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Liverpool University Press (LUP) is the UK’s third oldest university press, with a distinguished history of publishing exceptional research since 1899, including the work of Nobel prize winners. LUP has rapidly expanded in recent years and now publishes approximately 70 books and 23 journals a year, specialising in literature, modern languages, history and visual culture.

LUP has been shortlisted for the IPG Academic and Professional Publisher of the Year 2012, 2013 and 2014; and for the Bookseller Industry Awards Independent Academic, Educational & Professional Publisher of the Year 2014.

Journals published by Liverpool University Press include Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, International Development Planning Review, andTown Planning Review.

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Journals in JSTOR from Liverpool University Press
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Studia Hibernica 1961 - 2011
The Town Planning Review 1910 - 2013
Books in JSTOR from Liverpool University Press
270 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Activist Poetics by John Kinsella: Anarchy in the Avon Valley 2010
American Creoles: The Francophone Caribbean and the American South OPEN ACCESS 2012
American Mythologies: New Essays on Contemporary Literature 2005
American Travel and Empire 2009
Anarchist Seeds Beneath the Snow: Left-Libertarian Thought and British Writers from William Morris to Colin Ward 2006
Animal Alterity: Science Fiction and the Question of the Animal 2010
Annie Ernaux: The Return to Origins 2001
Argentina’s Partisan Past: Nationalism and the Politics of History 2011
Art and Pluralism: Lawrence Alloway’s Cultural Criticism 2012
Augustine: The Confessions 2005
Autobiography and Independence: Self and Identity in North African Writing in French 2005
Back to Modern Reason: Johan Hjerpe and Other Petit Bourgeois in Stockholm in the Age of Enlightenment 1999
Beastly Journeys: Travel and Transformation at the fin de siècle OPEN ACCESS 2013
Between Resistance and Adaptation: Indigenous Peoples and the Colonisation of the Chocó, 1510-1753 2004
Black 1919: Riots, Racism and Resistance in Imperial Britain 2009
Black Intersectionalities: A Critique for the 21st Century 2013
The Black Legend of Prince Rupert's Dog: Witchcraft and Propaganda during the English Civil War 2011
Black Poor and White Philanthropists: London's Black and the Foundation of the Sierra Leone Settlement 1786-1791 1994
Bourbon Peru 1750-1824 2003
Breeding Superman: Nietzsche, Race and Eugenics in Edwardian and Interwar Britain 2002
Bright Stars: John Keats, Barry Cornwall and Romantic Literary Culture 2009
Britain and France at the Birth of America: The European Powers and the Peace Negotiations of 1782-83 2001
Building Peace in Northern Ireland 2011
Business History in Latin America: The Experience of Seven Countries 1999
The Business of Music 2002
Byron and the Forms of Thought OPEN ACCESS 2013
Byron in Geneva: That Summer of 1816 2011
Calixthe Beyala: Performances of Migration 2006
Caribbean Critique: Antillean Critical Theory from Toussaint to Glissant 2013
Catholic Sensationalism and Victorian Literature 2007
Catholicism, Politics and Society in Twentieth-Century France 2000
Centre and Periphery in Modern British Poetry 2005
Charles the Bold in Italy 1467-1477: Politics and Personnel 2005
Child Welfare and Social Action from the Nineteenth Century to the Present 2001
Childhood, Autobiography and the Francophone Caribbean 2013
Children Remembered: Responses to Untimely Death in the Past 2006
Ciaran Carson: Space, Place, Writing OPEN ACCESS 2010
Cinematic Fictions: The Impact of the Cinema on the American Novel up to World War II 2009
Claude Simon: A Retrospective 2002
Colombia’s Forgotten Frontier: A Literary Geography of the Putumayo 2013
