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Among the largest university presses in the world, The MIT Press publishes over 200 new books each year along with 30 journals in the arts and humanities, economics, international affairs, history, political science, science and technology along with other disciplines. We were among the first university presses to offer titles electronically and we continue to adopt technologies that allow us to better support the scholarly mission and disseminate our content widely. The Press's enthusiasm for innovation is reflected in our continuing exploration of this frontier. Since the late 1960s, we have experimented with generation after generation of electronic publishing tools. Through our commitment to new products—whether digital journals or entirely new forms of communication—we have continued to look for the most efficient and effective means to serve our readership. Our readers have come to expect excellence from our products, and they can count on us to maintain a commitment to producing rigorous and innovative information products in whatever forms the future of publishing may bring.

Journals in JSTOR from The MIT Press
17 Journals in JSTOR Date Range
Assemblage 1986 - 2000
Computer Music Journal 1977 - 2012
Daedalus 1955 - 2012
Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 1846 - 1958
Design Issues 1984 - 2012
Grey Room 2000 - 2013
International Organization 1947 - 2012
International Security 1976 - 2012
The Journal of Interdisciplinary History 1970 - 2013
Leonardo 1968 - 2012
Leonardo Music Journal 1991 - 2012
Leonardo. Supplemental Issue 1988 - 1990
Linguistic Inquiry 1970 - 2013
October 1976 - 2013
PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art 1998 - 2013
Performing Arts Journal 1976 - 1997
Perspecta 1952 - 2008
The Review of Economics and Statistics 1919 - 2013
TDR (1988-) 1988 - 2013
The Drama Review: TDR 1968 - 1987
TDR (1967-1968) 1967 - 1968
The Tulane Drama Review 1957 - 1967
The Carleton Drama Review 1955
Books in JSTOR from The MIT Press
527 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 2013
Aaaaw to Zzzzzd: The Words of Birds: North America, Britain, and Northern Europe 2010
Abelard to Apple: The Fate of American Colleges and Universities 2011
Access Contested: Security, Identity, and Resistance in Asian Cyberspace 2012
Action, Ethics, and Responsibility 2010
Addiction and Responsibility 2011
Adhocism: The Case for Improvisation 2013
Adversarial Design 2012
The Aesthetics of Imagination in Design 2013
After Phrenology: Neural reuse and the interactive brain 2014
Against Moral Responsibility 2011
Agreement and Its Failures 2014
Ai Weiwei's Blog: Writings, Interviews, and Digital Rants, 2006-2009 2011
All for Nothing: Hamlet's Negativity 2014
America Identified: Biometric Technology and Society 2011
American Urban Form: A Representative History 2012
America's Assembly Line 2013
America's Environmental Report Card: Are We Making the Grade? 2011
America's Food: What You Don't Know About What You Eat 2008
Animal Thinking: Contemporary Issues in Comparative Cognition 2011
Applied Ethics in Mental Health Care: An Interdisciplinary Reader 2013
The Art of Insight in Science and Engineering: Mastering Complexity 2014
Artificial Chemistries 2015
At War with the Weather: Managing Large-Scale Risks in a New Era of Catastrophes 2009
The Atlas of Economic Complexity: Mapping Paths to Prosperity 2013
Back to Full Employment 2012
Banking on Democracy: Financial Markets and Elections in Emerging Countries 2013
Banking the World: Empirical Foundations of Financial Inclusion 2013
Becoming MIT: Moments of Decision 2010
Being Amoral: Psychopathy and Moral Incapacity 2014
Being Nuclear: Africans and the Global Uranium Trade 2012
Better Doctors, Better Patients, Better Decisions: Envisioning Health Care 2020 2011
Beyond Consensus: Improving Collaborative Planning and Management 2011
Beyond Imported Magic: Essays on Science, Technology, and Society in Latin America 2014
Beyond Red and Blue: How Twelve Political Philosophies Shape American Debates 2009
Beyond Resource Wars: Scarcity, Environmental Degradation, and International Cooperation 2011
Beyond the Big Ditch: Politics, Ecology, and Infrastructure at the Panama Canal 2014
Bicycle Design: An Illustrated History 2014
Big Ideas in Macroeconomics: A Nontechnical View 2013
