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Founded in 1918, the University of Illinois Press ( ranks as one of the country's larger and most distinguished university presses. The Press publishes more than 120 new books and 30 scholarly journals each year in an array of subjects including American history, labor history, sports history, folklore, food, film, American music, American religion, African American studies, women's studies, and Abraham Lincoln. The Press is a founding member of the Association of American University Presses as well as the History Cooperative, an online collection of more than 20 history journals.

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Journals in JSTOR from University of Illinois Press
35 Journals in JSTOR Date Range
The American Journal of Psychology 1887 - 2018
American Journal of Theology & Philosophy 1980 - 2016
American Literary Realism 1999 - 2018
American Literary Realism, 1870-1910 1967 - 1999
American Music 1983 - 2017
American Philosophical Quarterly 1964 - 2011
Black Music Research Journal 1980 - 2015
Black Women, Gender + Families 2007 - 2012
Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education 1963 - 2016
Ethnomusicology 1953 - 2017
Feminist Teacher 1984 - 2015
History of Philosophy Quarterly 1984 - 2011
History of the Present 2011 - 2017
Illinois Classical Studies 1976 - 2016
The Journal of Aesthetic Education 1966 - 2017
Journal of American Ethnic History 1981 - 2015
The Journal of American Folklore 1888 - 2015
Journal of Animal Ethics 2011 - 2017
Journal of Appalachian Studies 1995 - 2016
Journal of the Appalachian Studies Association 1990 - 1995
Journal of Civil and Human Rights 2015 - 2016
Journal of Education Finance 1975 - 2011
The Journal of English and Germanic Philology 1903 - 2018
The Journal of Germanic Philology 1897 - 1902
Journal of Film and Video 1984 - 2017
Journal of the University Film and Video Association 1982 - 1983
Journal of the University Film Association 1968 - 1981
Journal of the University Film Producers Association 1949 - 1967
Journal of Sport History 2017
Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association 1987 - 2012
Papers of the Abraham Lincoln Association 1979 - 1986
Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society (1998-) 1998 - 2017
Illinois Historical Journal 1984 - 1998
Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society (1908-1984) 1908 - 1984
Music and the Moving Image 2008 - 2017
Perspectives on Work 1997 - 2011
The Pluralist 2006 - 2018
The Personalist Forum 1985 - 1999
Polish American Studies 1944 - 2017
The Polish Review 1956 - 2017
Public Affairs Quarterly 1987 - 2011
The Radical Teacher 1975 - 2013
Scandinavian Studies 1941 - 2016
Scandinavian Studies and Notes 1917 - 1940
Publications of the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study 1911 - 1916
Visual Arts Research 1982 - 2017
Review of Research in Visual Arts Education 1975 - 1982
Review of Research in Visual and Environmental Education 1973 - 1974
Women, Gender, and Families of Color 2013 - 2017
Books in JSTOR from University of Illinois Press
660 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
The 1933 Chicago World's Fair: A Century of Progress 2008
Aaron Jay Kernis 2014
Abel Ferrara 2007
About Bach 2008
The Accordion in the Americas: Klezmer, Polka, Tango, Zydeco, and More! 2012
Acid Hype: American News Media and the Psychedelic Experience 2015
Advertising at War: Business, Consumers, and Government in the 1940s 2012
Advertising on Trial: Consumer Activism and Corporate Public Relations in the 1930s 2005
Afghanistan in the Cinema 2010
African American Miners and Migrants: The Eastern Kentucky Social Club 2004
African Americans in U.S. Foreign Policy: From the Era of Frederick Douglass to the Age of Obama 2015
Africans to Spanish America: Expanding the Diaspora 2012
After the Coup: An Ethnographic Reframing of Guatemala 1954 2011
Against Dogmatism: Dwelling in Faith and Doubt 2013
