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Policy Press is a non-profit university press committed to influencing social change through international research and scholarship. It publishes over 120 peer reviewed books each year and 7 journals in a wide range of print and digital editions for researchers, students, professionals, practitioners, politicians, policy makers and the informed general reader as well as for libraries and other institutions globally.

Policy Press won the 2016 IPG Frankfurt Book Fair Academic & Professional Publisher award. They have also been shorlisted for the 2016 Bookseller Academic, Educational & Professional Publisher of the Year award.

Books in JSTOR from Policy Press
323 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Access to justice for disadvantaged communities OPEN ACCESS 2014
Achieving environmental justice: A cross-national analysis 2014
The activation dilemma: Reconciling the fairness and effectiveness of minimum income schemes in Europe 2008
Administering welfare reform: International transformations in welfare governance 2006
Ageing and intergenerational relations: Family reciprocity from a global perspective 2010
Ageing in a consumer society: From passive to active consumption in Britain 2008
Ageing in the Mediterranean 2013
Ageing in urban neighbourhoods: Place attachment and social exclusion 2009
Ageing, meaning and social structure: Connecting critical and humanistic gerontology 2013
Ageing with disability: A lifecourse perspective 2013
Analysing social policy concepts and language: Comparative and Transnational Perspectives 2014
Applied ethics and social problems: Moral questions of birth, society and death 2008
Applying social science: The role of social research in politics, policy and practice 2011
ASBO nation: The criminalisation of nuisance 2008
Assessing the use and impact of Anti-Social Behaviour Orders 2007
Asylum, migration and community 2010
Belief and ageing: Spiritual pathways in later life 2011
Benchmarking Muslim well-being in Europe: Reducing disparities and polarizations 2012
Beyond the workfare state: Labour markets, equalities and human rights 2007
Biography and turning points in Europe and America 2012
Broadening the dementia debate: Towards social citizenship 2010
Building on the past: Visions of housing futures 2006
Building sustainable communities: Spatial policy and labour mobility in post-war Britain 2007
Care and social integration in European societies 2005
Care, community and citizenship: Research and practice in a changing policy context 2007
Care in everyday life: An ethic of care in practice 2012
Cash and care: Policy challenges in the welfare state 2006
Challenging choices: Ideology, consumerism and policy 2010
Challenging governance theory: From networks to hegemony 2011
Challenging health inequalities: From Acheson to Choosing Health 2007
Changing adolescence: Social trends and mental health 2012
The changing face of welfare: Consequences and outcomes from a citizenship perspective 2005
Changing local governance, changing citizens 2009
Changing social equality: The Nordic welfare model in the 21st century 2012
Child poverty, evidence and policy: Mainstreaming children in international development OPEN ACCESS 2011
Childcare markets: Can they deliver an equitable service? 2012
Children and young people in custody: Managing the risk 2009
Children caring for parents with HIV and AIDS: Global issues and policy responses 2009
Children, families and social exclusion: New approaches to prevention 2009
Children of the 21st century: From birth to nine months 2005
Children of the 21st century: The first five years 2010
Children, politics and communication: Participation at the margins 2009
Children, risk and safety on the internet: Research and policy challenges in comparative perspective 2012
Children, young people and social inclusion: Participation for what? 2006
Children's agency, children's welfare: A dialogical approach to child development, policy and practice 2010
China's responsibility for climate change: Ethics, fairness and environmental policy 2011
Citizens at the centre: Deliberative participation in healthcare decisions 2006
City survivors: Bringing up children in disadvantaged neighbourhoods 2007
The collaborating planner?: Practitioners in the neoliberal age 2013
Combining paid work and family care: Policies and experiences in international perspective 2013
Coming to care: The work and family lives of workers caring for vulnerable children 2007
Communities, identities and crime 2008
Community and ageing: Maintaining quality of life in housing with care settings 2009
