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Brookings Papers on Economic Activity. Microeconomics 1989 - 1998
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Acting in Time on Energy Policy 2009
Advancing the Ugandan Economy: A Personal Account 2014
Advice and Dissent: The Struggle to Shape the Federal Judiciary 2009
Affordable Excellence: The Singapore Health System 2013
Afghan Lessons: Culture, Diplomacy, and Counterinsurgency 2013
After the Crash: The Future of Finance 2010
Agents of Change: Strategy and Tactics for Social Innovation 2012
Alliance Curse: How America Lost the Third World 2008
American Federalism in Practice: The Formulation and Implementation of Contemporary Health Policy 2013
American Foundations: Roles and Contributions 2010
The American Political Party System: Continuity and Change Over Ten Presidential Elections 2015
America's New Swing Region: Changing Politics and Demographics in the Mountain West 2012
Antitrust Policy and Vertical Restraints 2006
Appalachian Legacy: Economic Opportunity after the War on Poverty 2012
The Arab Awakening: America and the Transformation of the Middle East 2011
Arab Society in Revolt: The West's Mediterranean Challenge 2012
Are Judges Political?: An Empirical Analysis of the Federal Judiciary 2006
Arming without Aiming: India's Military Modernization 2010
Arming without Aiming: India's Military Modernization 2010
Arthritic Japan: The Slow Pace of Economic Reform 2001
Asia and Policymaking for the Global Economy 2011
Asia in Washington: Exploring the Penumbra of Transnational Power 2014
Asian Perspectives on Financial Sector Reforms and Regulation 2011
Aspiration and Ambivalence: Strategies and Realities of Counterinsurgency and State-Building in Afghanistan 2013
Automatic: Changing the Way America Saves 2009
Aviation Infrastructure Performance: A Study in Comparative Political Economy 2008
Avoiding Armageddon: America, India, and Pakistan to the Brink and Back 2013
Avoiding Trivia: The Role of Strategic Planning in American Foreign Policy 2009
Axis of Convenience: Moscow, Beijing, and the New Geopolitics 2008
The Battle for Congress: Consultants, Candidates, and Voters 2001
Bending History: Barack Obama's Foreign Policy 2012
Besieged: School Boards and the Future of Education Politics 2005
Beyond Preemption: Force and Legitimacy in a Changing World 2007
Big Bets and Black Swans 2014: A Presidential Briefing Book 2014
The Big Snoop: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Terrorists 2014
Billionaires: Reflections on the Upper Crust 2014
Blindside: How to Anticipate Forcing Events and Wild Cards in Global Politics 2007
Boomburbs: The Rise of America's Accidental Cities 2007
Boosting Paychecks: The Politics of Supporting America's Working Poor 2010
Borrowing to Live: Consumer and Mortgage Credit Revisited 2008
Brain Gain: Rethinking U.S. Immigration Policy 2011
Brazil as an Economic Superpower?: Understanding Brazil's Changing Role in the Global Economy 2009
Budgeting for Hard Power: Defense and Security Spending Under Barack Obama 2009
Building a New Afghanistan 2007
Building Assets, Building Credit: Creating Wealth in Low-Income Communities 2005
Building Inclusive Financial Systems: A Framework for Financial Access 2007
Bureaucratic Politics and Foreign Policy 2006
Business and Nonproliferation: Industry's Role in Safeguarding a Nuclear Renaissance 2011
Campaign 2012: Twelve Independent Ideas for Improving American Public Policy 2012
Can Russia Compete? 2008
Can We Say No?: The Challenge of Rationing Health Care 2005
Catalysts for Change: How the U.N.'s Independent Experts Promote Human Rights 2012
Catalyzing Development: A New Vision for Aid 2011
Central Banking after the Great Recession: Lessons Learned, Challenges Ahead 2014