Colonial Tropes and Postcolonial Tricks: Rewriting the Tropics in the novela de la selva 2009
Commemorating the Irish Famine: Memory and the Monument 2013
The Common Spring: Essays on Latin and English Poetry 2005
Consumer Chronicles: Cultures of Consumption in Modern French Literature 2011
Contagion and Enclaves: Tropical Medicine in Colonial India OPEN ACCESS 2012
Contesting Views: The Visual Economy of France and Algeria 2013
Cuba’s Wild East: A Literary Geography of Oriente 2011
The Cultural Values of Europe 2008
Culture, Conflict and Migration: The Irish in Victorian Cumbria 1998
Cultured Violence: Narrative, Social Suffering, and Engendering Human Rights in Contemporary South Africa 2010
Deconstruction and the Postcolonial: At the Limits of Theory 2007
Demography, State and Society: Irish Migration to Britain, 1921-1971 2000
The Devil's Book: Charles I, The Book of Sports and Puritanism in Tudor and Early Stuart England 2011
The Diary of Elizabeth Lee: Growing up on Merseyside in the Late Nineteenth Century 2010
Disability Studies and Spanish Culture: Films, Novels, the Comic and the Public Exhibition OPEN ACCESS 2013
Discourse and Knowledge: The Making of Enlightenment Sociology 2000
The Disinherited Society: A Personal View of Social Responsibility in Liverpool During the Twentieth Century 1996
Distant Voices Still Heard: Contemporary Readings of French Renaissance Literature 2000
Domains and Divisions of European History 2009
Domestic Wooden Artefacts: In Britain and Ireland from Neolithic to Viking Times 1993
Ebb Tide in the British Maritime Industries: Change and Adaptation, 1918-1990 2003
The Economic Aspects of Spanish Imperialism in America, 1492-1810 1997
The Emperors' Needles: Egyptian Obelisks and Rome 2010
Empire on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown 2009
Environmental Pollution Studies 1999
Essaying Montaigne: A Study of the Renaissance Institution of Writing and Reading 2001
Europe or Africa?: A Contemporary Study of the Spanish North African Enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla 2000
Exile and Post-1946 Haitian Literature: Alexis, Depestre, Ollivier, Laferrière, Danticat 2007
Faith, Fraternity & Fighting: The Orange Order and Irish Migrants In Northern England, C.1850-1920 2005
Families and Social Workers: The Work of Family Service Units 1940-1985 2000
The Female Body in Medicine and Literature 2011
Film, Mobility and Urban Space: A Cinematic Geography of Liverpool 2012
Franco-British Academic Partnerships: The Next Chapter 2011
Frank O’Hara Now: New Essays on the New York Poet 2010
Frederick Douglass and the Atlantic World 2007
The French Anarchists in London, 1880–1914: Exile and Transnationalism in the First Globalisation 2013
The French Atlantic: Travels in Culture and History 2009
French Cycling: A Social and Cultural History OPEN ACCESS 2012
French Postmodern Masculinities: From Neuromatrices to Seropositivity 2009
French Scientific and Cultural Diplomacy 2013
French Studies in and for the 21st Century 2011
Friends and Enemies: The Scribal Politics of Post/Colonial Literature 2008
Future Wars: The Anticipations and the Fears 2012
A Gallery to Play to: The Story of the Mersey Poets 2008
George II: Puppet of the Politicians? 2007
Gladsongs and Gatherings: Poetry and its Social Context in Liverpool since the 1960s 2001
Gladstone Centenary Essays 2000
Global America?: The Cultural Consequences of Globalization 2003
Gothic Science Fiction: 1980–2010 2011
The Great War and German Memory: Society, Politics and Psychological Trauma, 1914–1945 2009
The Great War with Germany, 1890-1940: Fictions and Fantasies of the War-to-Come 1997
Gresford: The Anatomy of a Disaster 1999
Grounds for Review: The Garden Festival in Urban Planning and Design 2004
Habsburg Peru: Images, Imagination and Memory 2000
Haiti Unbound: A Spiralist Challenge to the Postcolonial Canon OPEN ACCESS 2010