Community cohesion in crisis?: New dimensions of diversity and difference 2008
Community development and civil society: Making connections in the European context 2010
Community health and wellbeing: Action research on health inequalities 2007
Community safety: Critical perspectives on policy and practice 2006
The Conservative Party and social policy 2011
The consumer in public services: Choice, values and difference 2009
Contemporary fathering: Theory, policy and practice 2009
Contemporary grandparenting: Changing family relationships in global contexts 2012
Contemporary social evils 2009
Continuing professional development in social work 2014
Countryside connections: Older people, community and place in rural Britain 2014
Criminalisation and advanced marginality: Critically exploring the work of Loïc Wacquant 2012
Critical perspectives on ageing societies 2007
A deafening silence: Hidden violence against women and children 2008
Deviance and inequality in Japan: Japanese youth and foreign migrants 2011
Devolution and social citizenship in the UK 2009
The dilemmas of development work: Ethical challenges in regeneration 2009
Disability and poverty: A global challenge OPEN ACCESS 2011
Disability and social change: Private lives and public policies 2010
Disabled people and housing: Choices, opportunities and barriers 2011
Disadvantaged by where you live?: Neighbourhood governance in contemporary urban policy 2007
The dispersal and social exclusion of asylum seekers: Between liminality and belonging 2011
Disputing citizenship OPEN ACCESS 2014
Diversity in family life: Gender, relationships and social change 2013
DIY Community Action: Neighbourhood problems and community self-help 2008
Doing research with refugees: Issues and guidelines 2006
Down and out: Poverty and exclusion in Australia 2011
East Asian welfare regimes in transition: From Confucianism to globalisation 2005
Education and social justice in a digital age 2014
Education, disability and social policy 2011
Education without schools: Discovering alternatives 2014
Enterprising care?: Unpaid voluntary action in the 21st century 2011
Environmental harm: An eco-justice perspective 2013
An equal start?: Providing quality early education and care for disadvantaged children 2014
Equality and diversity: Value incommensurability and the politics of recognition OPEN ACCESS 2011
Ethics: Contemporary challenges in health and social care 2007
Ethnicity, class and aspiration: Understanding London's new East End 2011
The EU and social inclusion: Facing the challenges 2007
Europe enlarged: A handbook of education, labour and welfare regimes in Central and Eastern Europe 2008
The European challenge: Innovation, policy learning and social cohesion in the new knowledge economy 2005
The Europeanisation of social protection 2007
Evidence, policy and practice: Critical perspectives in health and social care 2011
Evidence versus politics: Exploiting research in UK drug policy making? 2011
Exploring concepts of child well-being: Implications for children's services 2008
Exploring the dynamics of personal, professional and interprofessional ethics 2014
Faith in the public realm: Controversies, policies and practices 2009
Faith-based organisations and exclusion in European cities 2012
Families in society: Boundaries and relationships 2005
Families in transition: Social change, family formation and kin relationships 2008
Family futures: Childhood and poverty in urban neighbourhoods 2011
Family policy paradoxes: Gender equality and labour market regulation in Sweden, 1930-2010 2011
Family practices in later life 2009
Family troubles?: Exploring changes and challenges in the family lives of children and young people 2013
Fighting poverty, inequality and injustice: A manifesto inspired by Peter Townsend 2011
Fracture: Adventures of a broken body 2007
From exclusion to inclusion in old age: A global challenge 2012
From recession to renewal: The impact of the financial crisis on public services and local government 2011
From transmitted deprivation to social exclusion: Policy, poverty, and parenting 2007
The future for older workers: New perspectives 2007
The future of planning: Beyond growth dependence 2013
Gender and the politics of time: Feminist theory and contemporary debates 2007
Gender equality and welfare politics in Scandinavia: The limits of political ambition? 2008
Gendering citizenship in Western Europe: New challenges for citizenship research in a cross-national context 2007
A generation of change, a lifetime of difference?: Social policy in Britain since 1979 2009
Geographies of alternative education: Diverse learning spaces for children and young people 2013
