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Accommodating Revolutions: Virginia's Northern Neck in an Era of Transformations, 1760-1810 2010
Activism and the American Novel: Religion and Resistance in Fiction by Women of Color 2012
Acts of Narrative Resistance: Women's Autobiographical Writings in the Americas 2009
After Apartheid: Reinventing South Africa? 2011
The Afterlives of Animals: A Museum Menagerie 2011
Ambivalent Miracles: Evangelicals and the Politics of Racial Healing 2014
Amelioration and Empire: Progress and Slavery in the Plantation Americas 2014
American Iconographic: National Geographic, Global Culture, and the Visual Imagination 2010
American Road Narratives: Reimagining Mobility in Literature and Film 2015
America's Wetland: An Environmental and Cultural History of Tidewater Virginia and North Carolina 2010
The Angel out of the House: Philanthropy and Gender in Nineteenth-Century England 2002
Answering the Call of the Court: How Justices and Litigants Set the Supreme Court Agenda 2007
The Antagonist Principle: John Henry Newman and the Paradox of Personality 2014
Anthropocene Fictions: The Novel in a Time of Climate Change 2015
The Arresting Eye: Race and the Anxiety of Detection 2015
Artistic Ambassadors: Literary and International Representation of the New Negro Era 2013
At Home and Astray: The Domestic Dog in Victorian Britain 2015
At Home with Apartheid: The Hidden Landscapes of Domestic Service in Johannesburg 2011
Bacchus and Civic Order: The Culture of Drink in Early Modern Germany 2001
Backstage in the Novel: Frances Burney and the Theater Arts 2012
Bathed in Blood: Hunting and Mastery in the Old South 2002
Battle over the Bench: Senators, Interest Groups, and Lower Court Confirmations 2010
Be It Ever So Humble: Poverty, Fiction, and the Invention of the Middle-Class Home 2013
Beastly Natures: Animals, Humans, and the Study of History 2010
Becoming Men of Some Consequence: Youth and Military Service in the Revolutionary War 2014
Being Apart: Theoretical and Existential Resistance in Africana Literature 2015
Between Sovereignty and Anarchy: The Politics of Violence in the American Revolutionary Era 2015
Between the Novel and the News: The Emergence of American Women's Writing 2014
Bewildered Travel: The Sacred Quest for Confusion 2007
Beyond the Royal Gaze: Clanship and Public Healing in Buganda 2010
The Big House after Slavery: Virginia Plantation Families and Their Postbellum Domestic Experiment 2010
Blue Laws and Black Codes: Conflict, Courts, and Change in Twentieth-Century Virginia 2004
Bodies and Bones: Feminist Rehearsal and Imagining Caribbean Belonging 2014
Body and Soul: A Sympathetic History of American Spiritualism 2003
The Bourgeois Interior 2008
Bringing Race Back In: Black Politicians, Deracialization, and Voting Behavior in the Age of Obama 2015
Brothers Born of One Mother: British–Native American Relations in the Colonial Southeast 2012
Building Charleston: Town and Society in the Eighteenth-Century British Atlantic World 2010
Caribbean Literature and the Public Sphere: From the Plantation to the Postcolonial 2011
Caribbean Perspectives on Modernity: Returning Medusa's Gaze 2009
Cautio Criminalis, or a Book on Witch Trials 2003
Characters of Blood: Black Heroism in the Transatlantic Imagination 2012
Chiefs, Priests, and Praise-Singers: History, Politics, and Land Ownership in Northern Ghana 2013
Christian Fundamentalism and the Culture of Disenchantment 2013
Citizens of a Common Intellectual Homeland: The Transatlantic Origins of American Democracy and Nationhood 2015
The Citizenship Revolution: Politics and the Creation of the American Union, 1774-1804 2009
Close Kin and Distant Relatives: The Paradox of Respectability in Black Women's Literature 2014
Collegiate Republic: Cultivating an Ideal Society in Early America 2014
The Color of Power: Racial Coalitions and Political Power in Oakland 2012
Coming to Terms with Democracy: Federalist Intellectuals and the Shaping of an American Culture, 1800–1828 2001
Community-Based Collaboration: Bridging Socio-Ecological Research and Practice 2011
Composing Cultures: Modernism, American Literary Studies, and the Problem of Culture 2013
Confederate Visions: Nationalism, Symbolism, and the Imagined South in the Civil War 2013
