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Following the founding of the Central European University by the Hungarian-America philanthropist George Soros, CEU Press was established in 1993.

Reflecting the intellectual strengths and values of its parent institution, the press publishes books on the political philosophy and practices of open society, history, legal studies, nationalism, human rights, conflict resolution, gender studies, Jewish studes, economics, medieval studies, literature, and international relations.

The publishing program of CEU Press focuses on issues of Central and Eastern Europe; it is committed to the past and present history, society, culture and economy of the countries of the former Soviet Union and its neighbors. The Press has started expanding its list to include books in the field of Arabic and Islamic studies, higher education policy and media studies. 
Books in JSTOR from Central European University Press
127 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Accidental occidental: Economics and Culture of Transition in Mitteleuropa, the Baltic and the Balkan Area 2013
Against Their Wil: The History and Geography of Forced Migrations in the USSR 2004
And They Lived Happily Ever After: Norms and Everyday Practices of Family and Parenthood in Russia and Eastern Europe 2012
Angels, Devils: The Supernatural and Its Visual Representation 2011
Anonymus and Master Roger 2010
The Apostolic Penitentiary in Local Contexts 2007
Ascensions on High in Jewish Mysticism: Pillars, Lines, Ladders 2005
Balkan Family Structure and the European Pattern: Demographic Developments in Ottoman Bulgaria 2006
Biographical Dictionary of Women’s Movements and Feminisms: Central, Eastern, and South Eastern Europe, 19th and 20th Centuries 2006
Blood and Homeland: Eugenics and Racial Nationalism in Central and Southeast Europe, 1900-1940 2007
Bones of Contention: The living archive of Vasil Levski and the making of Bulgaria's national hero 2009
Capitalism from Outside?: Economic Cultures in Eastern Europe after 1989 2012
Cardboard Castle?: An Inside History of the Warsaw Pact 2005
Carrying a Secret in My Heart: Children of the Victims of the Reprisals after the Hungarian Revolution in 1956 - An Oral History 2003
Catalogue of the Slavonic Cyrillic Manuscripts of the National Szechenyi Library 2007
Catholicism, Race and Empire: Eugenics in Portugal, 1900-1950 2014
Christian Demonology and Popular 2006
Christianity and Modernity in Eastern Europe 2010
Civic and uncivic values in Kosovo: History, politics, and value transformation 2015
Civic and Uncivic Values: Serbia in the Post-Milošević Era 2011
Climate Dependence and Food Problems in Russia, 1900-1990: The Interaction of Climate and Agricultural Policy and Their Effect on Food Problems 2005
Cold War Broadcasting: Impact on the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe 2010
The Collectivization of Agriculture in Communist Eastern Europe: Comparison and Entanglements 2014
Coming Spring 2007
Common Law for Europe 2005
Communicating with the Spirits 2005
A Communist Odyssey: The life of József Pogány/John Pepper 2012
Comparative Media Systems: European and Global Perspectives 2010
Concepts and the Social Order: Robert K. Merton and the Future of Sociology 2011
Conservative Ideology in the Making 2009
Constitution for a Disunited Nation: On Hungary's 2011 Fundamental Law    2012
Constitutional Democracy 2003
Constitutions, Courts, and History: Historical Narratives in Constitutional Adjudication 2005
Convolutions of Historical Politics 2012
Cores, Peripheries, and Globalization 2011
Darwin’s Footprint: Cultural Perspectives on Evolution in Greece (1880–1930s) 2015
Debating the Past: Modern Bulgarian Historiography—From Stambolov to Zhivkov 2011
Deficit and Debt in Transition: The Political Economy of Public Finances in Central and Eastern Europe 2014
The Demise of Yugoslavia: A Political Memoir 2004
Democratization and the Politics of Constitution-Making in Turkey 2009
Demographic Avant-Garde: Jews in Bohemia between the Enlightenment and the Shoah 2013
Demography and Nation: Social Legislation and Population Policy in Bulgaria 2011
Dilemmas of Dissidence in East-Central Europe: Citizen Intellectuals and Philosopher Kings 2003
Discourses of Collective Identity in Central and Southeast Europe 1770–1945, Vol. IV.: Anti-modernism: Radical revisions of Collective Identity 2014
Discussing Hitler: Advisers of U.S. Diplomacy in Central Europe, 1934-41 2003
Divide and Pacify: Strategic Social Policies and Political Protests in Post-Communist Democracies 2006
Divide, Provide and Rule: An Integrative History of Poverty Policy, Social Reform, and Social Policy in Hungary under the Habsburg Monarchy 2011
Duty to Respond: Mass Crime, Denial, and Collective Responsibility 2011
The Edges of the Medieval World 2009
Embracing Arms: Cultural Representation of Slavic and Balkan Women in War 2012
An Empire of Others: Creating Ethnographic Knowledge in Imperial Russia and the USSR 2014
The End and the Beginning: The Revolutions of 1989 and the Resurgence of History 2012
Enemies for a Day: Antisemitism and Anti-Jewish Violence in Lithuania under the Tsars 2015
Entangled Paths Toward Modernity: Contextualizing Socialism and Nationalism in the Balkans 2009
Estonian Life Stories 2009