AIA Guide to Chicago 2014
Air Castle of the South: WSM and the Making of Music City 2007
Albert Maysles 2009
Alec Wilder 2013
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu 2010
Alice Paul and the American Suffrage Campaign 2008
All Abraham's Children: Changing Mormon Conceptions of Race and Lineage 2003
All Things Human: Henry Codman Potter and the Social Gospel in the Episcopal Church 2004
Along the Streets of Bronzeville: Black Chicago's Literary Landscape 2013
The American Discovery of Europe 2007
American Ghost Roses 2005
American Naturalism and the Jews: Garland, Norris, Dreiser, Wharton, and Cather 2008
Anarchist Immigrants in Spain and Argentina 2015
Anglicans in Canada: Controversies and Identity in Historical Perspective 2004
Anna Howard Shaw: The Work of Woman Suffrage 2014
Appalachian Dance: Creativity and Continuity in Six Communities 2014
Archie Green: The Making of a Working-Class Hero 2011
Arts of a Cold Sun: Poems 2003
Asian Americans in Dixie: Race and Migration in the South 2013
AsiaPacifiQueer: Rethinking Genders and Sexualities 2008
Autism and Gender: From Refrigerator Mothers to Computer Geeks 2014
Baad Bitches and Sassy Supermamas: Black Power Action Films 2008
Bach Perspectives, Volume 8: J. S. Bach and the Oratorio Tradition 2011
Bach Perspectives, Volume 9: J. S. Bach and His Contemporaries in Germany 2013
Banded Together: Economic Democratization in the Brass Valley 2011
Barrelhouse Words: A Blues Dialect Dictionary 2009
Barter: Poems 2003
Baseball on Trial: The Origin of Baseball's Antitrust Exemption 2014
Basic Writings 2003
The Battle over Marriage: Gay Rights Activism through the Media 2013
Battles and Leaders of the Civil War: Volume 6 2004
Bean Blossom: The Brown County Jamboree and Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Festivals 2011
The Beautiful Music All Around Us: Field Recordings and the American Experience 2012
Beauvoir and Her Sisters: The Politics of Women's Bodies in France 2011
Becoming Beautiful: Ballroom Dance in the American Heartland 2015
Becoming Citizens: The Emergence and Development of the California Women's Movement, 1880-1911 2000
Becoming Julia de Burgos: The Making of a Puerto Rican Icon 2014
Becoming Mapuche: Person and Ritual in Indigenous Chile 2011
Becoming Ray Bradbury 2011
Becoming the Second City: Chicago's Mass News Media, 1833-1898 2010
Been a Heavy Life: Stories of Violent Men 2008
Before the Curse: The Chicago Cubs' Glory Years, 1870-1945 2012
Before the Ivy: The Cubs' Golden Age in Pre-Wrigley Chicago 2015
Behind the Gas Mask: The U.S. Chemical Warfare Service in War and Peace 2014
Benjamin Franklin, Pennsylvania, and the First Nations: The Treaties of 1736-62 2006
Betrayal of the Spirit: My Life behind the Headlines of the Hare Krishna Movement 2001
Between Science and Literature: An Introduction to Autopoetics 2006
Between Two Homelands: Letters across the Borders of Nazi Germany 2014
Beyond Bondage: Free Women of Color in the Americas 2004
Beyond Cannery Row: Sicilian Women, Immigration, and Community in Monterey, California, 1915-99 2006
Beyond Partition: Gender, Violence, and Representation in Postcolonial India 2014
Beyond the Gibson Girl: Reimagining the American New Woman, 1895-1915 2005
Beyond the White Negro: Empathy and Anti-Racist Reading 2014
The Big Leagues Go to Washington: Congress and Sports Antitrust, 1951-1989 2015
Bird: The Life and Music of Charlie Parker 2013
Black and Mormon 2004
Black Flag Boricuas: Anarchism, Antiauthoritarianism, and the Left in Puerto Rico, 1897-1921 2013
Black Internationalist Feminism: Women Writers of the Black Left, 1945-1995 2011
Black Power on Campus: The University of Illinois, 1965-75 2003
Black Revolutionary: William Patterson and the Globalization of the African American Freedom Struggle 2013
Black Star: African American Activism in the International Political Economy 2008
Black Women and Politics in New York City 2012
