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Founded in 1965, the University Press of Colorado is a nonprofit cooperative publishing enterprise supported, in part, Adams State University, Colorado State University, Fort Lewis College, Metropolitan State University of Denver, Regis University, University of Colorado, University of Northern Colorado, Utah State University, and Western State Colorado University. The Press publishes thirty to thirty-five new titles each year, with the goal of facilitating communication among scholars and providing the peoples of the state and region with a fair assessment of their histories, cultures, and resources. 
Books in JSTOR from University Press of Colorado
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About the Dead 2011
The Activist WPA: Changing Stories About Writing and Writers OPEN ACCESS 2008
Adventures in Eating: Anthropological Experiences in Dining from Around the World 2010
After Monte Albán: Transformation and Negotiation in Oaxaca, Mexico 2008
After the Public Turn: Composition, Counterpublics, and the Citizen Bricoleur 2013
Agency in Ancient Writing 2013
Alas Poor Ghost OPEN ACCESS 1999
Alaska's Daughter: An Eskimo Memoir of the 20th Century OPEN ACCESS 2004
All That Divides Us: Poems OPEN ACCESS 2000
Along Navajo Trails: Recollections of a Trader 1898-1948 OPEN ACCESS 2005
Always a Cowboy: Judge Wilson McCarthy and the Rescue of the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad 2008
An American Provence 2011
American Women in World War I: They Also Served 1997
America's Switzerland: Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, the Growth Years 2005
Ancient Households of the Americas: Conceptualizing What Households Do OPEN ACCESS 2012
Ancient Zapotec Religion: An Ethnohistorical and Archaeological Perspective 2015
Anguish Of Snails: Native American Folklore in the West OPEN ACCESS 2003
Animals and Inequality in the Ancient World OPEN ACCESS 2014
Annulments 2010
Anonimo Mexicano OPEN ACCESS 2005
The Anthropological Study of Class and Consciousness 2012
The Anthropology of Labor Unions 2010
Anthropology without Informants: Collected Works in Paleoanthropology by L.G. Freeman OPEN ACCESS 2009
The Apotheosis of Janaab' Pakal: Science, History, and Religion at Classic Maya Palenque 2007
Arc and the Sediment: a Novel OPEN ACCESS 2007
Archaeological Approaches to Market Exchange in Ancient Societies 2010
Archaeological Landscapes on the High Plains 2008
The Archaeology of Class War: The Colorado Coalfield Strike of 1913-1914 2009
The Archaeology of Regional Interaction: Religion, Warfare, and Exchange across the American Southwest and Beyond 2000
The Archaeology of Wak'as: Explorations of the Sacred in the Pre-Columbian Andes 2015
Archaeology without Borders: Contact, Commerce, and Change in the U.S. Southwest and Northwestern Mexico 2008
Archaeometallurgy in Mesoamerica: Current Approaches and New Perspectives 2013
Arthur Carhart: Wilderness Prophet 2008
Assessing the Teaching of Writing: Twenty-First Century Trends and Technologies 2015
Assignments across the Curriculum: A National Study of College Writing 2014
Authoring: An Essay for the English Profession on Potentiality and Singularity 2010
Aztec Ceremonial Landscapes 1991
Aztec Philosophy: Understanding a World in Motion 2014
Bear River: Last Chance to Change Course 2007
The Beast 2009
Beautiful Lesson of the I: poems OPEN ACCESS 2005
Before the Manifesto: The Life Writings of Mary Lois Walker Morris OPEN ACCESS 2007
Beneath These Red Cliffs: An Ethnohistory of the Utah Paiutes OPEN ACCESS 2006
Between Pulpit and Pew: The Supernatural World in Mormon History and Folklore 2011
Between Talk And Teaching: Reconsidering the Writing Conference OPEN ACCESS 1998
Beyond Postprocess 2011
Black Hills Forestry: A History 2015
Blue Heron 2013
Body My House: May Swenson's Work and Life OPEN ACCESS 2006
