

Text to Tradition: TheNaisadhiyacaritaand Literary Community in South Asia

Deven M. Patel
Copyright Date: 2014
Pages: 280
The Yogin and the Madman

The Yogin and the Madman: Reading the Biographical Corpus of Tibet's Great Saint Milarepa

Copyright Date: 2014
Pages: 336
Making Sense of Tantric Buddhism

Making Sense of Tantric Buddhism: History, Semiology, and Transgression in the Indian Traditions

Christian K. Wedemeyer
Copyright Date: 2013
Pages: 336
The Millennial Sovereign

The Millennial Sovereign: Sacred Kingship and Sainthood in Islam

A. Azfar Moin
Copyright Date: 2012
Pages: 368
Extreme Poetry

Extreme Poetry: The South Asian Movement of Simultaneous Narration

Yigal Bronner
Copyright Date: 2010
Pages: 376
Unifying Hinduism

Unifying Hinduism: Philosophy and Identity in Indian Intellectual History

Andrew J. Nicholson
Copyright Date: 2010
Pages: 280