Blackness in Opera 2012
Bluegrass Bluesman: A Memoir 2012
Blues All Day Long: The Jimmy Rogers Story 2014
Blues Before Sunrise: The Radio Interviews 2010
Blues Empress in Black Chattanooga: Bessie Smith and the Emerging Urban South 2008
The Book of Mormon: A Reader's Edition 2003
Books of Secrets: Natural Philosophy in England, 1550-1600 2007
Bound for America: Three British Composers 2003
Boundaries of Touch: Parenting and Adult-Child Intimacy 2007
Brazilian Women's Filmmaking: From Dictatorship to Democracy 2012
Bridging Divides: The Origins of the Beckman Institute at Illinois 2009
Bringing Aztlan to Mexican Chicago: My Life, My Work, My Art 2010
Building Filipino Hawai'i 2015
Butoh: Metamorphic Dance and Global Alchemy 2010
C. Francis Jenkins, Pioneer of Film and Television 2014
Cafe Society: The wrong place for the Right people 2009
California Polyphony: Ethnic Voices, Musical Crossroads 2008
Cannibal Writes: Eating Others in Caribbean and Indian Ocean Women's Writing 2014
Caribbean and Atlantic Diaspora Dance: Igniting Citizenship 2011
Caribbean Spaces: Escapes from Twilight Zones 2013
Carla Bley 2011
The Cattell Controversy: Race, Science, and Ideology 2009
Chains of Love: Slave Couples in Antebellum South Carolina 2004
Challenging the Prison-Industrial Complex: Activism, Arts, and Educational Alternatives 2011
Charles Ives in the Mirror: American Histories of an Iconic Composer 2013
Chasing Newsroom Diversity: From Jim Crow to Affirmative Action 2013
Cheating the Spread: Gamblers, Point Shavers, and Game Fixers in College Football and Basketball 2012
Chicago in the Age of Capital: Class, Politics, and Democracy during the Civil War and Reconstruction 2012
Chicago River Bridges 2013
Chicago Skyscrapers, 1871-1934 2013
Chicanas of 18th Street: Narratives of a Movement from Latino Chicago 2011
Child Care in Black and White: Working Parents and the History of Orphanages 2012
Choosing Revolution: Chinese Women Soldiers on the Long March 2001
Choreographies of African Identities: Negritude, Dance, and the National Ballet of Senegal 2006
Christian America and the Kingdom of God 2009
Christian Petzold 2013
Christian Wolff 2012
Chronicling Trauma: Journalists and Writers on Violence and Loss 2011
Citizens in the Present: Youth Civic Engagement in the Americas 2013
Citizenship and Those Who Leave: The Politics of Emigration and Expatriation 2007
A City Called Heaven: Chicago and the Birth of Gospel Music 2015
City of Clerks: Office and Sales Workers in Philadelphia, 1870-1920 2005
City of Noise: Sound and Nineteenth-Century Paris 2015
Civil Rights in the Texas Borderlands: Dr. Lawrence A. Nixon and Black Activism 2015
The Civil War Diary of Gideon Welles, Lincoln's Secretary of the Navy: The Original Manuscript Edition 2014
Claire Denis 2005
Classic Hollywood: Lifestyles and Film Styles of American Cinema, 1930-1960 2015
Cold War Progressives: Women's Interracial Organizing for Peace and Freedom 2012
Collaborators for Emancipation: Abraham Lincoln and Owen Lovejoy 2014
Combating Mountaintop Removal: New Directions in the Fight against Big Coal 2011
Come Hither to Go Yonder: Playing Bluegrass with Bill Monroe 2005
Commemorating Hell: The Public Memory of Mittelbau-Dora 2011
Companeros: Latino Activists in the Face of AIDS 2011
Comparative Arawakan Histories: Rethinking Language Family and Culture Area in Amazonia 2002
The Complete Fables of Jean de La Fontaine 2007
Complete Poems 2004
A Contest of Ideas: Capital, Politics, and Labor 2013
Contested Terrain: Reflections with Afghan Women Leaders 2014
Controlling the Silver 2005
Corrupt Illinois: Patronage, Cronyism, and Criminality 2015
Covering Bin Laden: Global Media and the World's Most Wanted Man 2015
The Creative Process in Music from Mozart to Kurtag 2012
The Creolization of American Culture: William Sidney Mount and the Roots of Blackface Minstrelsy 2013
The Crimes of Womanhood: Defining Femininity in a Court of Law 2009
Critical Theory: The Major Documents 2009