The Challenge of Legislation: Bipartisanship in a Partisan World 2008
Child Protection: Using Research to Improve Policy and Practice 2007
China Experiments: From Local Innovations to National Reform 2012
China in 2020: A New Type of Superpower 2011
China into Africa: Trade, Aid, and Influence 2008
China's Changing Political Landscape: Prospects for Democracy 2008
China's Emerging Middle Class: Beyond Economic Transformation 2010
China's Expansion into the Western Hemisphere: Implications for Latin America and the United States 2008
China's Peaceful Rise: Speeches of Zheng Bijian 1997-2005 2005
China's Political Development: Chinese and American Perspectives 2014
Circus Maximus: The Economic Gamble Behind Hosting the Olympics and the World Cup 2015
Climate Change and Forests: Emerging Policy and Market Opportunities 2008
Climate Change and Global Poverty: A Billion Lives in the Balance? 2009
Climate Change, Trade, and Competitiveness: Is a Collision Inevitable?: Brookings Trade Forum 2008/2009 2009
Climatic Cataclysm: The Foreign Policy and National Security Implications of Climate Change 2008
Closed Minds?: Politics and Ideology in American Universities 2008
Closing the Deficit: How Much Can Later Retirement Help? 2013
Collapse of an Empire: Lessons for Modern Russia 2007
Competition and Chaos: U.S. Telecommunications since the 1996 Telecom Act 2005
Confronting Poverty: Weak States and U.S. National Security 2010
Confronting Suburban Poverty in America 2013
Constitution 3.0: Freedom and Technological Change 2011
Corruption, Global Security, and World Order 2009
Counsel for the Situation: Shaping the Law to Realize America's Promise 2010
Creating an Opportunity Society 2009
Creative Communities: Art Works in Economic Development 2013
Crescent of Crisis: U.S.-European Strategy for the Greater Middle East 2006
Crisis Prevention and Prosperity Management for the World Economy: Pragmatic Choices for International Financial Governance, Part I 2004
Cuba's Energy Future: Strategic Approaches to Cooperation 2010
Dangerous Liaisons: Organized Crime and Political Finance in Latin America and Beyond 2013
Deadly Embrace: Pakistan, America, and the Future of the Global Jihad 2012
Deadly Embrace: Pakistan, America, and the Future of the Global Jihad 2011
A Deadly Triangle: Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India 2013
Decentralizing Governance: Emerging Concepts and Practices 2007
The Decline in Saving: A Threat to America's Prosperity? 2012
Declining Inequality in Latin America: A Decade of Progress? 2010
Defending America: The Case for Limited National Missile Defense 2001
Defense Strategy for the Post-Saddam Era 2005
Delivering Aid Differently: Lessons from the Field 2010
Democracy at Risk: How Political Choices Undermine Citizen Participation, and What We Can Do About It 2005
Democracy in the States: Experiments in Election Reform 2008
Democracy Is a Good Thing: Essays on Politics, Society, and Culture in Contemporary China 2009
Demystifying Kashmir 2006
Detention and Denial: The Case for Candor after Guantanamo 2011
Development Projects Observed 2015
Difficult Transitions: Foreign Policy Troubles at the Outset of Presidential Power 2008
Digital Medicine: Health Care in the Internet Era 2009
Digital Schools: How Technology Can Transform Education 2012
Diversity Explosion: How New Racial Demographics are Remaking America 2015
Does Character Matter?: Essays on Opportunity and the American Dream 2015
Dragon in the Tropics: Hugo Chavez and the Political Economy of Revolution in Venezuela 2011
Dragon in the Tropics: The Legacy of Hugo Chávez 2015
Drawing the Line: Public and Private in America 2010
The East Moves West: India, China, and Asia's Growing Presence in the Middle East 2012
The East Moves West: India, China, and Asia's Growing Presence in the Middle East 2010