Exploring the World of Human Practice: Readings in and about the Philosophy of Aurel Kolnai 2004
Exposed Memories: Family Pictures in Private and Collective Memory 2010
Fare Well, Illyria 2013
Festivals in Focus 2014
Free Speech and Censorship Around the Globe 2015
Friendship and Love, Ethics and Politics: Studies in Mediaeval and Early Modern History 2010
From Class to Identity: The politics of education reforms in former Yugoslavia 2014
From Good King Wenceslas to the Good Soldier Švejk: A Dictionary of Czech Popular Culture 2005
From Liberal Values to Democratic Transition: Essays in Honor of Janos Kis 2004
From Socialism to Capitalism: Eight Essays 2008
From Solidarity to Martial Law: The Polish Crisis of 1980–1981 2007
From Victimhood to Citizenship: The Path of Roma Integration 2013
Gesta principum Polonorum: The Deeds of the Princes of the Poles 2003
Given World and Time: Temporalities in Context 2008
Government and Politics in Hungary 1999
Green Barons, Force-of-Circumstance Entrepreneurs, Impotent Mayors: Rural Change in the Early Years of Post-Socialist Capitalist Democracy 2013
The Harmonization of Civil and Commercial Law in Europe 2005
Health, Hygiene and Eugenics in Southeastern Europe to 1945 2011
History in My Life: A Memoir of Three Eras 2009
A History of East European Jews 2002
History of the Bishops of Salona and Split 2006
Hitler's Library 2003
Hot books in the cold war : The CIA-Funded Secret Western Book Distribution Program Behind the Iron Curtain 2013
Hungarian Culture and Politics in the Habsburg Monarchy 1711-1848 2014
Hungary in the Cold War, 1945-1956: Between the United States and the Soviet Union 2004
Imperfection and Defeat: The Role of Aesthetic Imagination in Human Society 2006
Imperial Rule 2004
In a Maelstrom: The History of Russian-Jewish Prose, 1860–1940 2008
In Search of “Aryan Blood”: Serology in Interwar and National Socialist Germany 2012
Institutional trust and economic policy Lessons from the history of the Euro : Lessons from the history of the Euro 2013
Islam: Between Divine Message and History 2005
Isolated Islands 2011
Jews at the Crossroads: Tradition and Accomodation during the Golden Age of the Hungarian Nobility 2007
Kalmykia in Russia's Past and Present National Policies and Administrative System 2008
Key Concepts of Romanian History: Alternative Approaches to Socio-Political Languages 2013
Knowledge and Computing: Computer Epistemology and Constructive Skepticism 2010
Laboratory of Transnational History: Ukraine and Recent Ukrainian Historiography 2009
Late Enlightenment: Emergence of the Modern 'National Idea' 2006
Latin Classics in Medieval Hungary: Eleventh Century 2004
Learning to Change: The Experience of Transforming Education in South East Europe 2005
Living beyond the Pale: Environmental Justice and the Roma Minority 2012
Living the High Life in Minsk: Russian Energy Rents, Domestic Populism and Belarus' Impending Crisis High 2014
Media, Nationalism and European Identities 2011
Medicine, Law, and the State in Imperial Russi 2011
Men at the Center: Redemptive Governance under Louis IX 2012
Narratives of Adversity: Jesuits on the Eastern Peripheries of the Habsburg Realms (1640–1773) 2012
Party Colonisation of the Media in Central and Eastern Europe 2014
Political jusitice in Budapest after World War II 2015
Politics and Policies in Post-Communist Transition: Primary and Secondary Privatisation in Central Europe and the Former Soviet Union 2011
The Power of Words: Studies on Charms and Charming in Europe 2013
A Pragmatic Alliance: Jewish-Lithuanian political cooperation at the beginning of the 20th century 2011
Promises of 1968: Crisis, Illusion and Utopia 2011
Remembering Communism: Private and Public Recollections of Lived Experience in Southeast Europe 2014
Rural Unrest during the First Russian Revolution: Kursk Province, 1905-1906 2013
Saints of the Christianization Age of Central Europe: Tenth to Eleventh Centuries 2013
Secrets and Truth: Ethnography in the Archive of Romania’s Secret Police 2014
The Socialist Way of Life in Siberia: Transformation in Buryatia 2014
Stalinism Revisited: The Establishment of Communist Regimes in East-Central Europe OPEN ACCESS 2009
A Tale of Two Worlds 2014
Teaching against Violence: The Reassessing Toolbox 2013
Teaching Gender with Libraries and Archives 2013
Teaching "Race" with a Gendered Edge 2012
Ten Years After: A History of Roma School Desegregation in Central and Eastern Europe 2012
Transforming Peasants, Property and Power: The collectivization of agriculture in Romania, 1949–1962 2009
Transition in Post-Soviet Art: The Collective Actions Group Before and After 1989 2013
Traveler, Scholar, Political Adventurer: A Transylvanian Baron at the Birth of Albanian Independence: The memoirs of Franz Nopcsa 2014
Truth, Reference and Realism 2011
Turning Prayers into Protests: Religious-based Activism and its Challenge to State Power in Socialist Slovakia and East Germany 2013
Turning Traditions Upside Down: Rethinking Giordano Bruno's Enlightenment 2013
The Village and the Class War: Anti-Kulak Campaign in Estonia 1944-49 2013
Written Here, Published There: How Underground Literature Crossed the Iron Curtain 2014
Yugoslavia's Sunny Side: A History of Tourism in Socialism (1950s–1980s) 2010
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