Biopolitical Screens: Image, Power, and the Neoliberal Brain 2014
Birth of a Market: The U.S. Treasury Securities Market from the Great War to the Great Depression 2012
Blaming Islam 2012
Blowout in the Gulf: The BP Oil Spill Disaster and the Future of Energy in America 2011
The Bodhisattva's Brain: Buddhism Naturalized 2011
Body Language: Representation in Action 2006
Border Wars 2011
The Bubble Economy: Is Sustainable Growth Possible? 2014
Building Successful Online Communities: Evidence-Based Social Design 2011
Burdens of Proof: Cryptographic Culture and Evidence Law in the Age of Electronic Documents 2012
California Cuisine and Just Food 2012
Car Crashes without Cars: Lessons about Simulation Technology and Organizational Change from Automotive Design 2012
Carbon Coalitions: Business, Climate Politics, and the Rise of Emissions Trading 2011
Carving Nature at Its Joints: Natural Kinds in Metaphysics and Science 2011
Categorizing Cognition: Toward Conceptual Coherence in the Foundations of Psychology 2014
Causing Human Actions: New Perspectives on the Causal Theory of Action 2010
Central Bank Communication, Decision Making, and Governance: Issues, Challenges, and Case Studies 2013
Changing Lanes: Visions and Histories of Urban Freeways 2013
Chaos and Organization in Health Care 2009
Cheap and Clean: How Americans Think about Energy in the Age of Global Warming 2014
Children Without a State: A Global Human Rights Challenge 2011
Chimeras and Consciousness: Evolution of the Sensory Self 2011
Chips and Change: How Crisis Reshapes the Semiconductor Industry 2009
Chronicles from the Field: The Townsend Thai Project 2013
Cinematic Mythmaking: Philosophy in Film 2008
City Cycling 2012
The Civic Web: Young People, the Internet, and Civic Participation 2013
The Clash of Generations: Saving Ourselves, Our Kids, and Our Economy 2012
Classical NEG Raising: An Essay on the Syntax of Negation 2014
Clearer Skies Over China: Reconciling Air Quality, Climate, and Economic Goals 2013
Climate Change and Global Energy Security: Technology and Policy Options 2011
Climate Change: What It Means for Us, Our Children, and Our Grandchildren 2014
Climate Policy and Nonrenewable Resources: The Green Paradox and Beyond 2014
CO2 Rising: The World's Greatest Environmental Challenge 2008
Code/Space: Software and Everyday Life 2011
Cogent Science in Context: The Science Wars, Argumentation Theory, and Habermas 2009
Collaborative Resilience: Moving Through Crisis to Opportunity 2012
Collision Course: Endless Growth on a Finite Planet 2014
The Color Revolution 2012
Coming Clean: Information Disclosure and Environmental Performance 2011
The Comingled Code: Open Source and Economic Development 2010
The Commons in History: Culture, Conflict, and Ecology 2014
Communicating Moral Concern: An Ethics of Critical Responsiveness 2013
Comparative Environmental Politics: Theory, Practice, and Prospects 2012
Competitive Strategy: Options and Games 2011
A Composer's Guide to Game Music 2014
The Computer Boys Take Over: Computers, Programmers, and the Politics of Technical Expertise 2010
Confidence Games: Lawyers, Accountants, and the Tax Shelter Industry 2014
Conflicts of Conscience in Health Care: An Institutional Compromise 2008
Connected Code: Why Children Need to Learn Programming 2014
Connected Play: Tweens in a Virtual World 2013
Connecting Democracy: Online Consultation and the Flow of Political Communication 2012
The Conscious Mind 2014
A Constitution for All Times 2013
Constructing Green: The Social Structures of Sustainability 2013
Contending Economic Theories: Neoclassical, Keynesian, and Marxian 2012
Contending with Terrorism: Roots, Strategies, and Responses 2010
Contested Water: The Struggle Against Water Privatization in the United States and Canada 2013
The Continuing Evolution of Europe 2012
Convergent Evolution: Limited Forms Most Beautiful 2011
Cooperation and Its Evolution 2013
The Copyright Book: A Practical Guide 2014
Cosmopolitan Commons: Sharing Resources and Risks across Borders 2013
The Craft of Economics: Lessons from the Heckscher-Ohlin Framework 2012
Critical Issues in Taxation and Development 2013
Critique and Disclosure: Critical Theory between Past and Future 2006
Crowdsourcing 2013
Cultivating Food Justice: Race, Class, and Sustainability 2011
Cybernetic Revolutionaries: Technology and Politics in Allende's Chile 2011
Cyberpolitics in International Relations 2012