The Economy of Puerto Rico: Restoring Growth 2006
Educating Citizens: International Perspectives on Civic Values and School Choice 2004
The Education Gap: Vouchers and Urban Schools 2002
Education Governance for the Twenty-First Century: Overcoming the Structural Barriers to School Reform 2013
Election Fraud: Detecting and Deterring Electoral Manipulation 2008
Elusive Equity: Education Reform in Post-Apartheid South Africa 2004
Emerging Markets: Resilience and Growth amid Global Turmoil 2010
The End of Nostalgia: Mexico Confronts the Challenges of Global Competition 2013
Endangering Prosperity: A Global View of the American School 2013
Endgame in the Balkans: Regime Change, European Style 2006
Energy and Security in South Asia: Cooperation or Conflict? 2011
Energy Security: Economics, Politics, Strategies, and Implications 2010
Engaging India: Diplomacy, Democracy, and the Bomb 2006
Engaging India: Diplomacy, Democracy, and the Bomb 2004
Environmental Governance: A Report on the Next Generation of Environmental Policy 2002
Equality and Efficiency: The Big Tradeoff 2015
Esteemed Colleagues: Civility and Deliberation in the U.S. Senate 2000
Europe 2030 2010
Europe's Crisis, Europe's Future 2014
The Evolving Pension System: Trends, Effects, and Proposals for Reform 2005
Failed Diplomacy: The Tragic Story of How North Korea Got the Bomb 2007
Fast Forward: Ethics and Politics in the Age of Global Warming 2011
Fast Forward: Ethics and Politics in the Age of Global Warming 2010
The Federal Budget: Politics, Policy, Process 2007
Feeling Betrayed: The Roots of Muslim Anger at America 2011
Finance for Development: Latin America in Comparative Perspective 2006
Financial Crises: Lessons from the Past, Preparation for the Future 2005
Financial Gatekeepers: Can They Protect Investors? 2006
Financial Market Regulation and Reforms in Emerging Markets 2011
Financial Restructuring to Sustain Recovery 2013
Financing the 2004 Election 2006
Financing the 2008 Election: Assessing Reform 2011
Financing the 2012 Election 2014
First Thing We Do, Let's Deregulate All the Lawyers 2011
The Fog of Peace: A Memoir of International Peacekeeping in the 21st Century 2015
Following the Money: The Enron Failure and the State of Corporate Disclosure 2003
The Foreign Policy of the European Union: Assessing Europe's Role in the World 2012
The Foreign Policy of the European Union: Assessing Europe's Role in the World 2010
Four Crises and a Peace Process: American Engagement in South Asia 2007
Freedom's Unsteady March: America's Role in Building Arab Democracy 2008
Friendly Fire: The Near-Death of the Transatlantic Alliance 2004
From Despair to Hope: Hope VI and the New Promise of Public Housing in America's Cities 2009
From Schoolhouse to Courthouse: The Judiciary's Role in American Education 2009
From the Ground Up: Improving Government Performance with Independent Monitoring Organizations 2010
The Frontiers of Europe: A Transatlantic Problem? 2011
The Future of Arms Control 2005
The Future of Housing Finance: Restructuring the U.S. Residential Mortgage Market 2011
The Future of Insurance Regulation in the United States 2009
The Future of North American Integration: Beyond NAFTA 2002
The Future of Pakistan 2011
The Future of State-Owned Financial Institutions 2004
The G-20 Summit at Five: Time for Strategic Leadership 2014
Generation in Waiting: The Unfulfilled Promise of Young People in the Middle East 2009
Generation Unbound: Drifting into Sex and Parenthood without Marriage 2014
Get Out the Vote: How to Increase Voter Turnout 2008
Getting Choice Right: Ensuring Equity and Efficiency in Education Policy 2005
Getting to Scale: How to Bring Development Solutions to Millions of Poor People 2013
Global Civics: Responsibilities and Rights in an Interdependent World 2011