Hannibal: Rome's Greatest Enemy 2008
Hervé Guibert: Voices of the Self 1999
The Historical Jesus and the Literary Imagination 1860–1920 OPEN ACCESS 2010
HIV Stories: The Archaeology of AIDS Writing in France, 1985-1988 2002
Homicide in pre-Famine and Famine Ireland 2013
Horkos: The Oath in Greek Society 2007
How Many Miles to Babylon?: Travels and Adventures to Egypt and Beyond, From 1300 to 1640 2003
Hyperscapes in the Poetry of Frank O’Hara: Difference, Homosexuality, Topography 2000
Iberian Modalities: A Relational Approach to the Study of Culture in the Iberian Peninsula 2013
Identity Parades: Northern Irish Culture and Dissident Subjects 2002
Ideological Hesitancy in Spain 1700-1750 1991
Idiocy: A Cultural History 2008
The Inheritance of Historiography, 350-900 1986
Insects and Other Invertebrates in Classical Antiquity 1988
Intellectuals, Culture and Public Policy in France: Approaches from the Left 2010
Interdisciplinary Measures: Literature and the Future of Postcolonial Studies 2008
Intimate Enemies: Translation in Francophone Contexts 2013
Invisible Men: The Secret Lives of Police Constables in Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham, 1900-1939 2010
Irish Birmingham: A History 2010
Irish, Catholic and Scouse: The History of the Liverpool-Irish, 1800-1940 2007
Irish Migrants in Modern Wales 2004
John Clare and the Place of Poetry 2008
Journey Westward: Joyce, Dubliners and the Literary Revival 2012
Juan Goytisolo and the Politics of Contagion: The Evolution of a Radical Aesthetic in the Later Novels 2001
Knowledge and Learning in the Andes: Ethnographic Perspectives 2002
Labour and Globalisation: Results and Prospects 2004
Labyrinths of Deceit: Culture, Modernity and Identity in the Nineteenth Century OPEN ACCESS 2007
The Lancashire Giant: David Shackleton, Labour Leader and Civil Servant 2000
Latin American Cyberculture and Cyberliterature 2007
The Laughter of Foxes: A Study of Ted Hughes 2006
The Leaguers: The Making of Professional Football in England 1900-1939 2005
Liberty and Poetic Licence: New Essays on Byron 2008
Lies and Fiction in the Ancient World 1993
The Life and Poems of Anne Hunter: Haydn’s Tuneful Voice 2009
London Irish Fictions: Narrative, Diaspora and Identity 2012
London Underground: A Cultural Geography 2013
The Long Road to Peace in Northern Ireland: Peace Lectures from the Institute of Irish Studies at Liverpool University 2007
Lost Dramas of Classical Athens: Greek Tragic Fragments 2005
The Macbride Principles: Irish America Strikes Back 2009
Marie NDiaye: Blankness and Recognition OPEN ACCESS 2013
Markets, Market Culture and Popular Protest in Eighteenth-Century Britain and Ireland 1996
Masters of the Ninth Art: Bandes dessinées and Franco-Belgian Identity 2005
Memoirs of a Leavisite: The Decline and Fall of Cambridge English 2013
‘Merely for Money’?: Business Culture in the British Atlantic, 1750–1815 2012
Merseypride: Essays in Liverpool Exceptionalism 2006
Michael Faraday’s Mental Exercises: An Artisan Essay-Circle in Regency London 2008
Michel Houellebecq: Humanity and its Aftermath OPEN ACCESS 2013
Michel Tournier and the Metaphor of Fiction 1999
Migration, Mobility and Modernization 2000
Millions Like Us?: British Culture in the Second World War 1999
Mobility at Large: Globalization, Textuality and Innovative Travel Writing 2012
The Moment: Time and Rupture in Modern Thought 2001
Monstrous Adversary: The Life of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford 2003
The Most Dreadful Visitation: Male Madness in Victorian Fiction OPEN ACCESS 2006
Mrs Brown is a Man and a Brother: Women in Merseyside’s Political Organisations 1890-1920 2004
The Musical Work: Reality or Invention? 2000
National-Level Spatial Planning in Democratic Countries: An International Comparison of City and Regional Policy-Making 2001
The ‘Natural Leaders’ and their World: Politics, Culture and Society in Belfast, c. 1801–1832 2012