Books, Bluster, and Bounty: Local Politics and Carnegie Library Building Grants in the Intermountain West, 1890-1920 2012
Borgo Of The Holy Ghost OPEN ACCESS 2001
Boulder: Evolution of a City, Revised Edition 2006
Bridging the Gaps: Integrating Archaeology and History in Oaxaca, Mexico; A Volume in Memory of Bruce E. Byland 2015
Brigham Young, the Quorum of the Twelve, and the Latter-Day Saint Investigation of the Mountain Meadows Massacre: Arrington Lecture No. Twelve 2007
Brigham Young's Homes 2002
Building The Goodly Fellowship Of Faith: A History of the Episcopal Church in Utah, 1867-1996 OPEN ACCESS 2004
Building Writing Center Assessments That Matter 2012
Came Men on Horses: The Conquistador Expeditions of Francisco Vásquez de Coronado and Don Juan de Oñate 2013
The Carnegie Maya III: Carnegie Institution of Washington Notes on Middle American Archaeology and Ethnology, 1940-1957 2011
The Carnegie Maya IV: Carnegie Institution of Washington Theoretical Approaches to Problems, 1941-1947 2012
Carrying the Word: The Concheros Dance in Mexico City 2009
Castle Valley America: Hard Land, Hard-won Home OPEN ACCESS 2004
Cemeteries Gravemarkers OPEN ACCESS 1989
Center Will Hold OPEN ACCESS 2003
Changing of Knowledge in Composition: Contemporary Perspectives 2011
Chasing Literacy: Reading and Writing in an Age of Acceleration 2013
Children's Folklore: A Source Book OPEN ACCESS 1999
City of Life, City of Death: Memories of Riga 2001
The City She Was 2011
Class Not Dismissed: Reflections on Undergraduate Education and Teaching the Liberal Arts 2014
Coal in our Veins: A Personal Journey OPEN ACCESS 2012
Coffee and Community: Maya Farmers and Fair-Trade Markets 2011
Colcha 2001
Collected Leonard J Arrington Mormon History Lectures 2005
College Writing and Beyond: A New Framework for University Writing Instruction 2007
Colorado: A History of the Centennial State, Fifth Edition 2013
Colorado Flora: Eastern Slope, Fourth Edition A Field Guide to the Vascular Plants 2012
Colorado Flora: Western Slope, Fourth Edition A Field Guide to the Vascular Plants 2012
Colorado: The Highest State, Second Edition 2011
Colorado Women: A History 2012
Colorado's Japanese Americans: From 1886 to the Present 2005
Coming To Terms: A Theory of Writing Assessment OPEN ACCESS 2004
Common Ground: The Japanese American National Museum and the Culture of Collaborations 2005
Commoner Ritual and Ideology in Ancient Mesoamerica 2007
Compelled to Write: Alternative Rhetoric in Theory and Practice 2011
Composing Media Composing Embodiment 2012
Composing Research: A Contextualist Research Paradigm for Rhetoric and Composition OPEN ACCESS 2000
Composition Studies As A Creative Art OPEN ACCESS 1998
Conquered Conquistadors: The Lienzo de Quauhquechollan, A Nahua Vision of the Conquest of Guatemala 2004
Contemporary Archaeologies of the Southwest 2011
Contested Waters: An Environmental History of the Colorado River 2013
Cooperation and Collective Action: Archaeological Perspectives 2013
The Coronado Expedition to Tierra Nueva: The 1540-1542 Route across the Southwest 1997
Cosmology, Calendars, and Horizon-Based Astronomy in Ancient Mesoamerica 2015
Cowboy Life: Reconstructing an American Myth 1993
Creatures Of Habitat: The Changing Nature of Wildlife and Wild Places in Utah and the Intermountain West OPEN ACCESS 2001
Cultures In Conflict: A Documentary History of the Mormon War in Illinois 1995
Damming Grand Canyon: The 1923 USGS Colorado River Expedition OPEN ACCESS 2007
Dangerous Writing: Understanding the Political Economy of Composition OPEN ACCESS 2009
Deep Freeze: The United States, the International Geophysical Year, and the Origins of Antarctica's Age of Science 2006
Denver: An Archaeological History 2008
Denver Inside and Out 2011
Designing Experimental Research in Archaeology: Examining Technology through Production and Use 2010
Dialectical Rhetoric 2015
Different Roads 2014
Dinéjí Na`nitin: Navajo Traditional Teachings and History 2012
