Centre for Military Studies Research Reports
Research Reports in JSTOR from Centre for Military Studies
18 Research Reports in JSTOR Date
Afghanistan Index: A collection of quantitative and qualitative data on Afghanistan 2008
Baltic Sea security: How can allies and partners meet the new challenges in the region? 2016
Denmark’s need for fighter aircraft: A strategic analysis of the future need for Danish fighter aircraft 2007
In, On, or Out of the Loop?: Denmark and Autonomous Weapon Systems 2017
Invading Bologna: Prospects for Nordic Cooperation on Professional Military Education 2013
Keep Cool 2013
Keep It Cool!: Four Scenarios for the Danish Armed Forces in Greenland in 2030 2009
Learning from the F-16 2015
Maritime security and development in Africa: THREE NARRATIVES FOR A STRATEGY FOR DENMARK 2016
Military capacity building:: Risk-taking in Danish development aid? 2013
Never Gonna Give You Up?: Experiences with ending conscription in France, the Netherlands, Latvia and Slovakia 2009
Options for Enhancing Nordic–Baltic Defence and Security Cooperation: An Explorative Survey 2017
Syria’s Military Capabilities and Options for Military Intervention: Background paper 2012
To be, or not to be: Smart Defence, Sovereignty and Danish Defence Policy 2012
Trends and Threats: NATO in the 21st Century 2014
Unfolding Green Defense: Linking green technologies and strategies to current security challenges in NATO and the NATO member states 2015
Utilising Local Capacities: Maritime Emergency Response across the Arctic 2017
What if We Gave Up Conscription? 2009