Crowe on the Banjo: The Music Life of J. D. Crowe 2011
Cultural Democracy: The Arts, Community, and the Public Purpose 2005
Daisy Turner's Kin: An African American Family Saga 2015
Dario Argento 2012
Dark Victorians 2008
Daughter of the Empire State: The Life of Judge Jane Bolin 2011
David Lynch 2012
Death and Dying in the Working Class, 1865-1920 2015
A Deed to the Light 2004
The Deepest Sense: A Cultural History of Touch 2012
Defending Their Own in the Cold: The Cultural Turns of U.S. Puerto Ricans 2011
Demanding Child Care: Womens Activism and the Politics of Welfare, 1940-1971 2011
Demilitarization in the Contemporary World 2013
Democracy, Inc.: The Press and Law in the Corporate Rationalization of the Public Sphere 2005
Denise Levertov: A Poet's Life 2012
Detroit's Cold War: The Origins of Postwar Conservatism 2013
The Devil You Dance With: Film Culture in the New South Africa 2009
Devil's Game: The Civil War Intrigues of Charles A. Dunham 2004
Dewey and Elvis: The Life and Times of a Rock 'n' Roll Deejay 2005
Diagnoses in Assyrian and Babylonian Medicine: Ancient Sources, Translations, and Modern Medical Analyses 2005
Diana and Beyond: White Femininity, National Identity, and Contemporary Media Culture 2014
Diary of a Philosophy Student: Volume 1, 1926-27 2006
Digital Critical Editions 2014
Digital Depression: Information Technology and Economic Crisis 2014
Digital Rebellion: The Birth of the Cyber Left 2014
Dime Novel Desperadoes: The Notorious Maxwell Brothers 2011
Dirty Words: The Rhetoric of Public Sex Education, 1870-1924 2010
Disability Histories 2014
The Disappearing Trick 2007
Dishing It Out: Waitresses and Their Unions in the Twentieth Century 1991
Divas on Screen: Black Women in American Film 2009
Doing Emotions History 2014
Domestic Perspectives on Contemporary Democracy 2008
Dusty, Deek, and Mr. Do-Right: High School Football in Illinois 2010
Eating Her Curries and Kway: A Cultural History of Food in Singapore 2013
Eating Together: Food, Friendship, and Inequality 2013
Echoes of Chongqing: Women in Wartime China 2010
The Ecology of the Spoken Word: Amazonian Storytelling and Shamanism among the Napo Runa 2012
Edible Wild Mushrooms of Illinois and Surrounding States: A Field-to-Kitchen Guide 2009
The Education of Historians for the Twenty-first Century 2004
Eight Women Philosophers: Theory, Politics, and Feminism 2006
Eight Words for the Study of Expressive Culture 2003
Elizabeth Packard: A Noble Fight 2010
Elliott Carter 2011
Embodied Care: Jane Addams, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, and Feminist Ethics 2004
Embodied Protests: Emotions and Women's Health in Bolivia 2015
Embodying American Slavery in Contemporary Culture 2009
Emily Greene Balch: The Long Road to Internationalism 2010
Emir Kusturica 2015
Empty Pastures: Confined Animals and the Transformation of the Rural Landscape 2004
The Enchantments of Technology 2005
The Encyclopedia of Caribbean Religions: Volume 1: A-L; Volume 2: M-Z 2013
Engaging Humor 2003
English in Print from Caxton to Shakespeare to Milton 2008
Equal Time: Television and the Civil Rights Movement 2012
The Era of Education: The Presidents and the Schools, 1965-2001 2006
Escape to Manila: From Nazi Tyranny to Japanese Terror 2003
Eugene Kinckle Jones: The National Urban League and Black Social Work, 1910-1940 2012
The Europeanization of Cinema: Interzones and Imaginative Communities 2014
Everything Was Better in America: Print Culture in the Great Depression 2008
Exploring Nature in Illinois: A Field Guide to the Prairie State 2014
Exporting Japan: Politics of Emigration to Latin America 2009
Exporting Perilous Pauline: Pearl White and the Serial Film Craze 2013
Faith and the Historian: Catholic Perspectives 2007
Fanatics and Fire-eaters: Newspapers and the Coming of the Civil War 2003
Fannie Barrier Williams: Crossing the Borders of Region and Race 2014
Fannie Bloomfield-Zeisler: The Life and Times of a Piano Virtuoso 2015