Disaster At The Colorado OPEN ACCESS 2002
Discord And Direction: The Postmodern Writing Program Administrator OPEN ACCESS 2005
Discursive Ideologies: Reading Western Rhetoric 2014
Diverse by Design: Literacy Education in Multicultural Institutions 2011
The Divided Dominion: Social Conflict and Indian Hatred in Early Virginia 2015
Dos Mundos: Rural Mexican Americans, Another America OPEN ACCESS 1995
Dr. Charles David Spivak: A Jewish Immigrant and the American Tuberculosis Movement 2009
Dynamics Of Folklore 1996
Early Hominin Paleoecology 2013
The Eastern San Juan Mountains: Their Ecology, Geology, and Human History 2011
The Ecology of Pastoralism 2015
Elusive Unity: Factionalism and the Limits of Identity Politics in Yucatán, Mexico 2013
Embracing Watershed Politics OPEN ACCESS 2008
Emma Lee 1984
The Emotional and Priestly Logic of Plural Marriage 2010
The End of Time: The Maya Mystery of 2012 2009
Enduring Legacies: Ethnic Histories and Cultures of Colorado 2011
English Composition As A Happening OPEN ACCESS 2002
An Epidemic of Rumors: How Stories Shape Our Perception of Disease 2014
Ethnicity in Ancient Amazonia: Reconstructing Past Identities from Archaeology, Linguistics, and Ethnohistory 2011
Even Cowboys Carry Cell Phones 2013
Everyday Writing Center: A Community of Practice 2007
The Evolution of Ceramic Production Organization in a Maya Community 2015
The Explorer's Guide to Death Valley National Park, Third Edition 2014
Exploring Composition Studies: Sites, Issues, Perspectives 2012
Exploring Desert Stone: John N. Macomb's 1859 Expedition to the Canyonlands of the Colorado OPEN ACCESS 2010
Exploring Folk Art OPEN ACCESS 1987
Exposé of Polygamy: A Lady's Life Among the Mormons OPEN ACCESS 2008
Facing the Center: Toward an Identity Politics of One-to-One Mentoring OPEN ACCESS 2010
Fairy Tale Films: Visions of Ambiguity OPEN ACCESS 2010
Faith and Doubt as Partners in Mormon History 2014
Faithful Transgressions In The American West: Six Twentieth-Century Mormon Women's Autobiographical Acts OPEN ACCESS 2004
Family System 2012
Fanning the Sacred Flame: Mesoamerican Studies in Honor of H. B. Nicholson 2012
Feminist Rhetorical Resilience 2012
The Fierce Tribe: Masculine Identity and Performance in the Circuit OPEN ACCESS 2008
Fire Management in the American West: Forest Politics and the Rise of Megafires 2011
First Person Squared: A Study of Co-Authoring in the Academy OPEN ACCESS 2001
First Time Up: An Insider'S Guide For New Composition Teachers OPEN ACCESS 2005
The Flowering Thorn: International Ballad Studies OPEN ACCESS 2003
Folk Culture in the Digital Age: The Emergent Dynamics of Human Interaction 2012
Folk Groups And Folklore Genres Reader: A Reader 1989
Folklore and the Internet: Vernacular Expression in a Digital World OPEN ACCESS 2009
Folklore in Utah: A History and Guide to Resources OPEN ACCESS 2004
The Folklore Muse: Poetry, Fiction, and Other Reflections by Folklorists OPEN ACCESS 2008
Folklore/Cinema: Popular Film as Vernacular Culture OPEN ACCESS 2007
Following Tradition OPEN ACCESS 1998
Forjando Patria: Pro-Nacionalismo 2010
From Redstone to Ludlow: John Cleveland Osgood's Struggle against the United Mine Workers of America 2009
From the Ground Up: A History of Mining in Utah OPEN ACCESS 2006
Frontiers in Colorado Paleoindian Archaeology: From the Dent Site to the Rocky Mountains 2007
Gambling on Ore: The Nature of Metal Mining in the United States, 1860–1910 2013
Generation Vet: Composition, Student Veterans, and the Post-9/11 University 2014
Genre Across The Curriculum OPEN ACCESS 2005
Genre And The Invention Of The Writer: Reconsidering the Place of Invention in Composition OPEN ACCESS 2003
George W. Bush's Healthy Forests: Reframing the Environmental Debate 2005
Ghosts And The Japanese: Cultural Experience in Japanese Death Legends OPEN ACCESS 1994
Go East, Young Man: Imagining the American West as the Orient OPEN ACCESS 2011
