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Ageing and the Lifecourse series

JSTOR has 14 titles in this series.

Books in the Series

Ageing with disability

Ageing with disability: A lifecourse perspective

Eva Jeppsson Grassman
Anna Whitaker
Copyright Date: 2013
From exclusion to inclusion in old age

From exclusion to inclusion in old age: A global challenge

Thomas Scharf
Norah Keating
Copyright Date: 2012
Health and care in ageing societies

Health and care in ageing societies: A new international approach

Liz Lloyd
Copyright Date: 2012
Belief and ageing

Belief and ageing: Spiritual pathways in later life

Peter G. Coleman
Copyright Date: 2011
Ageing and intergenerational relations

Ageing and intergenerational relations: Family reciprocity from a global perspective

Edited by Misa Izuhara
Copyright Date: 2010
Broadening the dementia debate

Broadening the dementia debate: Towards social citizenship

Ruth Bartlett
Deborah O’Connor
with a foreword by Jim Mann
Copyright Date: 2010
Managing the ageing experience

Managing the ageing experience: Learning from older people

Denise Tanner
Copyright Date: 2010
Ageing in urban neighbourhoods

Ageing in urban neighbourhoods: Place attachment and social exclusion

Allison E. Smith
Copyright Date: 2009
Community and ageing

Community and ageing: Maintaining quality of life in housing with care settings

Simon Evans
Copyright Date: 2009
Family practices in later life

Family practices in later life

Pat Chambers
Graham Allan
Chris Phillipson
Mo Ray
Copyright Date: 2009
Valuing older people

Valuing older people: A humanist approach to ageing

Ricca Edmondson
Hans-Joachim von Kondratowitz
Copyright Date: 2009
Ageing in a consumer society

Ageing in a consumer society: From passive to active consumption in Britain

Ian Rees Jones
Martin Hyde
Christina R. Victor
Richard D. Wiggins
Chris Gilleard
Paul Higgs
Copyright Date: 2008
Rural ageing

Rural ageing: A good place to grow old?

Edited by Norah Keating
Copyright Date: 2008
Critical perspectives on ageing societies

Critical perspectives on ageing societies

Miriam Bernard
Thomas Scharf
Copyright Date: 2007