The Global Debt Crisis: Haunting U.S. and European Federalism 2014
Global Development 2.0: Can Philanthropists, the Public, and the Poor Make Poverty History? 2008
Global Energy Governance: The New Rules of the Game 2010
Global Governance Reform: Breaking the Stalemate 2007
Global Leadership in Transition: Making the G20 More Effective and Responsive 2011
Global Non-Proliferation and Counter-Terrorism: The Impact of UNSCR 1540 2007
The Global Public Management Revolution: A Report on the Transformation of Governance 2005
Global Trade and Poor Nations: The Poverty Impacts and Policy Implications of Liberalization 2007
Global Warming: Looking Beyond Kyoto 2008
Going Mobile: How Wireless Technology is Reshaping Our Lives 2015
Good Intentions, Bad Outcomes: Social Policy, Informality, and Economic Growth in Mexico 2008
Governing by Network: The New Shape of the Public Sector 2004
Governing the Nile River Basin: The Search for a New Legal Regime 2015
Government by Investigation: Congress, Presidents, and the Search for Answers, 1945–2012 2014
Government Failure versus Market Failure: Microeconomics Policy Research and Government Performance 2006
Grant Park: The Democratization of Presidential Elections, 1968–2008 2011
Greece: From Exit to Recovery? 2014
Green Cities: Urban Growth and the Environment 2006
Greenhouse Governance: Addressing Climate Change in America 2010
Growing Old: Paying for Retirement and Institutional Money Management after the Financial Crisis 2011
Guardian of the Presidency: The Legacy of Richard E. Neustadt 2007
Haiti in the Balance: Why Foreign Aid Has Failed and What We Can Do About It 2008
Haunting Legacy: Vietnam and the American Presidency from Ford to Obama 2012
Haunting Legacy: Vietnam and the American Presidency from Ford to Obama 2011
Healing the Wounded Giant: Maintaining Military Preeminence while Cutting the Defense Budget 2013
History Strikes Back: How States, Nations, and Conflicts Are Shaping the 21st Century 2008
Homeownership Built to Last: Balancing Access, Affordability, and Risk after the Housing Crisis 2014
How to Improve Governance: A New Framework for Analysis and Action 2009
The Idea of Pakistan 2004
The Impact of Health Insurance in Low- and Middle-Income Countries 2010
In the Name of Justice: Striving for the Rule of Law in China 2012
Inequality in America: Facts, Trends, and International Perspectives 2012
Inheriting Syria: Bashar's Trial by Fire 2005
Innovations in Government: Research, Recognition, and Replication 2008
Inside Out India and China: Local Politics Go Global 2014
Inside Out, India and China: Local Politics Go Global 2013
Integrating Islam: Political and Religious Challenges in Contemporary France 2006
Intergovernmental Management for the 21st Century 2008
Investing in Children: Work, Education, and Social Policy in Two Rich Countries 2012
Investing in Democracy: Engaging Citizens in Collaborative Governance 2009
Iran Surprises Itself and the World: A New President May Take His Country in a New Direction 2013
Is There a Culture War?: A Dialogue on Values and American Public Life 2006
The Islamic State: A Brief Introduction 2015
Italy and the European Union 2011
Journey into America: The Challenge of Islam 2010
Journey into Islam: The Crisis of Globalization 2007
A Journey through the Cold War: A Memoir of Containment and Coexistence 2001
Last Exit: Privatization and Deregulation of the U.S. Transportation System 2010
The Last Hurrah?: Soft Money and Issue Advocacy in the 2002 Congressional Elections 2004
The Last Mile in Ending Extreme Poverty 2015
The Law-Growth Nexus: The Rule of Law and Economic Development 2006
Leading Change from the Middle: A Practical Guide to Building Extraordinary Capabilities 2014