Going North Thinking West: The Intersections of Social Class, Critical Thinking, and Politicized Writing Instruction 2010
Going Public: The WPA as Advocate for Engagement OPEN ACCESS 2010
The Gospel of Progressivism: Moral Reform and Labor War in Colorado, 1900-1930 2010
Grasses of the Intermountain Region 2009
Great Basin National Park: A Guide to the Park and Surrounding Area 2012
The Great Maya Droughts in Cultural Context: Case Studies in Resilience and Vulnerability 2014
Guide to College Writing Assessment 2009
Hammered Dulcimer OPEN ACCESS 1998
Hard as the Rock Itself: Place and Identity in the American Mining Town 2006
Haunting Experiences: Ghosts in Contemporary Folklore OPEN ACCESS 2007
Haywire: Poems OPEN ACCESS 2006
Healing Logics: Culture and Medicine in Modern Health Belief Systems OPEN ACCESS 2001
Hear Him Roar: A Novel OPEN ACCESS 2005
Helen Ring Robinson: Colorado Senator and Suffragist 2011
Hell Or High Water: James White's Disputed Passage through Grand Canyon, 1867 OPEN ACCESS 2001
High Plains Horticulture: A History 2008
High Wide And Handsome: The River Journals of Norman D. Nevills OPEN ACCESS 2005
Highway 12 OPEN ACCESS 2005
History Of Louisa Barnes Pratt OPEN ACCESS 1998
History of Utah Radicalism: Startling, Socialistic, and Decidedly Revolutionary 2011
History Of Utah's American Indians OPEN ACCESS 2000
Hospitality and Authoring: An Essay for the English Profession 2015
The House on Lemon Street: Japanese Pioneers and the American Dream 2012
Human No More: Digital Subjectivities, Unhuman Subjects, and the End of Anthropology 2012
Hungry Moon 2013
Hunter-Gatherer Archaeology of the Colorado High Country 2001
I Hope I Join the Band: Narrative, Affiliation, and Antiraciset Rhetoric 2012
I Won't Stay Indian, I'll Keep Studying: Race, Place, and Discrimination in a Costa Rican High School 2005
Identity Papers: Literacy and Power in Higher Education OPEN ACCESS 2006
Imagined States OPEN ACCESS 2001
Implementing the Endangered Species Act on the Platte Basin Water Commons 2010
In Another Time OPEN ACCESS 1998
In the Footsteps of Lewis and Clark: Early Commemorations and the Origins of the National Historic Trail 2010
In the Realm of Nachan Kan: Postclassic Maya Archaeology at Laguna De On, Belize 2000
The Incas 1995
Indian Self Rule: First-Hand Accounts of Indian-White Relations from Roosevelt to Reagan OPEN ACCESS 1986
Indigenous Dance and Dancing Indian: Contested Representation in the Global Era 2012
In-laws and Outlaws: Lessons in Research and Friendship and a Report from the Archives 2007
Innocents on the Ice: A Memoir of Antarctic Exploration, 1957 1998
Innovative Approaches to Teaching Technical Communication OPEN ACCESS 2004
Inside Ancient Kitchens: New Directions in the Study of Daily Meals and Feasts 2010
Insignia of Rank in the Nahua World: From the Fifteenth to the Seventeenth Century 2014
Intimacy 2013
Into the Night: Tales of Nocturnal Wildlife Expeditions 2013
The Invasion of Indian Country in the Twentieth Century: American Capitalism and Tribal Natural Resources, Second Edition 2012
Japanese Demon Lore: Oni from Ancient Times to the Present OPEN ACCESS 2010
Jesus in America and Other Stories from the Field OPEN ACCESS 2009
Joseph Morris: and the Saga of the Morrisites Revisited 2010
Journey Of Navajo Oshley: An Autobiography and Life History OPEN ACCESS 2000
Junius And Joseph: Presidential Politics and the Assassination of the First Mormon Prophet OPEN ACCESS 2005
Keywords in Creative Writing OPEN ACCESS 2006
The Kowoj: Identity, Migration, and Geopolitics in Late Postclassic Petén, Guatemala 2009
Kukulcan's Realm: Urban Life at Ancient Mayapán 2014
The Lame God 2013
Landscape Of Desire OPEN ACCESS 2003
Landscaping on the New Frontier: Waterwise Design for the Intermountain West OPEN ACCESS 2009
Leave The Dishes In The Sink OPEN ACCESS 2002
Lee's Ferry: From Mormon Crossing to National Park 1999
The Lesser Fields 2009
Letters from the Headwaters 2014