Consuming Visions: Cinema, Writing, and Modernity in Rio de Janeiro 2012
Contemporary Francophone African Writers and the Burden of Commitment 2011
Contesting Slavery: The Politics of Bondage and Freedom in the New American Nation 2011
Contract and Consent: Representation and the Jury in Anglo-American Legal History 2010
Cornelia Hahn Oberlander: Making the Modern Landscape 2013
Cotton's Queer Relations: Same-Sex Intimacy and the Literature of the Southern Plantation, 1936-1968 2009
Creating the British Atlantic: Essays on Transplantation, Adaptation, and Continuity 2013
Crime and Culture in Early Modern Germany 2012
Criminal Injustice: Slaves and Free Blacks in Georgia's Criminal Justice System 2009
Crossing the Boundaries of Belief: Geographies of Religious Conversion in Southern Germany, 1648-1800 2014
Crucible of the Civil War: Virginia from Secession to Commemoration 2006
Cuba and the Fall: Christian Text and Queer Narrative in the Fiction of José Lezama Lima and Reinaldo Arenas 2010
Culture and Liberty in the Age of the American Revolution 2011
Dancing with Disaster: Environmental Histories, Narratives, and Ethics for Perilous Times 2015
A Deed So Accursed: Lynching in Mississippi and South Carolina, 1881–1940 2013
Designing Dixie: Tourism, Memory, and Urban Space in the New South 2015
Different Shades of Green: African Literature, Environmental Justice, and Political Ecology 2014
Disaster Writing: The Cultural Politics of Catastrophe in Latin America 2011
Distant Revolutions: 1848 and the Challenge to American Exceptionalism 2009
Disturbers of the Peace: Representations of Madness in Anglophone Caribbean Literature 2013
Diversity Matters: Judicial Policy Making in the U.S. Courts of Appeals 2015
Doing Justice to Mercy: Religion, Law, and Criminal Justice 2007
Drawing the Line: The Father Reimagined in Faulkner, Wright, O'Connor, and Morrison 2013
Dunmore's New World: The Extraordinary Life of a Royal Governor in Revolutionary America--with Jacobites, Counterfeiters, Land Schemes, Shipwrecks, Scalping, Indian Politics, Runaway Slaves, and Two Illegal Royal Weddings 2013
The Dynamics of Genre: Journalism and the Practice of Literature in Mid-Victorian Britain 2009
Early Modern Virginia: Reconsidering the Old Dominion 2011
Earnestly Contending: Religious Freedom and Pluralism in Antebellum America 2013
Ecocritical Theory: New European Approaches 2011
The Educational Legacy of Woodrow Wilson: From College to Nation 2012
Elizabeth Bishop in the Twenty-First Century: Reading the New Editions 2012
Elusive Equality: Desegregation and Resegregation in Norfolk's Public Schools 2012
Elusive Origins: The Enlightenment in the Modern Caribbean Historical Imagination 2010
Emily Davies: Collected Letters, 1861-1875 2004
Empires of the Imagination: Transatlantic Histories of the Louisiana Purchase 2009
Encountering the Secular: Philosophical Endeavors in Religion and Culture 2009
The Enemy Within: Fears of Corruption in the Civil War North 2011
Era of Experimentation: American Political Practices in the Early Republic 2014
Eric Williams and the Anticolonial Tradition: The Making of a Diasporan Intellectual 2015
Essays from the Edge: Parerga and Paralipomena 2011
The Evil Necessity: British Naval Impressment in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World 2013
"Evil People": A Comparative Study of Witch Hunts in Swabian Austria and the Electorate of Trier 2009
Exhibiting Slavery: The Caribbean Postmodern Novel as Museum 2009
Exodus Politics: Civil Rights and Leadership in African American Literature and Culture 2013
Failed Frontiersmen: White Men and Myth in the Post-Sixties American Historical Romance 2015
Faith and Race in American Political Life 2012
Family Matters: Puerto Rican Women Authors on the Island and the Mainland 2012
Fixing College Education: A New Curriculum for the Twenty-first Century 2009
Flights of Imagination: Aviation, Landscape, Design 2014
The Flirt's Tragedy: Desire without End in Victorian and Edwardian Fiction 2002
Founding Friendship: George Washington, James Madison, and the Creation of the American Republic 1999
Framing the World: Explorations in Ecocriticism and Film 2010
Freedom Has a Face: Race, Identity, and Community in Jefferson's Virginia 2012