Farmers' Markets of the Heartland 2012
Fatherhood Politics in the United States: Masculinity, Sexuality, Race, and Marriage 2004
Female Gladiators: Gender, Law, and Contact Sport in America 2005
Feminist and Human Rights Struggles in Peru: Decolonizing Transitional Justice 2015
A Feminist Ethnomusicology: Writings on Music and Gender 2014
Feminist Literacies, 1968-75 2005
Feminist Writings 2015
Feminists Who Changed America, 1963-1975 2006
Fighting from a Distance: How Filipino Exiles Toppled a Dictator 2013
Figure Skating in the Formative Years: Singles, Pairs, and the Expanding Role of Women 2015
Figures of Resistance: Essays in Feminist Theory 2007
Finding Cholita 2009
Five Lives in Music: Women Performers, Composers, and Impresarios from the Baroque to the Present 2012
Fixing Illinois: Politics and Policy in the Prairie State 2014
Follow Your Heart: Moving with the Giants of Jazz, Swing, and Rhythm and Blues 2008
A Foreign Kingdom: Mormons and Polygamy in American Political Culture, 1852-1890 2013
Fostering on the Farm: Child Placement in the Rural Midwest 2015
Francis Ford Coppola 2014
Francois Ozon 2011
Franklin D. Roosevelt: The War Years, 1939-1945 2016
Free Black Communities and the Underground Railroad: The Geography of Resistance 2014
Free Labor: The Civil War and the Making of an American Working Class 2015
Freeing Charles: The Struggle to Free a Slave on the Eve of the Civil War 2010
Freud Upside Down: African American Literature and Psychoanalytic Culture 2010
Friday Night Fighter: Gaspar Indio Ortega and the Golden Age of Television Boxing 2013
Fritz Reiner, Maestro and Martinet 2005
From Concentration Camp to Campus: Japanese American Students and World War II 2004
From Jim Crow to Jay-Z: Race, Rap, and the Performance of Masculinity 2011
From the Jewish Heartland: Two Centuries of Midwest Foodways 2011
From Yahweh to Yahoo!: The Religious Roots of the Secular Press 2002
Gambling Life: Dealing in Contingency in a Greek City 2003
Gandhi Meets Primetime: Globalization and Nationalism in Indian Television 2006
Gender Meets Genre in Postwar Cinemas 2012
Gendered Resistance: Women, Slavery, and the Legacy of Margaret Garner 2013
George Gershwin: An Intimate Portrait 2009
George Szell: A Life of Music 2011
Germaine Dulac: A Cinema of Sensations 2014
German Film after Germany: Toward a Transnational Aesthetic 2008
Ghost of the Ozarks: Murder and Memory in the Upland South 2012
Ghost Stories for Darwin: The Science of Variation and the Politics of Diversity 2014
Gleanings of Freedom: Free and Slave Labor along the Mason-Dixon Line, 1790-1860 2011
The Global Guide to Animal Protection 2013
Global Homophobia: States, Movements, and the Politics of Oppression 2013
Global Masculinities and Manhood 2011
Globetrotting: African American Athletes and Cold War Politics 2012
Golf in America 2009
Good Morning and Good Night 2005
The Gospel of Sustainability: Media, Market, and LOHAS 2011
The Gospel of the Working Class: Labor's Southern Prophets in New Deal America 2011
A Great Big Girl Like Me: The Films of Marie Dressler 2009
The Great Orchestrator: Arthur Judson and American Arts Management 2013
Greg Egan 2014
Gregory Benford 2014
Guest Workers and Resistance to U.S. Corporate Despotism 2011
Hal Hartley 2011
A Half Caste and Other Writings 2003
Harlem vs. Columbia University: Black Student Power in the Late 1960s 2009
Hawaiian Music in Motion: Mariners, Missionaries, and Minstrels 2014
The Haymarket Conspiracy: Transatlantic Anarchist Networks 2012
Hear Our Truths: The Creative Potential of Black Girlhood 2013
Henry Mancini: Reinventing Film Music 2012
The Herbalist in the Kitchen 2007
High Mountains Rising: Appalachia in Time and Place 2004
Hillary Clinton in the News: Gender and Authenticity in American Politics 2014
A History of the American Theatre from Its Origins to 1832 2005
Hoedowns, Reels, and Frolics: Roots and Branches of Southern Appalachian Dance 2015