Life on the Rocks: A Portrait of the American Mountain Goat 2014
Life's a Dream (La Vida es Sueño) 2004
Like the Hajis of Meccah and Jerusalem: Orientalism and the Mormon Experience 2012
Listening For A Life: A Dialogic Ethnography of Bessie Eldreth through Her Songs and Stories OPEN ACCESS 2004
Literacy, Sexuality, Pedagogy: Theory and Practice for Composition Studies OPEN ACCESS 2008
Living with Stories: Telling, Re-telling, and Remembering OPEN ACCESS 2008
The Logan Notebooks 2014
The Lords of Lambityeco: Political Evolution in the Valley of Oaxaca during the Xoo Phase OPEN ACCESS 2010
Lousy Sex 2013
Machine Scoring of Student Essays: Truth and Consequences OPEN ACCESS 2006
Madame Chair: A Political Autobiography of an Unintentional Pioneer OPEN ACCESS 2007
The Madrid Codex: New Approaches to Understanding an Ancient Maya Manuscript 2004
Making an American Workforce: The Rockefellers and the Legacy of Ludlow 2014
Man in the Moon: Essays on Fathers and Fatherhood 2014
Manual of Grasses for North America 2007
The Marrow of Human Experience: Essays on Folklore by William A. Wilson OPEN ACCESS 2006
Material Relations: The Marriage Figurines of Prehispanic Honduras 2014
Maya Creation Myths: Words and Worlds of the Chilam Balam 2010
Maya Daykeeping: Three Calendars from Highland Guatemala 2009
Maya Worldviews at Conquest 2009
Meaning of Folklore: The Analytical Essays of Alan Dundes OPEN ACCESS 2007
The Mechanics of Optimism: Mining Companies, Technology, and the Hot Spring Gold Rush, Montana Territory, 1864-1868 2004
The Menial Art of Cooking: Archaeological Studies of Cooking and Food Preparation 2012
Mercury and the Making of California: Mining, Landscape, and Race, 1840–1890 2013
Mexico's Indigenous Communities: Their Lands and Histories, 1500-2010 2010
Mormon Battalion: United States Army of the West, 1846-1848 1996
Mormon Midwife OPEN ACCESS 1997
Mormon Passage of George D. Watt: First British Convert, Scribe for Zion OPEN ACCESS 2009
The Mormon Trail: Yesterday and Today OPEN ACCESS 1996
Mormon Vanguard Brigade Of 1847: Norton Jacob's Record 2005
Mormonism's Last Colonizer: The Life and Times of William H. Smart OPEN ACCESS 2008
A Mountain of Paper: The Extraordinary Diary of Leonard James Arrington 2012
Movement, Connectivity, and Landscape Change in the Ancient Southwest 2011
Mrs. Ramsay's Knee OPEN ACCESS 2008
Mule Deer: A Handbook for Utah Hunters and Landowners OPEN ACCESS 2010
My Life On Mountain Railroads OPEN ACCESS 1995
My Many Selves: The Quest for a Plausible Harmony OPEN ACCESS 2006
National Healing: Race, State, and the Teaching of Composition 2012
Native Pathways: American Indian Culture and Economic Development in the Twentieth Century 2004
Natural-Born Proud: A Revery OPEN ACCESS 2010
Necessary Light OPEN ACCESS 1999
Neck of the World OPEN ACCESS 2007
Negotiation within Domination: New Spain's Indian Pueblos Confront the Spanish State 2010
The Neo-Indians: A Religion for the Third Millenium 2013
Neoliberalism and Commodity Production in Mexico 2012
Networks of Power: Political Relations in the Late Postclassic Naco Valley OPEN ACCESS 2011
Neurobehavioral Anatomy, Third Edition 2011
A New Writing Classroom: Listening, Motivation, and Habits of Mind 2014
Newe Hupia: Shoshoni Poetry Songs OPEN ACCESS 2001
Next Time We Strike 1985
No Place To Call Home: The 1807-1857 Life Writings of Caroline Barnes Crosby, Chronicler of Outlying Mormon Communities OPEN ACCESS 2005
Noise From The Writing Center OPEN ACCESS 2002
Northern Navajo Frontier 1860 1900 OPEN ACCESS 2001
Obsidian Reflections: Symbolic Dimensions of Obsidian in Mesoamerica 2014
Ode to the Heart Smaller than a Pencil Eraser 2014
Of Corpse: Death and Humor in Folkore and Popular Culture OPEN ACCESS 2003
Old Blue's Road: A Historian's Motorcycle Journeys in the American West 2015
Old Deseret Live Stock Company: A Stockman's Memoir OPEN ACCESS 2008
On Being Human: Folklore of Mormon Missionaries OPEN ACCESS 1981