Freedom's Promise: Ex-Slave Families and Citizenship in the Age of Emancipation 2002
Freud and Augustine in Dialogue: Psychoanalysis, Mysticism, and the Culture of Modern Spirituality 2013
From Jamestown to Jefferson: The Evolution of Religious Freedom in Virginia 2011
From Theology to Theological Thinking 2014
The Fuggers of Augsburg: Pursuing Wealth and Honor in Renaissance Germany 2012
Garbage In, Garbage Out: Solving the Problems with Long-Distance Trash Transport 2009
The Ghost behind the Masks: The Victorian Poets and Shakespeare 2014
The Grandees of Government: The Origins and Persistence of Undemocratic Politics in Virginia 2013
Greening the City: Urban Landscapes in the Twentieth Century 2011
The Haitian Revolution in the Literary Imagination: Radical Horizons, Conservative Constraints 2014
Hidden History: African American Cemeteries in Central Virginia 2014
How Societies Are Born: Governance in West Central Africa before 1600 2004
Humboldt and Jefferson: A Transatlantic Friendship of the Enlightenment 2014
The Illusory Boundary: Environment and Technology in History 2010
"In the Hands of a Good Providence": Religion in the Life of George Washington 2008
In the Hollow of the Wave: Virginia Woolf and Modernist Uses of Nature 2012
Independence without Freedom: Iran's Foreign Policy 2013
Institutional Games and the U.S. Supreme Court 2006
Is Killing Wrong?: A Study in Pure Sociology 2009
Jefferson vs. the Patent Trolls: A Populist Vision of Intellectual Property Rights 2008
Journey on the James: Three Weeks through the Heart of Virginia 2001
Journeys of the Slave Narrative in the Early Americas 2014
Ladies and Gentlemen on Display: Planter Society at the Virginia Springs, 1790–1860 2001
Landscape and Images 2005
Law, Politics, and Perception: How Policy Preferences Influence Legal Reasoning 2009
Liberal Epic: The Victorian Practice of History from Gibbon to Churchill 2011
The Life and Undeath of Autonomy in American Literature 2014
Light and Liberty: Thomas Jefferson and the Power of Knowledge 2012
The Limits of Optimism: Thomas Jefferson's Dualistic Enlightenment 2011
Locating the Destitute: Space and Identity in Caribbean Fiction 2014
The Madisons at Montpelier: Reflections on the Founding Couple 2009
Male Armor: The Soldier-Hero in Contemporary American Culture 2008
Marching Masters: Slavery, Race, and the Confederate Army during the Civil War 2014
Mariana Griswold Van Rensselaer: A Landscape Critic in the Gilded Age 2013
Market Aesthetics: The Purchase of the Past in Caribbean Diasporic Fiction 2015
Merely Judgment: Ignoring, Evading, and Trumping the Supreme Court 2010
Migrant Modernism: Postwar London and the West Indian Novel 2013
The Mind of Thomas Jefferson 2007
Mirrors of Memory: Culture, Politics, and Time in Paris and Tokyo 2011
Mobilizing Opportunities: The Evolving Latino Electorate and the Future of American Politics 2013
The Modern Portrait Poem: From Dante Gabriel Rossetti to Ezra Pound 2012
The Most Defiant Devil: William Temple Hornaday and His Controversial Crusade to Save American Wildlife 2013
The Most Segregated City in America": City Planning and Civil Rights in Birmingham, 1920–1980 2005
Mr. and Mrs. Dog: Our Travels, Trials, Adventures, and Epiphanies 2013
Museum Trouble: Edwardian Fiction and the Emergence of Modernism 2011
The Nation's Nature: How Continental Presumptions Gave Rise to the United States of America 2011
Nature's Man: Thomas Jefferson's Philosophical Anthropology 2013
Neobaroque in the Americas: Alternative Modernities in Literature, Visual Art, and Film 2012
Never Ask Permission: Elisabeth Scott Bocock of Richmond, A Memoir by Mary Buford Hitz 2000
The New Death: American Modernism and World War I 2013
The Oglethorpe Plan: Enlightenment Design in Savannah and Beyond 2012
Old Dominion, New Commonwealth: A History of Virginia, 1607–2007 2007
Old Fields: Photography, Glamour, and Fantasy Landscape 2014
Old World, New World: America and Europe in the Age of Jefferson 2010
On Endings: American Postmodern Fiction and the Cold War 2011
On the Trail of the D.C. Sniper: Fear and the Media 2010
The Origins of African American Literature, 1680-1865 2001
Our Coquettes: Capacious Desire in the Eighteenth Century 2009
Outside the Wire: American Soldiers' Voices from Afghanistan 2013