The Hollow Log Lounge: Poems 2003
Hollywood's Italian American Filmmakers: Capra, Scorsese, Savoca, Coppola, and Tarantino 2011
Honey, I'm Homemade: Sweet Treats from the Beehive across the Centuries and around the World 2010
How Did Poetry Survive?: The Making of Modern American Verse 2012
How Free Can Religion Be? 2006
How Free Can the Press Be? 2003
Human Organizations and Social Theory: Pragmatism, Pluralism, and Adaptation 2009
I Wore Babe Ruth's Hat: Field Notes from a Life in Sports 2015
If Beale Street Could Talk: Music, Community, Culture 2008
Illegal: Reflections of an Undocumented Immigrant 2014
Illinois in the War of 1812 2012
Illinois Politics: A Citizen's Guide 2010
An Illinois Sampler: Teaching and Research on the Prairie 2014
Immigrant Women Workers in the Neoliberal Age 2013
Immigrants against the State: Yiddish and Italian Anarchism in America 2015
Immortal Sofa 2008
In Defense of Justice: Joseph Kurihara and the Japanese American Struggle for Equality 2013
In Her Own Words: Conversations with Composers in the United States 2013
In It for the Long Run: A Musical Odyssey 2014
In Pursuit of Gold: Chinese American Miners and Merchants in the American West 2011
In the Black Window: New and Selected Poems 2004
Indian Accents: Brown Voice and Racial Performance in American Television and Film 2013
Indigenous Women and Work: From Labor to Activism 2012
Indo-European Sacred Space: Vedic and Roman Cult 2006
Intelligently Designed: How Creationists Built the Campaign against Evolution 2013
International Perspectives on Contemporary Democracy 2008
International Women Stage Directors 2013
Intersecting Journeys: The Anthropology of Pilgrimage and Tourism 2004
Into the Vortex: Female Voice and Paradox in Film 2006
Investigated Reporting: Muckrakers, Regulators, and the Struggle over Television Documentary 2005
Islanders in the Empire: Filipino and Puerto Rican Laborers in Hawai‘i 2014
Israel in Exile: Jewish Writing and the Desert 2006
Issei Buddhism in the Americas 2010
The Italian American Table: Food, Family, and Community in New York City 2013
Jacques Rivette 2012
James and Dewey on Belief and Experience 2005
James P. Cannon and the Origins of the American Revolutionary Left, 1890-1928 2007
Jane Addams and the Practice of Democracy 2009
Jane Addams in the Classroom 2014
Japanese American Midwives: Culture, Community, and Health Politics, 1880-1950 2005
Jean Toomer: Race, Repression, and Revolution 2014
Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne 2010
Jean-Pierre Jeunet 2008
Jerry Lewis 2009
Jim Jarmusch 2007
Johanna Beyer 2015
John Brunner 2012
John Sayles 2012
Journalism in the Movies 2004
Julian Hawthorne: The Life of a Prodigal Son 2014
Justice Provocateur: Jane Tennison and Policing in Prime Suspect 2012
Kaija Saariaho 2009
Keepers of the Flame: NFL Films and the Rise of Sports Media 2014
Kim Ki-duk 2012
King: A Biography 2013
King of the Queen City: The Story of King Records 2009
Kings for Three Days: The Play of Race and Gender in an Afro-Ecuadorian Festival 2013
Kirtland Temple: The Biography of a Shared Mormon Sacred Space 2014
Kiss the Blood Off My Hands: On Classic Film Noir 2014
Kosovo Liberation Army: The Inside Story of an Insurgency 2008
The Labor Question in America: Economic Democracy in the Gilded Age 2011
The Land of Milk and Uncle Honey: Memories from the Farm of My Youth 2015
Lars von Trier 2010
Last Works 2012
Latin American Melodrama: Passion, Pathos, and Entertainment 2009
Latin American Migrations to the U.S. Heartland: Changing Social Landscapes in Middle America 2013
Latino Urban Ethnography and the Work of Elena Padilla 2010
The Legacy of Edward W. Said 2009
Legitimizing Empire: Filipino American and U.S. Puerto Rican Cultural Critique 2015
The Lincoln Assassination: The Evidence 2009
Lincoln the Lawyer 2007
The Lincoln-Douglas Debates: The Lincoln Studies Center Edition 2008
Live Fast, Love Hard: The Faron Young Story 2007
Lives in Chinese Music 2009
