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Martin Classical Lectures

JSTOR has 9 titles in this series.

Books in the Series

Aesopic Conversations

Aesopic Conversations: Popular Tradition, Cultural Dialogue, and the Invention of Greek Prose

Copyright Date: 2011
Pages: 504
Rethinking the Other in Antiquity

Rethinking the Other in Antiquity

Erich S. Gruen
Copyright Date: 2011
Pages: 416
Victorian Culture and Classical Antiquity

Victorian Culture and Classical Antiquity: Art, Opera, Fiction, and the Proclamation of Modernity

Simon Goldhill
Copyright Date: 2011
Pages: 368
Recognizing Persius

Recognizing Persius

Kenneth J. Reckford
Copyright Date: 2009
Pages: 256
Poetic Interplay

Poetic Interplay: Catullus and Horace

Michael C. J. Putnam
Copyright Date: 2006
Pages: 184
Sound, Sense, and Rhythm

Sound, Sense, and Rhythm: Listening to Greek and Latin Poetry

Mark W. Edwards
Copyright Date: 2002
Pages: 208
Female Acts in Greek Tragedy

Female Acts in Greek Tragedy

Helene P. Foley
Copyright Date: 2001
Pages: 424
Economy of the Unlost

Economy of the Unlost: (Reading Simonides of Keos with Paul Celan)

Anne Carson
Copyright Date: 1999
Pages: 160
Political Dissent in Democratic Athens

Political Dissent in Democratic Athens: Intellectual Critics of Popular Rule

Copyright Date: 1998
Pages: 440