Deliberating American Monetary Policy: A Textual Analysis 2013
Democracy's Arsenal: Creating a Twenty-First-Century Defense Industry 2011
Design Things 2011
The Design Way: Intentional Change in an Unpredictable World 2012
Digital Apollo: Human and Machine in Spaceflight 2008
Digital Dead End: Fighting for Social Justice in the Information Age 2011
Digital Methods 2013
The Digital Rights Movement: The Role of Technology in Subverting Digital Copyright 2012
The Digital Youth Network: Cultivating Digital Media Citizenship in Urban Communities 2014
Digitally Enabled Social Change: Activism in the Internet Age 2011
Dimensions of Competitiveness 2010
Disaggregating International Regimes: A New Approach to Evaluation and Comparison 2012
The Discipline of Organizing 2013
Disconnected: Youth, New Media, and the Ethics Gap 2014
Discovering Complexity: Decomposition and Localization as Strategies in Scientific Research 2010
Disease Eradication in the 21st Century: Implications for Global Health 2011
Distributed Morphology Today: Morphemes for Morris Halle 2013
DIY Citizenship: Critical Making and Social Media 2014
Doing Psychoanalysis in Tehran 2012
Double Dividend: Environmental Taxes and Fiscal Reform in the United States 2013
Dynamics among Nations: The Evolution of Legitimacy and Development in Modern States 2013
Earth System Governance: World Politics in the Anthropocene 2014
Eco-Business: A Big-Brand Takeover of Sustainability 2013
Econometric Analysis of Cross Section and Panel Data 2010
Economics After the Crisis: Objectives and Means 2012
The Economics of Collusion: Cartels and Bidding Rings 2012
The Economics of Conflict: Theory and Empirical Evidence 2014
The Economics of Taxation 2011
Economy in Society: Essays in Honor of Michael J. Piore 2013
The Empire of Value: A New Foundation for Economics 2014
Empirical Model Discovery and Theory Evaluation: Automatic Selection Methods in Econometrics 2014
The End of Energy: The Unmaking of America's Environment, Security, and Independence 2011
Engaging Nature: Environmentalism and the Political Theory Canon 2014
Engineering Play: A Cultural History of Children's Software 2009
Entangled Geographies: Empire and Technopolitics in the Global Cold War 2011
The Environment: Philosophy, Science, and Ethics 2012
The Environmental Advantages of Cities: Countering Commonsense Antiurbanism 2013
Environmental Inequalities Beyond Borders: Local Perspectives on Global Injustices 2011
The Environmental Politics of Sacrifice 2010
Ethical Adaptation to Climate Change: Human Virtues of the Future 2012
The Ethics of Animal Research: Exploring the Controversy 2012
Ethics, Sexual Orientation, and Choices about Children 2012
Everyday Information: The Evolution of Information Seeking in America 2011
Evocative Objects: Things We Think With 2007
The Evolved Apprentice: How Evolution Made Humans Unique 2012
The Evolving Role of China in the Global Economy 2013
Exchange Rate Regimes in the Modern Era 2010
The Fabric of Space: Water, Modernity, and the Urban Imagination 2014
Falling for Science: Objects in Mind 2008
FashionEast: The Spectre that Haunted Socialism 2010
The Fate of Greenland: Lessons from Abrupt Climate Change 2011
Fertility and Public Policy: How to Reverse the Trend of Declining Birth Rates 2011
Fighting Traffic: The Dawn of the Motor Age in the American City 2008
The Filming of Modern Life: European Avant-Garde Film of the 1920s 2011
Financial Innovation: Too Much or Too Little? 2013
Firms in the International Economy: Firm Heterogeneity Meets International Business 2013
Flash: Building the Interactive Web 2014
Folk Psychological Narratives: The Sociocultural Basis of Understanding Reasons 2008
Food Justice 2010
The Foundations of Cognitive Archaeology 2012
Foundations of Machine Learning 2012
Free Will as an Open Scientific Problem 2010
From Betamax to Blockbuster: Video Stores and the Invention of Movies on Video 2008
From Groups to Individuals: Evolution and Emerging Individuality 2013
From Optimal Tax Theory to Tax Policy: Retrospective and Prospective Views 2012
The Future Is Not What It Used to Be: Climate Change and Energy Scarcity 2013
Game After: A Cultural Study of Video Game Afterlife 2014
Game Theory and the Humanities: Bridging Two Worlds 2011
The Gameful World: Approaches, Issues, Applications 2014
Gameworld Interfaces 2013
Gaming the System: Designing with Gamestar Mechanic 2014