The Pagan Writes Back: When World Religion Meets World Literature 2015
Paine and Jefferson in the Age of Revolutions 2013
The Pan American Imagination: Contested Visions of the Hemisphere in Twentieth-Century Literature 2014
A Passion for the Past: The Odyssey of a Transatlantic Archaeologist 2010
Pathologies of Paradise: Caribbean Detours 2013
Patriotism and Piety: Federalist Politics and Religious Struggle in the New American Nation 2015
Performatively Speaking: Speech and Action in Antebellum American Literature 2015
Personal Business: Character and Commerce in Victorian Literature and Culture 2014
Pilgrimage to Vallombrosa: From Vermont to Italy in the Footsteps of George Perkins Marsh 2006
Plotting Terror: Novelists and Terrorists in Contemporary Fiction 2001
The Poetics of Ethnography in Martinican Narratives: Exploring the Self and the Environment 2013
A Political Nation: New Directions in Mid-Nineteenth-Century American Political History 2012
Polygraphies: Francophone Women Writing Algeria 2012
Postcolonial Francophone Autobiographies: From Africa to the Antilles 2011
Postcolonial Green: Environmental Politics and World Narratives 2010
Postmodernism and the Revolution in Religious Theory: Toward a Semiotics of the Event 2012
The Power of Negative Thinking: Cynicism and the History of Modern American Literature 2009
Power versus Liberty: Madison, Hamilton, Wilson, and Jefferson 2000
Practicing Democracy: Popular Politics in the United States from the Constitution to the Civil War 2015
The Preacher and the Politician: Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama, and Race in America 2009
Prophetic Remembrance: Black Subjectivity in African American and South African Trauma Narratives 2014
Prose Immortality, 1711-1819 2015
The Punitive Turn: New Approaches to Race and Incarceration 2013
Quirks of the Quantum: Postmodernism and Contemporary American Fiction 2012
Race Man: The Rise and Fall of the "Fighting Editor," John Mitchell Jr 2002
Race, Romance, and Rebellion: Literatures of the Americas in the Nineteenth Century 2013
Radical Reform: Interracial Politics in Post-Emancipation North Carolina 2011
Radicals on the Road: The Politics of English Travel Writing in the 1930s 2001
Ralph Ellison and Kenneth Burke: At the Roots of the Racial Divide 2012
Rambles of a Runaway from Southern Slavery 2012
Reading for the Law: British Literary History and Gender Advocacy 2010
Rearing Wolves to Our Own Destruction: Slavery in Richmond Virginia, 1782–1865 1999
Reclaiming Nostalgia: Longing for Nature in American Literature 2012
Reconstructing the Campus: Higher Education and the American Civil War 2012
Refiguring the Map of Sorrow: Nature Writing and Autobiography 2001
Religious Freedom: Jefferson’s Legacy, America's Creed 2013
Remaking Custom: Law and Identity in the Early American Republic 2011
The Republican Party in the Age of Roosevelt: Sources of Anti-Government Conservatism in the United States 2014
Revolutionary Negotiations: Indians, Empires, and Diplomats in the Founding of America 2009
Romantic Writing and the Empire of Signs: Periodical Culture and Post-Napoleonic Authorship 2010
Rome Reborn on Western Shores: Historical Imagination and the Creation of the American Republic 2009
Roosevelt, the Great Depression, and the Economics of Recovery 2005
Rot, Riot, and Rebellion: Mr. Jefferson's Struggle to Save the University That Changed America 2013
San Francisco: A Map of Perceptions 2014
Scalawag: A White Southerner's Journey through Segregation to Human Rights Activism 2014
Scarecrows of Chivalry: English Masculinities after Empire 2013
Schooling Jim Crow: The Fight for Atlanta's Booker T. Washington High School and the Roots of Black Protest Politics 2014
The Science of Religion in Britain, 1860–1915 2010
Second Person Singular: Late Victorian Women Poets and the Bonds of Verse 2014
Seeing Jefferson Anew: In His Time and Ours 2010
Segregation's Science: Eugenics and Society in Virginia 2008
Semi-Detached Empire: Suburbia and the Colonization of Britain, 1880 to the Present 2010
A Separate Civil War: Communities in Conflict in the Mountain South 2006
Sex and the Citizen: Interrogating the Caribbean 2011
Shaken Wisdom: Irony and Meaning in Postcolonial African Fiction 2011