Leading Change in a Web 2.1 World: How ChangeCasting Builds Trust, Creates Understanding, and Accelerates Organizational Change 2010
Learning to Salsa: New Steps in U.S.-Cuba Relations 2010
Legislating the War on Terror: An Agenda for Reform 2009
Liberty and Power: A Dialogue on Religion and U.S. Foreign Policy in an Unjust World 2004
The Limits of Humanitarian Intervention: Genocide in Rwanda 2001
The Limits of Influence: America's Role in Kashmir 2009
The Lingering Conflict: Israel, the Arabs, and the Middle East, 1948–2011 2011
The Lingering Conflict: Israel, The Arabs, and the Middle East 1948–2012 2013
Lives in the Balance: Improving Accountability for Public Spending in Developing Countries 2010
Low-Income Homeownership: Examining the Unexamined Goal 2002
Making School Reform Work: New Partnerships for Real Change 2004
Managing Green Mandates: Local Rigors of U.S. Environmental Regulation 2001
Managing India's Nuclear Forces 2012
Managing the China Challenge: How to Achieve Corporate Success in the People's Republic 2011
The Market for Virtue: The Potential and Limits of Corporate Social Responsibility 2005
The Market for Virtue: The Potential and Limits of Corporate Social Responsibility 2006
The Marketplace of Democracy: Electoral Competition and American Politics 2006
Mass Atrocity Crimes: Preventing Future Outrages 2010
Math You Can't Use: Patents, Copyright, and Software 2006
Means to an End: U.S. Interest in the International Criminal Court 2009
Means to an End: U.S. Interest in the International Criminal Court 2011
The Media and the War on Terrorism 2003
The Metropolitan Revolution: How Cities and Metros Are Fixing Our Broken Politics and Fragile Economy 2013
Military Engagement: Influencing Armed Forces Worldwide to Support Democratic Transitions 2013
Military Engagement: Influencing Armed Forces Worldwide to Support Democratic Transitions 2013
The Monetary Geography of Africa 2005
Monnet's Brandy and Europe's Fate: A Determined Frenchman's Vision of Integration Serves as a Guide to Ending the Eurozone Crisis 2014
Moving Forward: The Future of Consumer Credit and Mortgage Finance 2011
Mr. Putin: Operative in the Kremlin 2013
Mr. Putin: Operative in the Kremlin 2013
Muslim Civic Cultures and Conflict Resolution: The Challenge of Democratic Federalism in Nigeria 2005
Myanmar/Burma: Inside Challenges, Outside Interests 2010
The Need for Speed: A New Framework for Telecommunications Policy for the 21st Century 2013
The New Brazil 2010
The New Brazil 2011
New Financial Instruments and Institutions: Opportunities and Policy Challenges 2007
The New Invisible College: Science for Development 2008
New Paradigms for Financial Regulation: Emerging Market Perspectives 2013
New Players on the World Stage: Chinese Provinces and Indian States 2013
The New Politics of Strategic Resources: Energy and Food Security Challenges in the 21st Century 2015
The New Russian Diplomacy 2002
The New Urban Leaders 2001
The Next Wave: Using Digital Technology to Further Social and Political Innovation 2011
No Slack: The Financial Lives of Low-Income Americans 2012
The Obama Administration and the Americas: Agenda for Change 2009
Obama and China's Rise: An Insider's Account of America's Asia Strategy 2012
Oil Titans: National Oil Companies in the Middle East 2006
Open Budgets: The Political Economy of Transparency, Participation, and Accountability 2013
Opportunity 08: Independent Ideas for America's Next President 2008
Opportunity 08: Independent Ideas for America's Next President 2007
The Opportunity: Next Steps in Reducing Nuclear Arms 2012
Ordinary Families, Extraordinary Lives: Assets and Poverty Reduction in Guayaquil, 1978-2004 2009
Organizing U.S. Foreign Aid: Confronting the Challenges of the Twenty-First Century 2005
Out of Business and On Budget: The Challenge of Military Financing in Indonesia 2007