The Living and the Undead: Slaying Vampires, Exterminating Zombies 2010
Living Walden Two: B. F. Skinner's Behaviorist Utopia and Experimental Communities 2005
Living with Lynching: African American Lynching Plays, Performance, and Citizenship, 1890-1930 2011
Locomotive to Aeromotive: Octave Chanute and the Transportation Revolution 2011
Lois McMaster Bujold 2015
Long Time, No See 2003
Lorado Taft: The Chicago Years 2014
Loser Sons: Politics and Authority 2012
Lost Sounds: Blacks and the Birth of the Recording Industry, 1890-1919 2004
Lou Harrison 2006
Loyalty and Liberty: American Countersubversion from World War I to the McCarthy Era 2013
Lynching Beyond Dixie: American Mob Violence Outside the South 2013
Macroanalysis: Digital Methods and Literary History 2013
Made-from-Bone: Trickster Myths, Music, and History from the Amazon 2009
Maithil Women's Tales: Storytelling on the Nepal-India Border 2014
Making Feminist Politics: Transnational Alliances between Women and Labor 2011
Making Photography Matter: A Viewer's History from the Civil War to the Great Depression 2015
Making Race, Making Power: North Carolina's Road to Disfranchisement 2003
Making Sense of American Liberalism 2012
Making Space on the Western Frontier: Mormons, Miners, and Southern Paiutes 2006
Making the March King: John Philip Sousa's Washington Years, 1854-1893 2013
Making the World Safe for Workers: Labor, the Left, and Wilsonian Internationalism 2013
Man of Fire: Selected Writings 2013
The Man That Got Away: The Life and Songs of Harold Arlen 2015
Manderley: Poems 2001
A Map of the Night 2008
Marga Richter 2012
Marketing Nutrition: Soy, Functional Foods, Biotechnology, and Obesity 2005
Marvin Miller, Baseball Revolutionary 2015
Mary Lincoln's Insanity Case: A Documentary History 2012
Maximum Clarity and Other Writings on Music 2006
Maya Market Women: Power and Tradition in San Juan Chamelco, Guatemala 2014
Media Capital: Architecture and Communications in New York City 2012
Media Power in Central America 2003
Metropolitan Resilience in a Time of Economic Turmoil 2014
Mexicans in California: Transformations and Challenges 2009
Michael Haneke 2010
Midwest Maize: How Corn Shaped the U.S. Heartland 2015
Migration, Class, and Transnational Identities: Croatians in Australia and America 2008
Mike Leigh 2011
The Miriam Tradition: Teaching Embodied Torah 2010
Mojo Workin': The Old African American Hoodoo System 2013
The Moral Menagerie: Philosophy and Animal Rights 2007
The Moral Property of Women: A History of Birth Control Politics in America 2002
Morality and the Mail in Nineteenth-Century America 2003
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir: A Biography 2015
The Mouse Machine: Disney and Technology 2008
Moving Consciously: Somatic Transformations through Dance, Yoga, and Touch 2015
Muddying the Waters: Coauthoring Feminisms across Scholarship and Activism 2014
Mushrooms of the Midwest 2014
Music and Conflict 2010
Music and Ideas in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries 2006
Music of the First Nations: Tradition and Innovation in Native North America 2009
The Music of the Stanley Brothers 2015
Musical Journeys in Sumatra 2012
Muting Israeli Democracy: How Media and Cultural Policy Undermine Free Expression 2009
My Sense of Silence: Memoirs of a Childhood with Deafness 2000
The Myth of Manliness in Irish National Culture, 1880-1922 2011
NAFTA and Labor in North America 2010
The Napo Runa of Amazonian Ecuador 2005
The Narrow Bridge: Beyond the Holocaust 2000
Nazi Film Melodrama 2013
The Nazi Olympics: Sport, Politics, and Appeasement in the 1930s 2003
The Negro in Illinois: The WPA Papers 2013
The Neighborhood Outfit: Organized Crime in Chicago Heights 2014
Nettl's Elephant: On the History of Ethnomusicology 2010
New Black Feminist Criticism, 1985-2000 2007
A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil 2002
New German Dance Studies 2012
A New Language, A New World: Italian Immigrants in the United States, 1890-1945 2009