Genetic Twists of Fate 2010
George Santayana's Marginalia, A Critical Selection: Book One, Abell--Lucretius 2011
George Santayana's Marginalia, A Critical Selection: Book Two, McCord--Zeller 2011
Getting it Wrong: How Faulty Monetary Statistics Undermine the Fed, the Financial System, and the Economy 2012
Giving Kids a Fair Chance 2013
The Global Biopolitics of the IUD: How Science Constructs Contraceptive Users and Women's Bodies 2012
Global Catastrophes and Trends: The Next Fifty Years 2008
Global Commons, Domestic Decisions: The Comparative Politics of Climate Change 2010
Global Environmental Governance Reconsidered 2012
Global Interdependence, Decoupling, and Recoupling 2013
Good Faith Collaboration: The Culture of Wikipedia 2010
Good Green Jobs in a Global Economy: Making and Keeping New Industries in the United States 2012
Governing the Air: The Dynamics of Science, Policy, and Citizen Interaction 2011
Government's Place in the Market 2011
Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age 2009
Grammatical Theory and Bilingual Codeswitching 2014
The Great Recession: Lessons for Central Bankers 2013
The Green Paradox: A Supply-Side Approach to Global Warming 2012
The Greenest Nation?: A New History of German Environmentalism 2014
Greening Berlin: The Co-Production of Science, Politics, and Urban Nature 2013
Groundless Grounds: A Study of Wittgenstein and Heidegger 2012
Guardians of Finance: Making Regulators Work for Us 2012
A Guide for the Young Economist 2011
Gurus and Oracles: The Marketing of Information 2012
Handling Digital Brains: A Laboratory Study of Multimodal Semiotic Interaction in the Age of Computers 2011
Happiness: A Revolution in Economics 2008
Harvesting the Biosphere: What We Have Taken from Nature 2013
Health Care Turning Point: Why Single Payer Won't Work 2010
Health Economics 2012
Heidegger and the Thinking of Place: Explorations in the Topology of Being 2012
Helmholtz: From Enlightenment to Neuroscience 2010
Heredity, Family, and Inequality: A Critique of Social Sciences 2012
Hijacking Sustainability 2009
Histories of the Dustheap: Waste, Material Cultures, Social Justice 2012
The Hub's Metropolis: Greater Boston's Development from Railroad Suburbs to Smart Growth 2013
Human Dignity, Human Rights, and Responsibility: The New Language of Global Bioethics and Biolaw 2012
Human Information Interaction: An Ecological Approach to Information Behavior 2012
Human Subjects Research Regulation: Perspectives on the Future 2014
Humanity's End: Why We Should Reject Radical Enhancement 2010
Hybrid Nature: Sewage Treatment and the Contradictions of the Industrial Ecosystem 2011
I'll Have What She's Having: Mapping Social Behavior 2011
Illicit Trade and the Global Economy 2012
The Imaginary App 2014
Immigrants and the Right to Stay 2010
Immigration and Labor Market Mobility in Israel, 1990 to 2009 2012
Imperial Technoscience: Transnational Histories of MRI in the United States, Britain, and India 2014
In 100 Years: Leading Economists Predict the Future 2013
In Praise of Reason: Why Rationality Matters for Democracy 2012
In Search of the Good: A Life in Bioethics 2012
In the Wake of the Crisis: Leading Economists Reassess Economic Policy 2012
Indecision Points: George W. Bush and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 2014
Indexing It All: The Subject in the Age of Documentation, Information, and Data 2014
The Indirect Side of Direct Investment: Multinational Company Finance and Taxation 2010
Indra's Net and the Midas Touch: Living Sustainably in a Connected World 2011
Industrial Policy for National Champions 2011
The Informal American City: Beyond Taco Trucks and Day Labor 2014
Information and Living Systems: Philosophical and Scientific Perspectives 2011
Information and the Modern Corporation 2011
Ingenious Genes: How Gene Regulation Networks Evolve to Control Development 2011
Innovation, Dual Use, and Security: Managing the Risks of Emerging Biological and Chemical Technologies 2012
The Innovator's Hypothesis: How Cheap Experiments Are Worth More than Good Ideas 2014
The Innovator's Way: Essential Practices for Successful Innovation 2010
Inside and Outside Liquidity 2011
Inside the Fed: Monetary Policy and Its Management, Martin through Greenspan to Bernanke 2011
Instituting Nature: Authority, Expertise, and Power in Mexican Forests 2011
Institutional Microeconomics of Development 2010