A New History of the Isle of Man, Vol. 5: The Modern Period, 1830-1999 2000
'The New Poet': Novelty and Tradition in Spenser’s Complaints 1999
The New Politics of Sinn Féin 2007
No Heavenly Delusion?: A Comparative Study of Three Communal Movements 2003
The Noir Atlantic: Chester Himes and the Birth of the Francophone African Crime Novel 2011
Obelisk: A History of Jack Kahane and the Obelisk Press 2007
Offshore Island Politics: The Constitutional and Political Development of the Isle of Man in the Twentieth Century 2001
Paris 1918: The War Diary of the British Ambassador, the 17th Earl of Derby 2001
The Pataphysician’s Library: An Exploration of Alfred Jarry’s ‘Livres pairs’ 2000
Paul Muldoon: Critical Essays 2004
Photo-texts: Contemporary French Writing of the Photographic Image 2010
The Place de la Bastille: The Story of a Quartier 2011
Planning Derry: Planning and Politics in Northern Ireland 2000
Plato and the City: A New Introduction to Plato's Political Thought 2002
Poetry & Displacement 2007
Poetry & Geography: Space & Place in Post-war Poetry 2013
Poetry & Language Writing: Objective and Surreal 2007
The Poetry of Saying: British Poetry and its Discontents, 1950-2000 2005
Poetry & Translation: The Art of the Impossible 2010
The Political Trajectory of J T Murphy 1998
The Politics of Greek Tragedy 2007
The Politics of Memoir and the Northern Ireland Conflict 2013
Popular Opposition to Irish Home Rule in Edwardian Britain 2009
Population and Society in Western European Port Cities, c 1650-1939 2002
Porous City: A Cultural History of Rio de Janeiro 2013
Postcolonial Eyes: Intercontinental Travel in Francophone African Literature 2009
Postcolonial Perspectives on Latin American and Lusophone Cultures 2000
Postcolonial Poetics: Genre and Form 2011
Postcolonial Thought in the French Speaking World 2009
Poststructuralism and Postcoloniality: The Anxiety of Theory 2010
Poverty and the Poor Law in Ireland 1850–1914 2013
Practical Ethics for Roman Gentlemen: The Work of Valerius Maximus 1996
The Protestant Ethic Debate: Weber’s Replies to His Critics, 1907-1910 2001
Queer Events: Post-deconstructive Subjectivities in Spanish Writing and Film 1960s-1990s 2010
Race and Antiracism in Black British and British Asian Literature 2010
Race, Ethnicity and Nuclear War: Representations of Nuclear Weapons and Post-Apocalyptic Worlds OPEN ACCESS 2011
Racism Postcolonialism Europe 2009
Reading Catullus 2008
Reading Rochester 1995
Reading the Irish Woman: Studies in Cultural Encounters and Exchange, 1714–1960 OPEN ACCESS 2013
Rebuilding Mostar: Urban Reconstruction in a War Zone 1999
Reconfiguring Slavery: West African Trajectories 2009
Reinventing the City: Liverpool in Comparative Perspective 2003
The Reinvention of Mexico: National Ideology in a Neoliberal Era 2010
Remembering the South African War: Britain and the Memory of the Anglo-Boer War, from 1899 to the Present OPEN ACCESS 2013
The Reparative in Narratives: Works of Mourning in Progress 2010
Representing Autism: Culture, Narrative, Fascination 2008
Representing Epilepsy: Myth and Matter 2010
Revisionary Gleam: De Quincey, Coleridge and the High Romantic Argument 2000
Revisioning Duras: Film, Race, Sex 2000
Rhetorics of Belonging: Nation, Narration, and Israel/Palestine OPEN ACCESS 2013
Roland Barthes at the Collège de France OPEN ACCESS 2012
Role of the Romanies: Images and Counter Images of 'Gypsies'/Romanies in European Cultures 2004
Rome and the Unification of Italy 2005
Sacred Modernity: Nature, Environment and the Postcolonial Geographies of Sri Lankan Nationhood 2013
Samuel Walters, Lieutenant R.N.: Memoirs of a Naval Officer in Nelson's Navy 2005
Sceptres and Sciences in the Spains: Four Humanists and the New Philosophy, c 1680-1740 2000
Science in Modern Poetry: New Directions 2012
Scouse: A Social and Cultural History 2012