New Philosophy of Human Nature: Neither Known to nor Attained by the Great Ancient Philosophers, Which Will Improve Human Life and Health 2007
Nietzsche: Attempt at a Mythology 2009
Nietzsche on Language, Consciousness, and the Body 2005
Nietzsche's Philosophical Context: An Intellectual Biography 2008
The Nightinghouls of Paris 2007
Nikkei Baseball: Japanese American Players from Immigration and Internment to the Major Leagues 2013
No Lonesome Road: Selected Prose and Poems 2004
No Votes for Women: The New York State Anti-Suffrage Movement 2013
A Noble Fight: African American Freemasonry and the Struggle for Democracy in America 2008
Normative Theories of the Media: Journalism in Democratic Societies 2009
Not Without Our Consent: Lakota Resistance to Termination, 1950-59 2006
Novel Bondage: Slavery, Marriage, and Freedom in Nineteenth-Century America 2011
Nursing Civil Rights: Gender and Race in the Army Nurse Corps 2015
Obama, Clinton, Palin: Making History in Election 2008 2011
The Obama Phenomenon: Toward a Multiracial Democracy 2011
The Old German Baptist Brethren: Faith, Farming, and Change in the Virginia Blue Ridge 2006
On the Condition of Anonymity: Unnamed Sources and the Battle for Journalism 2011
One Woman in a Hundred: Edna Phillips and the Philadelphia Orchestra 2013
The Only True God: Early Christian Monotheism in Its Jewish Context 2009
Open Wound: The Long View of Race in America 2009
Oral Tradition and the Internet: Pathways of the Mind 2012
Organized Crime in Chicago: Beyond the Mafia 2013
The Organs of J. S. Bach: A Handbook 2012
Orwell: Life and Art 2010
Oscar Wilde in America: The Interviews 2010
Other People's Stories: Entitlement Claims and the Critique of Empathy 2005
Our Cannibals, Ourselves 2004
Our Roots Run Deep as Ironweed: Appalachian Women and the Fight for Environmental Justice 2013
Pacific Citizens: Larry and Guyo Tajiri and Japanese American Journalism in the World War II Era 2012
Palomino: Clinton Jencks and Mexican-American Unionism in the American Southwest 2013
Paradoxes of Prosperity: Wealth-Seeking Versus Christian Values in Pre-Civil War America 2009
Passing for Spain: Cervantes and the Fictions of Identity 2003
Past Scents: Historical Perspectives on Smell 2014
Pay for Play: A History of Big-Time College Athletic Reform 2011
Peace and Bread in Time of War 2002
The Pekin: The Rise and Fall of Chicago’s First Black-Owned Theater 2014
Pen and Sword: American War Correspondents, 1898-1975 2010
D.A. Pennebaker 2011
A People's History of Baseball 2012
A Perfect Pint's Beer Guide to the Heartland 2014
Peter Cartwright, Legendary Frontier Preacher 2005
Philip Kaufman 2012
A. Philip Randolph and the Struggle for Civil Rights 2010
Philosophical Writings 2004
Philosophy, Crime, and Criminology 2006
Picturing Illinois: Twentieth-Century Postcard Art from Chicago to Cairo 2012
Pioneers of the Blues Revival 2014
Place Names of Illinois 2009
The Poco Field: An American Story of Place 2012
The Polish Hearst: Ameryka-Echo and the Public Role of the Immigrant Press 2015
The Political Geographies of Pregnancy 2002
Political Writings 2011
Political Writings 2012
Poverty, Charity, and Motherhood: Maternal Societies in Nineteenth-Century France 2010
Pre-Gay L.A.: A Social History of the Movement for Homosexual Rights 2009
Presidential Campaigns and Presidential Accountability 2011
Pressing On: The Roni Stoneman Story 2007
Pretty Good for a Girl: Women in Bluegrass 2013
The Prime-Time Presidency: The West Wing and U.S. Nationalism 2006
Prologue to a Farce: Communication and Democracy in America 2006
Proust's Deadline 2006
Quaker Brotherhood: Interracial Activism and the American Friends Service Committee, 1917-1950 2012
Quakers and Abolition 2014
Qualifying Times: Points of Change in U.S. Women's Sport 2014
Queer Migration Politics: Activist Rhetoric and Coalitional Possibilities 2013
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