On Location: Theory and Practice in Classroom-Based Writing Tutoring OPEN ACCESS 2005
Once Upon A Virus OPEN ACCESS 2004
One Side By Himself OPEN ACCESS 2001
The Open Hand: Arguing as an Art of Peace 2013
Oral Patterns of Performance: Story and Song 2003
Organic Writing Assessment: Dynamic Criteria Mapping in Action OPEN ACCESS 2009
Origins of the Ñuu: Archaeology in the Mixteca Alta, Mexico 2009
Out of Style: Reanimating Stylistic Study in Composition and Rhetoric OPEN ACCESS 2008
Out Of The Black Patch: The Autobiography of Effie Marquess Carmack OPEN ACCESS 1999
Out Of The Ordinary: Folklore and the Supernatural OPEN ACCESS 1995
Outcomes Book: Debate and Consensus after the WPA Outcomes Statement OPEN ACCESS 2005
Over the Range: A History of the Promontory Summit Route of the Pacific Railroad OPEN ACCESS 2008
Over The Rim OPEN ACCESS 1999
Owl Question: Poems OPEN ACCESS 2002
Pansy's History: The Autobiography of Margaret E. P. Gordon, 1866-1966 2011
Parallel Worlds: Genre, Discourse, and Poetics in Contemporary, Colonial, and Classic Maya Literature 2012
Passage to Wonderland: Rephotographing Joseph Stimson's Views of the Cody Road to Yellowstone National Park, 1903 and 2008 2013
Passions Pedagogies and 21st Century Technologies OPEN ACCESS 1999
Peculiar Portrayals: Mormons on the Page, Stage and Screen OPEN ACCESS 2010
Pedro Pino: Governor of Zuni Pueblo, 1830-1878 OPEN ACCESS 2003
Peripheral Visions for Writing Centers 2013
Personal Effects OPEN ACCESS 2001
Placing the Academy: Essays on Landscape, Work, and Identity OPEN ACCESS 2007
Plato's Breath OPEN ACCESS 1997
Playing Dead: Mock Trauma and Folk Drama in Staged High School Drunk Driving Tragedies 2012
Playing from Memory 1999
Plural Wife: The Life Story of Mabel Finlayson Allred 2012
Poets On Place OPEN ACCESS 2005
Politics, Labor, and the War on Big Business: The Path of Reform in Arizona, 1890-1920 2012
Polity and Ecology in Formative Period Coastal Oaxaca 2013
Polygamy on the Pedernales: Lyman Wight's Mormon Village in Antebellum Texas OPEN ACCESS 2006
Post-Manifesto Polygamy: The 1899 to 1904 Correspondence of Helen, Owen and Avery Woodruff OPEN ACCESS 2009
Practically Joking 2015
Prairie Ghost: Pronghorn and Human Interaction in Early America 2004
Predicting the Past: The Utah War's Twenty-First Century Future 2009
Presumed Incompetent: The Intersections of Race and Class for Women in Academia 2012
Private, the Public, and the Published: Reconciling Private Lives and Public Rhetoric OPEN ACCESS 2004
Process This: Undergraduate Writing in Composition Studies OPEN ACCESS 2004
The Prophecy of Enoch as Restoration Blueprint 2012
Prophet, Pariah, and Pioneer: Walter W. Taylor and Dissension in American Archaeology 2010
Proverbs Are The Best Policy: Folk Wisdom And American Politics OPEN ACCESS 2005
Quetzalcoatl and the Irony of Empire: Myths and Prophecies in the Aztec Tradition, Revised Edition 2000
Rainbow Bridge OPEN ACCESS 1999
Reading Chinese Fortune Cookie: The Making of Chinese American Rhetoric OPEN ACCESS 2006
Rearticulating Writing Assessment for Teaching and Learning OPEN ACCESS 2002
Recollections of Past Days: The Autobiography of Patience Loader Rozsa Archer OPEN ACCESS 2006
Reconsidering No Man Knows My History 1996
Re-Creating Primordial Time: Foundation Rituals and Mythology in the Postclassic Maya Codices 2013
Refiguring Prose Style: Possibilities For Writing Pedagogy OPEN ACCESS 2005
Reflection In The Writing Classroom OPEN ACCESS 1998
Reframing Writing Assessment to Improve Teaching and Learning 2010
Reinventing The University: Literacies and Legitimacy in the Postmodern Academy OPEN ACCESS 2001
Religion, Politics, and Sugar: The LDS Church, the Federal Government, and the Utah-Idaho Sugar Company, 1907-1927 OPEN ACCESS 2007
Remembering the Dead in the Ancient Near East: Recent Contributions from Bioarchaeology and Mortuary Archaeology 2014