Owning Up: Poverty, Assets, and the American Dream 2002
Paradox and Perception: Measuring Quality of Life in Latin America 2009
Parting Ways: The Crisis in German-American Relations 2004
Party Lines: Competition, Partisanship, and Congressional Redistricting 2005
Path to Prosperity: Hamilton Project Ideas on Income Security, Education, and Taxes 2008
Peace Process: American Diplomacy and the Arab-Israeli Conflict since 1967 2005
The Peninsula Question: A Chronicle of the Second Korean Nuclear Crisis 2007
The People Factor: Strengthening America by Investing in Public Service 2009
Performance Incentives: Their Growing Impact on American K-12 Education 2009
The PerformanceStat Potential: A Leadership Strategy for Producing Results 2014
The Perils of Proximity: China-Japan Security Relations 2010
The Persistence of Innovation in Government 2014
Plug-In Electric Vehicles: What Role for Washington? 2009
Policy and Choice: Public Finance through the Lens of Behavioral Economics 2011
The Politics and Civics of National Service: Lessons from the Civilian Conservation Corps, VISTA, and AmeriCorps 2013
The Politics of Protection: The Limits of Humanitarian Action 2011
Pooling Money: The Future of Mutual Funds 2008
Popular Choice and Managed Democracy: The Russian Elections of 1999 and 2000 2003
Ports in a Storm: Public Management in a Turbulent World 2012
Power and Responsibility: Building International Order in an Era of Transnational Threats 2009
Power Play: The Bush Presidency and the Constitution 2008
The Presidency in a Separated System 2005
The Presidential Appointee's Handbook 2009
Presidential Pork: White House Influence over the Distribution of Federal Grants 2014
The Price We Pay: Economic and Social Consequences of Inadequate Education 2007
Primary Politics: How Presidential Candidates Have Shaped the Modern Nominating System 2009
Private Pensions and Public Policies 2004
Product Liability Entering the Twenty-First Century: The U.S. Perspective 2001
Productivity in the U.S. Services Sector: New Sources of Economic Growth 2004
The Professor and the President: Daniel Patrick Moynihan in the Nixon White House 2015
Progress Against Poverty: Sustaining Mexico's Progresa-Oportunidades Program 2006
The Promise: The Families of Sandy Hook and the Long Road to Gun Safety 2013
Protecting the American Homeland: One Year On 2002
Protecting the Homeland 2006/2007 2006
The Pursuit of Happiness: An Economy of Well-Being 2012
The Pursuit of Happiness: An Economy of Well-Being 2011
The Rebirth of Europe 2002
Reconsidering Retirement: How Losses and Layoffs Affect Older Workers 2010
Red and Blue Nation?: Characteristics and Causes of America's Polarized Politics 2006
Red and Blue Nation?: Consequences and Correction of America's Polarized Politics 2008
Red, Blue, and Purple America: The Future of Election Demographics 2008
Red Tape: Its Origins, Uses, and Abuses 2015
Redefining Urban and Suburban America: Evidence from Census 2000 2006
Redefining Urban and Suburban America: Evidence from Census 2000 2005
Reducing Global Poverty: The Case for Asset Accumulation 2007
Reforming Medicare: Options, Tradeoffs, and Opportunities 2008
Reforming the Presidential Nomination Process 2009
Reforming the Public Sector: How to Achieve Better Transparency, Service, and Leadership 2012
Regaining the Dream: How to Renew the Promise of Homeownership for America's Working Families 2011
Regional Financial Cooperation 2006
Renminbi Internationalization: Achievements, Prospects, and Challenges 2015
Repairing Paradise: The Restoration of Nature in America's National Parks 2009
Requiem or Revival?: The Promise of North American Integration 2007
Resilience and Opportunity: Lessons from the U.S. Gulf Coast after Katrina and Rita 2011