The glass consumer: Life in a surveillance society 2005
Global child poverty and well-being: Measurement, concepts, policy and action 2012
Global social policy in the making: The foundations of the social protection floor 2013
The governance of problems: Puzzling, powering and participation 2010
Governing health and consumption: Sensible citizens, behaviour and the city 2011
Growing up with risk 2007
Gypsies and Travellers: Empowerment and inclusion in British society 2012
Gypsies and Travellers in housing: The decline of Nomadism 2013
'Hate crime' and the city 2008
Health and care in ageing societies: A new international approach 2012
The health debate 2008
Health inequalities and welfare resources: Continuity and change in Sweden 2007
Healthcare in the UK: Understanding continuity and change 2009
Housing allowances in comparative perspective 2007
The housing debate 2011
Housing policy transformed: The right to buy and the desire to own 2010
Housing transitions through the life course: Aspirations, needs and policy 2011
Housing, urban governance and anti-social behaviour: Perspectives, policy and practice 2006
How Europe shapes British public policy 2013
Human dignity and welfare systems 2005
The impact of devolution on social policy 2009
The impact of research in education: An international perspective 2013
Implementing restorative justice in children's residential care 2010
Including the excluded: From practice to policy in European community development 2005
Inclusive equality: A vision for social justice 2013
Independent futures: Creating user-led disability services in a disabling society 2006
An intellectual history of British social policy: Idealism versus non-idealism 2006
Intergenerational relations: European perspectives on family and society 2013
International approaches to prostitution: Law and policy in Europe and Asia 2006
International approaches to rape OPEN ACCESS 2011
International community organising: Taking power, making change 2013
Jigsaw cities: Big places, small spaces 2007
Kids online: Opportunities and risks for children 2009
Knowledge in policy: Embodied, inscribed, enacted 2014
Landscapes of voluntarism: New spaces of health, welfare and governance 2006
The last safety net: A handbook of minimum income protection in Europe 2011
Leadership and the reform of education 2012
Leadership for healthcare 2010
Leading public sector innovation: Co-creating for a better society 2010
Legalising drugs: Debates and dilemmas 2010
Liberty, equality, fraternity 2006
Lifelong learning in Europe: Equity and efficiency in the balance 2012
London voices, London lives: Tales from a working capital 2007
Major thinkers in welfare: Contemporary issues in historical perspective 2010
Making it personal: Individualising activation services in the EU 2007
Making social policy work 2007
Making spaces for community development 2008
Managing the ageing experience: Learning from older people 2010
Managing transitions: Support for individuals at key points of change 2009
The meaning of housing: A pathways approach 2005
Mental health service users in research: Critical sociological perspectives 2013
Migrants and their money: Surviving financial exclusion 2012
Migration and welfare in the new Europe: Social protection and the challenges of integration 2011
Mixed communities: Gentrification by stealth? 2012
Modernising health care: Reinventing professions, the state and the public 2006
Modernising the welfare state: The Blair legacy 2008
Money for everyone: Why we need a citizen's income 2013
A more equal society?: New Labour, poverty, inequality and exclusion 2005
Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements and Youth Justice 2009
The National Evaluation of Sure Start: Does area-based early intervention work? 2007
Negotiating cohesion, inequality and change: Uncomfortable positions in local government 2013
Neighbourhood planning: Communities, networks and governance 2012
Networks, new governance and education 2012
The new countryside?: Ethnicity, nation and exclusion in contemporary rural Britain 2006
New Labour's countryside: Rural policy in Britain since 1997 2008
Obama and the biracial factor: The battle for a new American majority 2012
Offenders in focus: Risk, responsivity and diversity 2007
On the margins of inclusion: Changing labour markets and social exclusion in London 2005
Organising waste in the city: International perspectives on narratives and practices 2013
Our stories, our lives: Inspiring Muslim women's voices 2009
Parental rights and responsibilities: Analysing social policy and lived experiences 2011
