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Mining the American West

JSTOR has 5 titles in this series.

Books in the Series

Gambling on Ore

Gambling on Ore: The Nature of Metal Mining in the United States, 1860–1910

Kent A. Curtis
Copyright Date: 2013
Mercury and the Making of California

Mercury and the Making of California: Mining, Landscape, and Race, 1840–1890

Copyright Date: 2013
Santa Rita del Cobre

Santa Rita del Cobre: A Copper Mining Community in New Mexico

Christopher J. Huggard
Terrence M. Humble
Copyright Date: 2012
Pages: 320
Hard as the Rock Itself

Hard as the Rock Itself: Place and Identity in the American Mining Town

David Robertson
Copyright Date: 2006
Pages: 232
Yellowcake Towns

Yellowcake Towns: Uranium Mining Communities in the American West

Copyright Date: 2002
Pages: 232