The Responsibility to Protect: Ending Mass Atrocity Crimes Once and For All 2008
Restoring Fiscal Sanity 2005: Meeting the Long-Run Challenge 2005
Restoring Fiscal Sanity 2007: The Health Spending Challenge 2007
Restoring Fiscal Sanity: How to Balance the Budget 2004
Restoring Growth in Puerto Rico: Overview and Policy Options 2006
Restoring the Balance: A Middle East Strategy for the Next President 2008
Retooling for Growth: Building a 21st Century Economy in America's Older Industrial Areas 2008
Revisiting Rental Housing: Policies, Programs, and Priorities 2008
The Rhyme of History: Lessons of the Great War 2013
Rising Star: China's New Security Diplomacy 2007
Rising Star: China's New Security Diplomacy 2010
The Risk Pivot: Great Powers, International Security, and the Energy Revolution 2015
The Road Ahead: Middle East Policy in the Bush Administration's Second Term 2005
The Road to War: Presidential Commitments Honored and Betrayed 2013
Rocky Times: New Perspectives on Financial Stability 2012
Saving Europe: Anatomy of a Dream 2012
Saving Europe: How National Politics Nearly Destroyed the Euro 2012
Saving Social Security: A Balanced Approach 2005
School Money Trials: The Legal Pursuit of Educational Adequacy 2007
The Search for Al Qaeda: Its Leadership, Ideology, and Future 2010
The Search for Al Qaeda: Its Leadership, Ideology, and Future 2008
The Search for Social Entrepreneurship 2008
Second-Term Blues: How George W. Bush Has Governed 2007
Security by Other Means: Foreign Assistance, Global Poverty, and American Leadership 2007
Self-Enforcing Trade: Developing Countries and WTO Dispute Settlement 2009
Shades of Gray: Perspectives on Campaign Ethics 2002
Shaping the Emerging World: India and the Multilateral Order 2013
Shifting the Balance: Obama and the Americas 2011
Shooting for a Century: The India-Pakistan Conundrum 2013
Shooting Up: Counterinsurgency and the War on Drugs 2010
Show Me the Evidence: Obama's Fight for Rigor and Results in Social Policy 2015
The Siberian Curse: How Communist Planners Left Russia Out in the Cold 2003
A Skeptic's Case for Nuclear Disarmament 2010
The Soviet Mind: Russian Culture under Communism 2004
Special Interest: Teachers Unions and America's Public Schools 2011
Standards-Based Reform and the Poverty Gap: Lessons for "No Child Left Behind" 2007
Star Spangled Security: Applying Lessons Learned over Six Decades Safeguarding America 2012
Starting Over: Brazil Since 1985 2011
State and Local Pensions: What Now? 2012
The State of Access: Success and Failure of Democracies to Create Equal Opportunities 2008
The State of Nonprofit America 2012
Still Ours to Lead: America, Rising Powers, and the Tension between Rivalry and Restraint 2014
Strife and Progress: Portfolio Strategies for Managing Urban Schools 2013
Structural Reform in Japan: Breaking the Iron Triangle 2003
Stuck in the Middle: Is Fiscal Policy Failing the Middle Class? 2009
Sunbelt/Frostbelt: Public Policies and Market Forces in Metropolitan Development 2005
Sustaining Nonprofit Performance: The Case for Capacity Building and the Evidence to Support It 2004
The Swing Voter in American Politics 2008
A Switch in Time: A New Strategy for America in Iraq 2006
Systematic Thinking for Social Action 2015
Tackling Wicked Government Problems: A Practical Guide for Developing Enterprise Leaders 2014
Taking the High Road: A Metropolitan Agenda for Transportation Reform 2005
Targeting in Social Programs: Avoiding Bad Bets, Removing Bad Apples 2006
Teachers versus the Public: What Americans Think about Schools and How to Fix Them 2014
Telecommunications Liberalization on Two Sides of the Atlantic 2001
Tense Commandments: Federal Prescriptions and City Problems 2002
Things Fall Apart: Containing the Spillover from an Iraqi Civil War 2007