Representation and Rebellion: The Rockefeller Plan at the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company, 1914-1942 2010
Representations: Doing Asian American Rhetoric OPEN ACCESS 2008
Retention and Resistance: Writing Instruction and Students Who Leave 2013
Revelation, Resistance, and Mormon Polygamy: The Introduction and Implementation of the Principle, 1830–1853 2013
River Flowing From The Sunrise: An Environmental History of the Lower San Juan OPEN ACCESS 2000
The River Knows Everything: Desolation Canyon and the Green 2009
Roll Away Saloon OPEN ACCESS 1985
Route for the Overland Stage: James H. Simpson's 1859 Trail Across the Great Basin OPEN ACCESS 2008
Ruins of the Past: The Use and Perception of Abandoned Structures in the Maya Lowlands 2008
Sacred Darkness: A Global Perspective on the Ritual Use of Caves 2012
The San Luis Valley, Second Edition: Land of the Six-Armed Cross 1999
Santa Rita del Cobre: A Copper Mining Community in New Mexico 2012
Santos: Enduring Images of Northern New Mexican Village Churches 1999
Saying And Silence OPEN ACCESS 2001
Scared Text 2011
Science, Bread, and Circuses: Folkloristic Essays on Science for the Masses 2014
Search For A Common Language: Environmental Writing And Education OPEN ACCESS 2005
Season of Terror: The Espinosas in Central Colorado, March–October 1863 2013
Secrets of the Greatest Snow on Earth: Weather, Climate Change, and Finding Deep Powder in Utah's Wasatch Mountains and around the World 2014
Securing a Place for Reading in Composition: The Importance of Teaching for Transfer 2015
Shared Space OPEN ACCESS 1995
She Took Off Her Wings And Shoes OPEN ACCESS 2003
Shorty's Yarns: Western Stories and Poems of Bruce Kiskaddon OPEN ACCESS 2004
Shoshonean Peoples and the Overland Trail: Frontiers of the Utah Superintendency of Indian Affairs, 1849–1869 OPEN ACCESS 2007
Sites of Insight: A Guide to Colorado Sacred Places 2003
Situating Portfolios OPEN ACCESS 1997
Skywatching in the Ancient World: New Perspectives in Cultural Astronomy 2007
So They Understand OPEN ACCESS 2002
Social Change and the Evolution of Ceramic Production and Distribution in a Maya Community 2008
Soils, Climate and Society: Archaeological Investigations in Ancient America 2013
Songs 2014
Southern Paiute: A Portrait 2010
Space-Time Perspectives on Early Colonial Moquegua 2013
Staging Migrations toward an American West: From Ida B. Wells to Rhodessa Jones 2014
Starting from Loomis and Other Stories 2013
State of Change: Colorado Politics in the Twenty-first Century 2011
Still Life with Rhetoric: A New Materialist Approach for Visual Rhetorics 2015
Still, the Small Voice: Narrative, Personal Revelation, and the Mormon Folk Tradition 2011
Stone Tools and the Evolution of Human Cognition 2010
Stories of Our Lives: Memory, History, Narrative 2013
Subjects and Narratives in Archaeology 2015
The Sun God and the Savior: The Christianization of the Nahua and Totonac in the Sierra Norte de Puebla, Mexico 2009
Supplice 2014
Sweeping the Way: Divine Transformation in the Aztec Festival of Ochpaniztli 2009
Taken from the Paradise Isle: The Hoshida Family Story 2015
Tales of Canyonlands Cowboys OPEN ACCESS 1997
Teaching Composition As A Social Process OPEN ACCESS 2000
A Teaching Subject: Composition Since 1966, New Edition 2012
Teaching With Student Texts: Essays Toward an Informed Practice 2010
Texcoco: Prehispanic and Colonial Perspectives 2014
Tezcatlipoca: Trickster and Supreme Deity 2014
Thiefing a Chance: Factory Work, Illicit Labor, and Neoliberal Subjectivities in Trinidad 2015
Three Comedies: Behind the Scenes in Eden, Rigamaroles, and The Other William 2004
Through the Schoolhouse Door: Folklore, Community, Currriculum 2011
Thunder Doesn't Live Here Anymore: The Culture of Marginality Among the Teeneks of Tantoyuca 2004
Timberline U.S.A.: High-Country Encounters from California to Maine 2003
Tomorrow's Living Room OPEN ACCESS 2009
Toward a Conceptual Framework for the Study of Folklore and the Internet 2014