Instrumental Community: Probe Microscopy and the Path to Nanotechnology 2011
Integrating Climate, Energy, and Air Pollution Policies 2012
Intellectual Property Strategy 2012
The Interdisciplinary Science of Consumption 2014
Interface 2014
Interfaces on Trial 2.0 2011
Intermediate Public Economics 2013
Internet Alley: High Technology in Tysons Corner, 1945-2005 2008
The Internet and American Business 2008
Internet Architecture and Innovation 2010
Internet Success: A Study of Open-Source Software Commons 2012
Intervention in the Brain: Politics, Policy, and Ethics 2013
Inventing the Medium: Principles of Interaction Design as a Cultural Practice 2012
The Invention of Heterosexual Culture 2012
Invisible Users: Youth in the Internet Cafés of Urban Ghana 2012
Isaac Newton on Mathematical Certainty and Method 2009
Islamic Science and the Making of the European Renaissance 2007
Japan's Bubble, Deflation, and Long-term Stagnation 2011
Japan's Dietary Transition and Its Impacts 2012
Keynes: Useful Economics for the World Economy 2014
Knowledge and Environmental Policy: Re-Imagining the Boundaries of Science and Politics 2010
Knowledge Management in Theory and Practice 2011
Lab Coats in Hollywood: Science, Scientists, and Cinema 2010
Language, Thought, and Reality: Selected Writings of Benjamin Lee Whorf 2012
Late-Talking Children: A Symptom or a Stage? 2014
Laws, Mind, and Free Will 2011
Laws, Outlaws, and Terrorists: Lessons from the War on Terrorism 2010
Leading Open Innovation 2013
Lectures on Urban Economics 2011
Lee Kuan Yew: The Grand Master's Insights on China, the United States, and the World 2012
Lenin's Laureate: Zhores Alferov's Life in Communist Science 2010
Lessons from the Economics of Crime: What Reduces Offending? 2013
Liberating Kosovo: Coercive Diplomacy and U. S. Intervention 2012
The Life of Reason or The Phases of Human Progress: Introduction and Reason in Common Sense, Volume VII, Book One 2011
The Life of Reason or The Phases of Human Progress: Reason in Religion, Volume VII, Book Three 2014
The Life of Reason or The Phases of Human Progress: Reason in Society, Volume VII, Book Two 2013
The Limits of Inference without Theory 2013
Linkography: Unfolding the Design Process 2014
Literary Gaming 2014
Lives of the Laureates: Twenty-three Nobel Economists 2014
Living in Denial: Climate Change, Emotions, and Everyday Life 2011
Living Through the End of Nature: The Future of American Environmentalism 2010
Living with Complexity 2011
Logistics Clusters: Delivering Value and Driving Growth 2012
Lonely Ideas: Can Russia Compete? 2013
Low Power to the People: Pirates, Protest, and Politics in FM Radio Activism 2014
Lurching Toward Happiness in America 2014
Machine Learning in Non-Stationary Environments: Introduction to Covariate Shift Adaptation 2012
The Machine Question: Critical Perspectives on AI, Robots, and Ethics 2012
Macroeconomic Essentials: Understanding Economics in the News 2010
Made in the USA: The Rise and Retreat of American Manufacturing 2013
The Major Transitions in Evolution Revisited 2011
Majority Judgment: Measuring, Ranking, and Electing 2010
Making Democracy Fun: How Game Design Can Empower Citizens and Transform Politics 2014
Making Futures: Marginal Notes on Innovation, Design, and Democracy 2014
Making in America: From Innovation to Market 2013
Managing Equity Portfolios: A Behavioral Approach to Improving Skills and Investment Processes 2014
Managing Institutional Complexity: Regime Interplay and Global Environmental Change 2011
The Marketplace of Attention: How Audiences Take Shape in a Digital Age 2014
Mathematics for Economics 2011
The Measure of Madness: Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Neuroscience, and Delusional Thought 2014
Medical Malpractice 2008
Mens et Mania: The MIT Nobody Knows 2011
Metabolism of the Anthroposphere: Analysis, Evaluation, Design 2012
The Microsoft Antitrust Cases: Competition Policy for the Twenty-first Century 2014
Migration and the Welfare State: Political-Economy Policy Formation 2011
Mind and Brain: A Critical Appraisal of Cognitive Neuroscience 2011
Minds without Meanings: An Essay on the Content of Concepts 2015
The Minimum Wage and Labor Market Outcomes 2010
Minimum Wages 2008
Mining the Biomedical Literature 2012
The Mobility of Students and the Highly Skilled: Implications for Education Financing and Economic Policy 2014