Partnership working in public health 2014
Partnerships: Machines of possibility 2008
People with intellectual disabilities: Towards a good life? 2010
People-centred public health 2013
Personalising public services: Understanding the personalisation narrative 2011
Phoenix cities: The fall and rise of great industrial cities 2010
Placing health: Neighbourhood renewal, health improvement and complexity 2006
Policing at the top: The roles, values and attitudes of chief police officers 2011
Policy analysis in Brazil 2013
Policy analysis in Germany 2013
Policy for a change: Local labour market analysis and gender equality 2009
Policy reconsidered: Meanings, politics and practices 2007
Polish families and migration since EU accession 2011
The political and social construction of poverty: Central and Eastern European countries in transition 2014
The political economy of work security and flexibility: Italy in comparative perspective 2012
Politicising parenthood in Scandinavia: Gender relations in welfare states 2006
The politics of civil society (Second edition): Big society and small government 2013
The politics of evaluation: Participation and policy implementation 2005
The politics of parental leave policies: Children, parenting, gender and the labour market 2009
Population ageing and international development: From generalisation to evidence 2010
Poverty and insecurity: Life in low-pay, no-pay Britain 2012
Poverty, policy and the state: The changing face of social security 2008
Poverty Reduction Strategy in Bangladesh: Rethinking participation in policy making 2014
Power, participation and political renewal: Case studies in public participation 2007
Prevention and youth crime: Is early intervention working? 2009
Private and confidential?: Handling personal information in the social and health services 2008
Promoting social cohesion: Implications for policy and evaluation 2011
Providing a Sure Start: How government discovered early childhood 2011
Public health ethics and practice 2010
The public health system in England 2010
Public policy analysis 2007
Race, Racism and Social Work: Contemporary issues and debates 2014
Radical social work today: Social work at the crossroads 2011
Reclaiming individualism: Perspectives on public policy 2013
Refugee community organisations and dispersal: Networks, resources and social capital 2005
Regenerating deprived urban areas: A cross national analysis of area-based initiatives 2013
Regulating international students’ wellbeing 2013
Regulating sex for sale: Prostitution Policy Reform in the UK 2009
Re-imagining child protection: Towards humane social work with families 2014
Reinventing social security worldwide: Back to essentials 2010
Reinventing social solidarity across Europe 2012
Religion and faith-based welfare: From wellbeing to ways of being 2012
Religion, spirituality and the social sciences: Challenging marginalisation 2008
Remaking governance: Peoples, politics and the public sphere 2005
Renewing neighbourhoods: Work, enterprise and governance 2008
The responsiveness of social policies in Europe: The Netherlands in comparative perspective 2013
Restructuring large housing estates in Europe: Restructuring and resistance inside the welfare industry 2005
Rethinking palliative care: A social role valorisation approach 2007
Rethinking professional governance: International directions in healthcare 2008
Rethinking residential child care: Positive perspectives 2009
Rethinking the public: Innovations in research, theory and politics 2010
Return migration in later life: International perspectives 2013
Risk and rehabilitation: Management and treatment of substance misuse and mental health problems in the criminal justice system 2012
Rural ageing: A good place to grow old? 2008
The rural housing question: Community and planning in Britain's countrysides 2010
Rural social work: International perspectives 2010
Safeguarding older people from abuse: Critical contexts to policy and practice 2014
Scandal, social policy and social welfare: (Revised Second Edition) 2005
School admissions and accountability: Planning, choice or chance? 2013
Securing an urban renaissance: Crime, community, and British urban policy 2007
Securing respect: Behavioural expectations and anti-social behaviour in the UK 2009
Sex segregation and inequality in the modern labour market 2006
The shame of it: Global perspectives on anti-poverty policies 2014
Shoot to kill: Police accountability, firearms and fatal force 2011
'Sleepwalking to segregation'?: Challenging myths about race and migration 2009
Social capital and lifelong learning 2005
Social capital, children and young people: Implications for practice, policy and research 2012