Shakespeare's Ocean: An Ecocritical Exploration 2012
Showdown in Virginia: The 1861 Convention and the Fate of the Union 2010
Sites of Southern Memory: The Autobiographies of Katharine Du Pre Lumpkin, Lillian Smith, and Pauli Murray 2001
Slavery and War in the Americas: Race, Citizenship, and State Building in the United States and Brazil, 1861-1870 2014
Slavery by Any Other Name: African Life under Company Rule in Colonial Mozambique 2012
Sons of the Father: George Washington and His Protégés 2013
Sounding the Break: African American and Caribbean Routes of World Literature 2014
Spectacular Blackness: The Cultural Politics of the Black Power Movement and the Search for a Black Aesthetic 2010
State and Citizen: British America and the Early United States 2013
A Storm over This Court: Law, Politics, and Supreme Court Decision Making in Brown v. Board of Education 2013
Strategies for Survival: Recollections of Bondage in Antebellum Virginia 2009
The Struggle for Equality: Essays on Sectional Conflict, the Civil War, and the Long Reconstruction 2011
Supposing Bleak House 2010
Swift to Wrath: Lynching in Global Historical Perspective 2013
Take Care of the Living: Reconstructing Confederate Veteran Families in Virginia 2009
Talking Shop: The Language of Craft in an Age of Consumption 2011
The Tangierman's Lament: and Other Tales of Virginia 2007
Textual Intimacy: Autobiography and Religious Identities 2012
Thomas Jefferson, the Classical World, and Early America 2011
Thomas Jefferson, Time, and History 2011
To Pass On a Good Earth: The Life and Work of Carl O. Sauer 2014
Tom Paine's America: The Rise and Fall of Transatlantic Radicalism in the Early Republic 2011
Toward Stonewall: Homosexuality and Society in the Modern Western World 2003
Transforming Politics, Transforming America: The Political and Civic Incorporation of Immigrants in the United States 2006
Traumatic Possessions: The Body and Memory in African American Women's Writing and Performance 2009
The True Geography of Our Country: Jefferson’s Cartographic Vision 2014
The Tyranny of Printers: Newspaper Politics in the Early American Republic 2001
Unnatural Frenchmen: The Politics of Priestly Celibacy and Marriage, 1720-1815 2015
Unnatural Rebellion: Loyalists in New York City during the Revolution 2011
Upon Provincialism: Southern Literature and National Periodical Culture, 1870–1900 2013
Utopian Geographies and the Early English Novel 2014
Vernon Lee: A Literary Biography 2003
Victorian Poets and the Changing Bible 2011
The View from the Bench and Chambers: Examining Judicial Process and Decision Making on the U.S. Courts of Appeals 2014
The View of the Courts from the Hill: Interactions between Congress and the Federal Judiciary 2009
Vigilant Faith: Passionate Agnosticism in a Secular World 2013
Visions of the Land: Science, Literature, and the American Environment from the Era of Exploration to the Age of Ec 2002
Visions of the Maid: Joan of Arc in American Film and Culture 2001
Voters' Verdicts: Citizens, Campaigns, and Institutions in State Supreme Court Elections 2015
A Voyage to Virginia in 1609: Two Narratives: Strachey's "True Reportory" and Jourdain's Discovery of the Bermudas 2013
Vulnerable States: Bodies of Memory in Contemporary Caribbean Fiction 2007
The Way of the 88 Temples: Journeys on the Shikoku Pilgrimage 2013
"What Shall We Do with the Negro?": Lincoln, White Racism, and Civil War America 2009
What Time and Sadness Spared: Mother and Son Confront the Holocaust 2006
When the Sun Danced: Myth, Miracles, and Modernity in Early Twentieth-Century Portugal 2012
Whispers of Rebellion: Narrating Gabriel's Conspiracy 2012
William Wordsworth and the Ecology of Authorship: The Roots of Environmentalism in Nineteenth-Century Culture 2012
Women's Work: Nationalism and Contemporary African American Women's Novels 2013
Word, Like Fire: Maria Stewart, the Bible, and the Rights of African Americans 2011
The Working Man's Green Space: Allotment Gardens in England, France, and Germany, 1870-1919 2014
Worth a Dozen Men: Women and Nursing in the Civil War South 2012
Writing through Jane Crow: Race and Gender Politics in African American Literature 2014
Written on the Water: British Romanticism and the Maritime Empire of Culture 2010