Modeling Business Processes: A Petri Net-Oriented Approach 2011
Modes of Creativity: Philosophical Perspectives 2011
Money, Payments, and Liquidity 2011
Monitoring Movements in Development Aid: Recursive Partnerships and Infrastructures 2013
The Monstrosity of Christ: Paradox or Dialectic? 2009
MOOCs 2014
Moving Innovation: A History of Computer Animation 2013
Music and the Making of Modern Science 2014
The Musical Representation: Meaning, Ontology, and Emotion 2007
Musimathics: The Mathematical Foundations of Music 2006
Musimathics: The Mathematical Foundations of Music 2007
Naked Genes: Reinventing the Human in the Molecular Age 2010
Nanoscale: Visualizing an Invisible World 2009
Native Listening: Language Experience and the Recognition of Spoken Words 2012
Neighborhood as Refuge: Community Reconstruction, Place Remaking, and Environmental Justice in the City 2014
Neither Physics nor Chemistry: A History of Quantum Chemistry 2012
Net Smart: How to Thrive Online 2012
Networked: The New Social Operating System 2012
Networks and States: The Global Politics of Internet Governance 2010
New Directions in Financial Services Regulation 2011
The New Science of Cities 2013
New York for Sale: Community Planning Confronts Global Real Estate 2008
The News Gap: When the Information Preferences of the Media and the Public Diverge 2013
Nightwork: A History of Hacks and Pranks at MIT 2011
The Nine Elements of a Sustainable Campus 2014
No Future for You: Salvos fromThe Baffler 2014
No Precedent, No Plan: Inside Russia's 1998 Default 2010
Occupy the Future 2013
Offshoring Strategies: Evolving Captive Center Models 2011
Off-Track Profs: Nontenured Teachers in Higher Education 2009
On Ambivalence: The Problems and Pleasures of Having it Both Ways 2012
Open Access 2012
Open Development: Networked Innovations in International Development 2013
Open for Business: Conservatives' Opposition to Environmental Regulation 2012
Opening Standards: The Global Politics of Interoperability 2011
Operations Forensics: Business Performance Analysis Using Operations Measures and Tools 2013
Operations Rules: Delivering Customer Value through Flexible Operations 2010
Optimal Control Theory with Applications in Economics 2011
Optimization for Machine Learning 2012
Ostension: Word Learning and the Embodied Mind 2014
Our Own Worst Enemy?: Institutional Interests and the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Expertise 2011
Out of the Shadows, Into the Streets!: Transmedia Organizing and the Immigrant Rights Movement 2014
The Outsourcer: The Story of India's IT Revolution 2015
Paper Machines: About Cards & Catalogs, 1548-1929 2011
Parasites, Pathogens, and Progress: Diseases and Economic Development 2011
Participatory Politics: Next-Generation Tactics to Remake Public Spheres 2014
Paths to a Green World: The Political Economy of the Global Environment 2011
Pathways to Fiscal Reform in the United States 2014
Pathways to Peace: The Transformative Power of Children and Families 2014
Perspectives on Dodd-Frank and Finance 2014
Pesticide Drift and the Pursuit of Environmental Justice 2011
Philosophy of Communication 2012
Pirate Politics: The New Information Policy Contests 2014
The Place of Landscape: Concepts, Contexts, Studies 2011
Planning Ideas That Matter: Livability, Territoriality, Governance, and Reflective Practice 2012
Plato's Revenge: Politics in the Age of Ecology 2011
Play Matters 2014
The Politics of Adoption: Gender and the Making of French Citizenship 2014
The Politics of Invisibility: Public Knowledge about Radiation Health Effects after Chernobyl 2014
Politics of Urban Runoff: Nature, Technology, and the Sustainable City 2011
Population Games and Evolutionary Dynamics 2010
Post-crisis Fiscal Policy 2014
Post-Treaty Politics: Secretariat Influence in Global Environmental Governance 2014
The Power of Narrative in Environmental Networks 2013
Power Struggles: Scientific Authority and the Creation of Practical Electricity Before Edison 2008
Preparing for Climate Change 2010
Prime Movers of Globalization: The History and Impact of Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines 2010
A Primer on Auction Design, Management, and Strategy 2014
The Privacy Advocates: Resisting the Spread of Surveillance 2008
The Processes of Life: An Introduction to Molecular Biology 2009
Processing: A Programming Handbook for Visual Designers and Artists 2014