Tradition in the Twenty-First Century: Locating the Role of the Past in the Present 2013
The Trail of Gold and Silver: Mining in Colorado, 1859-2009 2009
Transiciones: Pathways of Latinas and Latinos Writing in High School and College 2015
Transient Landscapes: Insights on a Changing Planet 2015
Transnational Writing Program Administration 2015
The Two Standards 2012
Under Construction OPEN ACCESS 1998
Unfortunate Emigrants OPEN ACCESS 1996
Unsettling Assumptions: Tradition, Gender, Drag 2014
Upper Level Disturbances 2012
Upsetting Composition Commonplaces 2014
Uranium Frenzy: Saga of the Nuclear West 2002
Usable Pasts: Traditions and Group Expressions in North America OPEN ACCESS 1997
Utah in the Twentieth Century 2009
Utatlán: The Constituted Community of the K'iche' Maya of Q'umarkaj 2012
The Verging Cities 2015
Very Like a Whale: The Assessment of Writing Programs 2015
Voice in the Wilderness: Conversations with Terry Tempest Williams OPEN ACCESS 2006
Warrior Ways: Explorations in Modern Military Folklore 2012
Washakie Letters Of Willie Ottogary OPEN ACCESS 2000
Water and Climate in the Western United States 2003
Water Wise: Native Plants for Intermountain Landscapes OPEN ACCESS 2003
Water-Efficient Landscaping in the Intermountain West: A Step by Step Guide for Professionals and Do it Yourselfers 2011
We are Starved 2011
Wearing Culture: Dress and Regalia in Early Mesoamerica and Central America 2014
The Western San Juan Mountains: Their Geology, Ecology, and Human History 1996
Westwater Lost and Found OPEN ACCESS 2004
What Goes Around Comes Around OPEN ACCESS 2004
What We Are Becoming: Developments in Undergratuate Writing Majors OPEN ACCESS 2010
What We Really Value: Beyond Rubrics in Teaching and Assessing Writing OPEN ACCESS 2003
What's True in Mormon Folklore?: The Contribution of Folklore to Mormon Studies 2008
When Our Words Return: Writing, Reading, and Remembering Oral Traditions from Alasak and the Yukon OPEN ACCESS 1995
Where She Always Was OPEN ACCESS 2004
Who Owns This Text?: Plagiarism, Authorship, and Disciplinary Cultures OPEN ACCESS 2009
Whose Goals Whose Aspirations: Learning to Teach Underprepared Writers across the Curriculum OPEN ACCESS 2002
Why Dogs Stopped Flying OPEN ACCESS 2006
Wide Rivers Crossed: The South Platte and the Illinois of the American Prairie 2013
A Widow's Tale: 1884-1896 Diary of Helen Mar Kimball Whitney OPEN ACCESS 2003
Wildflowers of the Mountain West 2012
Wildlife on the Wind: A Field Biologist's Journey and an Indian Reservation's Renewal 2010
Winter Carnival in a Western Town: Identity, Change and the Good of the Community 2011
Winter Quarters OPEN ACCESS 1996
Wiring The Writing Center OPEN ACCESS 1998
Woman Of The River: Georgie White Clark, Whitewater Pioneer 1997
Women In Utah History: Paradigm Or Paradox? OPEN ACCESS 2005
Woody Plants of Utah: A Field Guide with Identification Keys to Native and Naturalized Trees, Shrubs, Cacti, and Vines 2011
Working on the Railroad, Walking in Beauty: Navajos, Hozho, and Track Work OPEN ACCESS 2011
Working with Faculty Writers 2013
Worldviews And The American West: The Life of the Place Itself OPEN ACCESS 2000
Worth Their Salt Too: More Notable But Often Unnoted Women of Utah OPEN ACCESS 2000
Writing across Contexts: Transfer, Composition, and Sites of Writing 2014
Writing Centers and the New Racism: A Call for Sustainable Dialogue and Change 2011
Writing Majors: Eighteen Program Profiles 2015
Writing New Media: Theory and Applications for Expanding the Teaching of Composition 2004
Writing With Elbow OPEN ACCESS 2002
Writing-Intensive: Becoming W-Faculty in a New Writing Curriculum 2008
Wyoming Revisited: Rephotographing the Scenes of Joseph E. Stimson 2014
Yellowcake Towns: Uranium Mining Communities in the American West 2002
Yellowstone Wildlife: Ecology and Natural History of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem 2013
Zorba's Daughter: poems 2010