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Women's Experience Series

JSTOR has 7 titles in this series.

Books in the Series

In Good Hands

In Good Hands: The Women of the Canadian Handicrafts Guild

Ellen Easton McLeod
Copyright Date: 1999
Pages: 296
Changing Women, Changing History

Changing Women, Changing History: A Bibliography of the History of Women in Canada

Diana Pedersen
Copyright Date: 1996
Pages: 270
Ethnographic Feminisms

Ethnographic Feminisms: Essays in Anthropology

Sally Cole
Lynne Phillips
Copyright Date: 1996
Pages: 313
Mystic Leeway

Mystic Leeway

Edited by Ben Jones
With an Account of Frances Gregg by Oliver Marlow Wilkinson
Copyright Date: 1995
Pages: 205
Anatomy of Gender

Anatomy of Gender: Women's Struggle for the Body

Dawn H. Currie
Valerie Raoul
Copyright Date: 1992
Pages: 289

Agnes: The Biography of Lady Macdonald

Copyright Date: 1990
Pages: 266
Kit's Kingdom

Kit's Kingdom: The Journalism of Kathleen Blake Coleman

Barbara M. Freeman
Copyright Date: 1989
Pages: 217