Processing Inaccurate Information: Theoretical and Applied Perspectives from Cognitive Science and the Educational Sciences 2014
Producing Power: The Pre-Chernobyl History of the Soviet Nuclear Industry 2015
Product Variety and the Gains from International Trade 2010
Production in the Innovation Economy 2014
Progressive Enlightenment: The Origins of the Gaslight Industry, 1780-1820 2012
The Prosperity of Vice: A Worried View of Economics 2012
Protocol Politics: The Globalization of Internet Governance 2009
The Psychophysical Ear: Musical Experiments, Experimental Sounds, 1840-1910 2013
Pursuing the Endless Frontier: Essays on MIT and the Role of Research Universities 2005
Race and Entrepreneurial Success: Black-, Asian-, and White-Owned Businesses in the United States 2008
Radical, Religious, and Violent: The New Economics of Terrorism 2009
Rail and the City: Shrinking Our Carbon Footprint While Reimagining Urban Space 2014
Rational Choice 2010
Rationing Is Not a Four-Letter Word: Setting Limits on Healthcare 2014
Reality Mining: Using Big Data to Engineer a Better World 2014
Recoding Gender: Women's Changing Participation in Computing 2012
ReCombinatorics: The Algorithmics of Ancestral Recombination Graphs and Explicit Phylogenetic Networks 2014
Reconceptualizing the Industrial Revolution 2010
Recursive Macroeconomic Theory 2012
Recycling Reconsidered: The Present Failure and Future Promise of Environmental Action in the United States 2012
Redesigning Leadership 2011
Rediscovering Empathy: Agency, Folk Psychology, and the Human Sciences 2006
The Rediscovery of the Wild 2013
Reference and Referring 2012
Reflexive Governance for Global Public Goods 2012
Reforming Rules and Regulations: Laws, Institutions, and Implementation 2011
Reforming the Unreformable: Lessons from Nigeria 2012
Reforming U.S. Financial Markets: Reflections Before and Beyond Dodd-Frank 2011
Reframing Rights: Bioconstitutionalism in the Genetic Age 2011
Representation in Scientific Practice Revisited 2014
The Reputation Society: How Online Opinions Are Reshaping the Offline World 2011
Rethinking Global Land Use in an Urban Era 2014
Rethinking Violence: States and Non-State Actors in Conflict 2010
Retirement Income: Risks and Strategies 2012
Revisiting Keynes: Economic Possibilities for Our Grandchildren 2008
The Rhythmic Event: Art, Media, and the Sonic 2014
The Ringtone Dialectic: Economy and Cultural Form 2013
Romance in the Ivory Tower: The Rights and Liberty of Conscience 2007
Russia: A Long View 2012
Russian Case Morphology and the Syntactic Categories 2013
Sacrifice Zones: The Front Lines of Toxic Chemical Exposure in the United States 2010
Saving Global Fisheries: Reducing Fishing Capacity to Promote Sustainability 2013
Scene Vision: Making Sense of What We See 2014
Scholarship in the Digital Age: Information, Infrastructure, and the Internet 2007
Science and Technology in the Global Cold War 2014
Script Changers: Digital Storytelling with Scratch 2014
Scripting Reading Motions: The Codex and the Computer as Self-Reflexive Machines 2013
Secrets of Economics Editors 2014
Seeds, Science, and Struggle: The Global Politics of Transgenic Crops 2012
The Self-Organizing Social Mind 2010
Semblance and Event: Activist Philosophy and the Occurrent Arts 2011
Sensory Integration and the Unity of Consciousness 2014
The Shadows of Consumption: Consequences for the Global Environment 2008
Shopping for Good 2012
Short Circuits: Crafting e-Puppets with DIY Electronics 2014
Sidewalks: Conflict and Negotiation over Public Space 2009
The Silent Epidemic: Coal and the Hidden Threat to Health 2012
Similarity in Difference: Marriage in Europe and Asia, 1700-1900 2014
A Single Sky: How an International Community Forged the Science of Radio Astronomy 2013
Small, Gritty, and Green: The Promise of America's Smaller Industrial Cities in a Low-Carbon World 2012
The Small Worlds of Corporate Governance 2012
The Social Construction of Technological Systems: New Directions in the Sociology and History of Technology 2012
Soft Circuits: Crafting e-Fashion with DIY Electronics 2014
Something for Nothing: A Novel 2011
Space in Mind: Concepts for Spatial Learning and Education 2014
Spam: A Shadow History of the Internet 2013
Speculative Everything: Design, Fiction, and Social Dreaming 2013
State and Environment: The Comparative Study of Environmental Governance 2014