Sea-Mark: The Metaphorical Voyage, Spenser to Milton 1997
Seán MacBride: A Republican Life, 1904-1946 2011
Secularization and the World Religions 2009
A Self-Conscious Art: Patrick Modiano’s Postmodern Fictions 2000
Shades of Authority: The Poetry of Lowell, Hill and Heaney 2007
Shaping Belief: Culture, Politics, and Religion in Nineteenth-Century Writing 2008
Shipping and Military Power in the Seven Year War, 1756–1763: The Sails of Victory 2008
Signs of Cleopatra: Reading an Icon Historically 2008
Slave Captain: The Career of James Irving in the Liverpool Slave Trade 2008
Slaves to Sweetness: British and Caribbean Literatures of Sugar 2011
Smashing H-Block: The Popular Campaign against Criminalization and the Irish Hunger Strikes 1976-1982 2011
Social Theory after the Holocaust 2000
Social Theory and Later Modernities: The Turkish Experience 2004
Sociological Beginnings: The First Conference of the German Society for Sociology 2005
The Sociology of Architecture: Constructing Identities 2011
Sophistication: A Literary and Cultural History 2010
South American Independence: Gender, Politics, Text 2011
Spanish Screen Fiction: Between Cinema and Television 2009
Spanish Spaces: Landscape, Space and Place in Contemporary Spanish Culture OPEN ACCESS 2012
Spatial Ecologies: Urban Sites, State and World-Space in French Cultural Theory 2012
States of Emergency: Colonialism, Literature and Law 2013
Steel, Ships and Men: Cammell Laird and Company 1824-1993 1998
A Stone in Spain's Shoe: The Search for a Solution to the Problem of Gibraltar 1994
Surveying the American Tropics: A Literary Geography from New York to Rio 2013
Sympathetic Ink: Intertextual Relations in Northern Irish Poetry 2006
Thinking Barcelona: Ideologies of a Global City 2012
Thresholds of Meaning: Passage, Ritual and Liminality in Contemporary French Narrative 2011
Tony Harrison and the Holocaust 2001
Trade and Traders in Mid-Victorian Liverpool: Mercantile Business and the Making of a World Port 2000
Tragedy, Euripides and Euripideans 2007
A Tragedy of Errors: The Government and Misgovernment of Northern Ireland 2007
Translating Life: Studies in Transpositional Aesthetics 1999
Transnational French Studies: Postcolonialism and Littérature-monde 2010
The Turnstone: A Doctor’s Story 2002
Twenty-First Century Readings of ‘Tender is the Night’ 2007
The Twilight of the Avant-Garde: Spanish Poetry 1980–2000 OPEN ACCESS 2009
Underground Writing: The London Tube from George Gissing to Virginia Woolf 2010
Unhastening Science: Autonomy and Reflexivity in the Social theory of Knowledge 2003
V. Y. Mudimbe: Undisciplined Africanism 2013
The Vaccination Controversy: The Rise, Reign and Fall of Compulsory Vaccination for Smallpox 2007
Varieties of World Making: Beyond Globalization 2007
A Very Different Story: Studies on the Fiction of Charlotte Perkins Gilman 1998
Vietnam and Beyond: Tim O'Brien and the Power of Storytelling 2012
Visions of Filth: Deviancy and Social Control in the Novels of Galdós 2003
The Voice of the Heart: The Working of Mervyn Peake's Imagination 2006
Voyages over Voices: Critical Essays on Anne Stevenson 2010
W. S. Graham: Speaking Towards You 2004
War, Government and Power in Late Medieval France 2000
What is Québécois Literature?: Reflections on the Literary History of Francophone Writing in Canada OPEN ACCESS 2013
Witchcraft in Early Modern Scotland: James VI's Demonology and the North Berwick Witches 2000
Wolfe Tone: Second edition 2012
Women’s Experimental Poetry in Britain 1970–2010: Body, Time and Locale 2013
Words and Music 2005
The World that is the Book: Paul Auster’s Fiction 2001
Writing Galicia into the World: New Cartographies, New Poetics 2011
Writing Liverpool: Essays and Interviews 2007
Yellow Jack and the Worm: British Naval Administration in the West Indies, 1739-1748 1993
Zachary Macaulay 1768-1838: The Steadfast Scot in the British Anti-Slavery Movement 2011