Social class in later life: Power, identity and lifestyle 2013
Social cohesion and counter-terrorism: A policy contradiction? 2011
Social inequality and public health 2009
Social justice and public policy: Seeking fairness in diverse societies 2008
Social policy in challenging times: Economic crisis and welfare systems 2011
Social policy in China: Development and well-being 2008
Social Policy Review 17: Analysis and debate in social policy, 2005 2005
Social Policy Review 18: Analysis and debate in social policy, 2006 2008
Social Policy Review 19: Analysis and debate in social policy, 2007 2007
Social Policy Review 20: Analysis and debate in social policy, 2008 2008
Social Policy Review 21: Analysis and debate in social policy, 2009 2009
Social policy review 22: Analysis and debate in social policy, 2010 2010
Social Policy Review 23: Analysis and Debate in Social Policy, 2011 2011
Social Policy Review 24: Analysis and debate in social policy, 2012 2012
Social Policy Review 25: Analysis and debate in social policy, 2013 2013
Social welfare and religion in the Middle East: A Lebanese perspective 2009
Social work and child welfare politics: Through Nordic lenses 2010
Social work and global health inequalities: Practice and policy developments 2009
Social work in extremis: Lessons for social work internationally 2011
Social work on trial: The Colwell inquiry and the state of welfare 2011
Social work, politics and society: From radicalism to orthodoxy 2008
Social work: The rise and fall of a profession? 2010
Social workers affecting social policy: An International perspective 2013
Speaking to power: Advocacy for health and social care 2009
The squeezed middle: The pressure on ordinary workers in America and Britain 2013
Street capital: Black cannabis dealers in a white welfare state 2009
Systemic action research: A strategy for whole system change 2007
Tackling men's violence in families: Nordic issues and dilemmas 2005
Tackling prison overcrowding: Build more prisons? Sentence fewer offenders? 2008
Teenage pregnancy: The making and unmaking of a problem 2009
Towards a social investment welfare state?: Ideas, policies and challenges 2012
Towards the emancipation of patients: Patients' experiences and the patient movement 2010
Traffic jam: Ten years of 'sustainable' transport in the UK 2008
Transforming education policy: Shaping a democratic future 2011
TransForming gender: Transgender practices of identity, intimacy and care 2007
Transforming the Dutch welfare state: Social risks and corporatist reform 2011
Transitions to parenthood in Europe: A comparative life course perspective 2012
Trusting on the edge: Managing uncertainty and vulnerability in the midst of serious mental health problems 2012
Unequal ageing: The untold story of exclusion in old age 2009
Unfolding lives: Youth, gender and change 2009
Unleashed: The phenomena of status dogs and weapon dogs 2012
Unmasking age: The significance of age for social research 2011
Unwrapping the European social model 2006
Uprooted: The Shipment of Poor Children to Canada, 1867-1917 2008
Using evidence: How research can inform public services 2007
Values in criminology and community justice 2013
Valuing older people: A humanist approach to ageing 2009
Violent fathering and the risks to children: The need for change 2011
Voluntary sector in transition: Hard times or new opportunities? 2013
Wealth and the wealthy: Exploring and tackling inequalities between rich and poor 2011
Welfare and well-being: Social value in public policy 2008
Welfare policy under New Labour: Views from inside Westminster 2007
Well-being: In search of a good life? 2008
The well-connected community (Second edition): A networking approach to community development 2009
What works in tackling health inequalities?: Pathways, policies and practice through the lifecourse 2006
When children become parents: Welfare state responses to teenage pregnancy 2006
Where next for criminal justice? 2012
Why the Third Way failed: Economics, morality and the origins of the 'Big Society' 2010
Women and New Labour: Engendering politics and policy? 2007
Women in and out of paid work: Changes across generations in Italy and Britain 2009
Work, health and wellbeing: The challenges of managing health at work 2012
Working futures?: Disabled people, policy and social inclusion 2005
Young people and 'risk' 2007
Young people in Europe: Labour markets and citizenship 2005
Youth and community empowerment in Europe: International perspectives 2012
Youth participation in Europe: Beyond discourses, practices and realities 2012
Zero tolerance policing 2007