Structuring an Energy Technology Revolution 2009
Subjective Time: The Philosophy, Psychology, and Neuroscience of Temporality 2014
Subjunctive Conditionals: A Linguistic Analysis 2013
Subversion, Conversion, Development: Cross-Cultural Knowledge Exchange and the Politics of Design 2014
Surveillance or Security?: The Risks Posed by New Wiretapping Technologies 2010
Sustainability in Higher Education: Stories and Strategies for Transformation 2013
Sustainability or Collapse?: An Integrated History and Future of People on Earth 2007
Sustainable Energy: Choosing Among Options 2012
Sustainable Urban Metabolism 2013
Synthetic Biology and Morality: Artificial Life and the Bounds of Nature 2013
The Syria Dilemma 2013
Systems, Experts, and Computers: The Systems Approach in Management and Engineering, World War II and After 2000
Take Back the Center: Progressive Taxation for a New Progressive Agenda 2012
The Tarskian Turn: Deflationism and Axiomatic Truth 2011
Tax Systems 2014
Taxation and Regulation of the Financial Sector 2014
The Techno-Human Condition 2011
Technological Nature: Adaptation and the Future of Human Life 2011
Technologies of Choice?: ICTs, Development, and the Capabilities Approach 2013
The Technology of Nonviolence: Social Media and Violence Prevention 2012
Technoscience and Environmental Justice: Expert Cultures in a Grassroots Movement 2011
Texture: Human Expression in the Age of Communications Overload 2010
ThermoPoetics: Energy in Victorian Literature and Science 2010
Thieves of Virtue: When Bioethics Stole Medicine 2012
The Time of Our Lives: A Critical History of Temporality 2009
Tomorrow's Energy: Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, and the Prospects for a Cleaner Planet 2012
The Tone of Our Times: Sound, Sense, Economy, and Ecology 2014
Touch 2014
Trade and Poverty: When the Third World Fell Behind 2011
Trade Policy Disaster: Lessons from the 1930s 2012
Trading Zones and Interactional Expertise: Creating New Kinds of Collaboration 2010
Transformations of Lamarckism: From Subtle Fluids to Molecular Biology 2011
Transforming Global Information and Communication Markets: The Political Economy of Innovation 2009
Transparency in Global Environmental Governance: Critical Perspectives 2014
Traversing Digital Babel: Information, E-Government, and Exchange 2014
Treading Softly: Paths to Ecological Order 2010
Understanding and Managing the Complexity of Healthcare 2014
Understanding Beliefs 2014
Understanding Knowledge as a Commons: From Theory to Practice 2007
Unemployment Fluctuations and Stabilization Policies: A New Keynesian Perspective 2011
Unifying the Mind: Cognitive Representations as Graphical Models 2014
Unlocking Energy Innovation: How America Can Build a Low-Cost, Low-Carbon Energy System 2012
Unmaking the Bomb: A Fissile Material Approach to Nuclear Disarmament and Nonproliferation 2014
A Vast Machine: Computer Models, Climate Data, and the Politics of Global Warming 2010
Venture Labor: Work and the Burden of Risk in Innovative Industries 2012
The View from Above: The Science of Social Space 2013
Virtual Economies: Design and Analysis 2014
Virtual Knowledge: Experimenting in the Humanities and the Social Sciences 2013
Visual Insights: A Practical Guide to Making Sense of Data 2014
Voice and v: Lessons from Acehnese 2014
War Games: A History of War on Paper 2012
Waves 2013
Weather by the Numbers: The Genesis of Modern Meteorology 2008
What Have We Learned?: Macroeconomic Policy after the Crisis 2014
What We Know About Climate Change 2012
When the Lights Went Out: A History of Blackouts in America 2010
Why America Is Not a New Rome 2010
Why Have Children?: The Ethical Debate 2012
A Widening Sphere: Evolving Cultures at MIT 2011
Wired for Innovation: How Information Technology Is Reshaping the Economy 2010
Wirelessness: Radical Empiricism in Network Cultures 2010
Wittgenstein in Exile 2011
Work Meets Life: Exploring the Integrative Study of Work in Living Systems 2011
Worker Leadership: America's Secret Weapon in the Battle for Industrial Competitiveness 2013
Working on Mars: Voyages of Scientific Discovery with the Mars Exploration Rovers 2012
Wu Jinglian: Voice of Reform in China 2013
Yuck!: The Nature and Moral Significance of Disgust 2011
Zen-Brain Horizons: Toward a Living Zen 2014
Žižek's Jokes: (Did you hear the one about Hegel and negation?) 2014

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