The Thistle and the Drone: How America's War on Terror Became a Global War on Tribal Islam 2013
Through Their Eyes: Foreign Correspondents in the United States 2005
To Serve the President: Continuity and Innovation in the White House Staff 2008
To the Edge: Legality, Legitimacy, and the Responses to the 2008 Financial Crisis 2015
Too Poor for Peace?: Global Poverty, Conflict, and Security in the 21st Century 2007
Toughing It Out in Afghanistan 2010
Tournament Approaches to Policy Reform: Making Development Assistance More Effective 2009
Toward an East Asian Exchange Rate Regime 2007
Toward an Evolutionary Regime for Spectrum Governance: Licensing or Unrestricted Entry? 2006
Transforming East Asia: The Evolution of Regional Economic Integration 2006
Transforming the Development Landscape: The Role of the Private Sector 2006
Transpacific Rebalancing: Implications for Trade and Economic Growth 2015
Turkey's Nuclear Future 2015
Twenty-First Century Gateways: Immigrant Incorporation in Suburban America 2008
Uncharted Strait: The Future of China-Taiwan Relations 2013
Uncharted Waters: Paying Benefits From Individual Accounts in Federal Retirement Policy 2005
Uncle Sam in Pinstripes: Evaluating U.S. Federal Credit Programs 2011
Understanding Tahrir Square: What Transitions Elsewhere Can Teach Us about the Prospects for Arab Democracy 2014
Unexpected Outcomes: How Emerging Economies Survived the Global Financial Crisis 2015
Unfinished Business: An American Strategy for Iraq Moving Forward 2011
Unleashing Change: A Study of Organizational Renewal in Government 2005
Unlocking the Power of Networks: Keys to High-Performance Government 2009
Untying the Knot: Making Peace in the Taiwan Strait 2005
Urban and Regional Policy and Its Effects: Building Resilient Regions 2012
Urban and Regional Policy and Its Effects 2010
Urban and Regional Policy and its Effects 2009
U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy: Confronting Today's Threats 2006
Using Taxes to Reform Health Insurance: Pitfalls and Promises 2008
A Versatile American Institution: The Changing Ideals and Realities of Philanthropic Foundations 2013
Vital Signs: Perspectives on the Health of American Campaigning 2005
Vital Statistics on Congress 2008 2008
Voices for Children: Rhetoric and Public Policy 2012
Voting Technology: The Not-So-Simple Act of Casting a Ballot 2008
A Vulcan's Tale: How the Bush Administration Mismanaged the Reconstruction of Afghanistan 2011
Welfare Reform and Beyond: The Future of the Safety Net 2002
What Do We Do Now?: A Workbook for the President-Elect 2008
What So Proudly We Hailed: Essays on the Contemporary Meaning of the War of 1812 2012
What We Won: America's Secret War in Afghanistan, 1979–89 2014
What Works in Development?: Thinking Big and Thinking Small 2009
Whatever Happened to the Washington Reporters, 1978-2012 2012
When Mayors Take Charge: School Governance in the City 2009
When Work Is Not Enough: State and Federal Policies to Support Needy Workers 2006
Which Path to Persia?: Options for a New American Strategy toward Iran 2009
Who Has the Cure?: Hamilton Project Ideas on Health Care 2008
Who's in Charge Here?: The Tangled Web of School Governance and Policy 2004
Wiki Government: How Technology Can Make Government Better, Democracy Stronger, and Citizens More Powerful 2009
Winning Turkey: How America, Europe, and Turkey Can Revive a Fading Partnership 2008
Work over Welfare: The Inside Story of the 1996 Welfare Reform Law 2006
Working Longer: The Solution to the Retirement Income Challenge 2008
Worst of the Worst: Dealing with Repressive and Rogue Nations 2007
Yen Bloc: Toward Economic Integration in Asia 2001
Zhu Rongji on the Record: The Road to Reform: 1991–1997 2013
Zhu Rongji on the Record: The Road to Reform: 1998-2003 2015