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The Whole Island

The Whole Island: Six Decades of Cuban Poetry, A Bilingual Anthology

Copyright Date: 2009
Edition: 1
Pages: 624
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    The Whole Island
    Book Description:

    Cuba's cultural influence throughout the Western Hemisphere, and especially in the United States, has been disproportionally large for so small a country. This landmark volume is the first comprehensive overview of poetry written over the past sixty years. Presented in a beautiful Spanish-Englishen faceedition,The Whole Islandmakes available the astonishing achievement of a wide range of Cuban poets, including such well-known figures as Nicolás Guillén, José Lezama Lima, and Nancy Morejón, but also poets widely read in Spanish who remain almost unknown to the English-speaking world-among them Fina García Marruz, José Kozer, Raúl Hernández Novás, and Ángel Escobar-and poets born since the Revolution, like Rogelio Saunders, Omar Pérez, Alessandra Molina, and Javier Marimón. The translations, almost all of them new, convey the intensity and beauty of the accompanying Spanish originals. With their work deeply rooted in Cuban culture, many of these poets-both on and off the island-have been at the center of the political and social changes of this tempestuous period. The poems offered here constitute an essential source for understanding the literature and culture of Cuba, its diaspora, and the Caribbean at large, and provide an unparalleled perspective on what it means to be Cuban.

    eISBN: 978-0-520-94453-4
    Subjects: Language & Literature

Table of Contents

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  1. Front Matter
    (pp. i-iv)
  2. Table of Contents
    (pp. v-xviii)
  3. INTRODUCTION Cuban Tightrope: Public and Private Lives of the Poets
    (pp. 1-30)

    Relations with Cuba have preoccupied the North American imagination far more than one might expect, given the island’s small size and minimal power.¹ North American understanding of Cuba has, at the same time, been obscured by longings for the exotic, as well as mythologies of both right and left, in which Cubans have also been known to indulge. It’s been imagined as a place simpler than our own, whose people are less inhibited and more passionate, friendly to strangers and prone to dancing in the street, a land strangely set apart in a childhood fantasy, as evidenced by the opulent...

  4. A Note on the Text
    (pp. 31-31)
  5. Nicolás Guillén
    (pp. 32-49)
    Nicolás Guillén
  6. Eugenio Florit
    (pp. 50-59)
    Eugenio Florit
  7. José Lezama Lima
    (pp. 58-87)
    José Lezama Lima
  8. Virgilio Piñera
    (pp. 86-105)
    Virgilio Piñera
  9. Samuel Feijóo
    (pp. 106-121)
    Samuel Feijóo
  10. Gastón Baquero
    (pp. 120-141)
    Gastón Baquero
  11. Eliseo Diego
    (pp. 140-159)
    Eliseo Diego
  12. Cintio Vitier
    (pp. 158-171)
    Cintio Vitier
  13. Fina García Marruz
    (pp. 170-189)
    Fina García Marruz
  14. Lorenzo García Vega
    (pp. 188-205)
    Lorenzo García Vega
  15. Carlos Galindo Lena
    (pp. 204-209)
    Carlos Galindo Lena
  16. Francisco de Oraá
    (pp. 210-225)
    Francisco de Oraá
  17. Roberto Branly
    (pp. 224-231)
    Roberto Branly
  18. Pablo Armando Fernández
    (pp. 230-239)
    Pablo Armando Fernández
  19. Roberto Fernández Retamar
    (pp. 238-245)
    Roberto Fernández Retamar
  20. Fayad Jamís
    (pp. 244-259)
    Fayad Jamís
  21. Heberto Padilla
    (pp. 258-269)
    Heberto Padilla
  22. José Álvarez Baragaño
    (pp. 270-279)
    José Álvarez Baragaño
  23. César López
    (pp. 280-291)
    César López
  24. Antón Arrufat
    (pp. 290-297)
    Antón Arrufat
  25. José Kozer
    (pp. 296-315)
    José Kozer
  26. Miguel Barnet
    (pp. 314-325)
    Miguel Barnet
  27. Belkis Cuza Malé
    (pp. 326-333)
    Belkis Cuza Malé
  28. Nancy Morejón
    (pp. 332-335)
    Nancy Morejón
  29. Luis Rogelio Nogueras
    (pp. 334-353)
    Luis Rogelio Nogueras
  30. Lina de Feria
    (pp. 352-357)
    Lina de Feria
  31. Delfín Prats
    (pp. 358-363)
    Delfín Prats
  32. Excilia Saldaña
    (pp. 362-367)
    Excilia Saldaña
  33. Raúl Hernández Novás
    (pp. 368-387)
    Raúl Hernández Novás
  34. Amando Fernández
    (pp. 386-391)
    Amando Fernández
  35. Soleida Ríos
    (pp. 392-407)
    Soleida Ríos
  36. Lourdes Gil
    (pp. 406-411)
    Lourdes Gil
  37. Reina María Rodríguez
    (pp. 410-419)
    Reina María Rodríguez
  38. Abilio Estévez
    (pp. 418-423)
    Abilio Estévez
  39. Iraida Iturralde
    (pp. 422-427)
    Iraida Iturralde
  40. Ruth Behar
    (pp. 426-431)
    Ruth Behar
  41. Ángel Escobar
    (pp. 430-445)
    Ángel Escobar
  42. Ramón Fernández Larrea
    (pp. 444-451)
    Ramón Fernández Larrea
  43. Roberto Méndez
    (pp. 450-455)
    Roberto Méndez
  44. Rolando Sánchez Mejías
    (pp. 454-461)
    Rolando Sánchez Mejías
  45. Rogelio Saunders
    (pp. 462-469)
    Rogelio Saunders
  46. Ismael González Castañer
    (pp. 468-475)
    Ismael González Castañer
  47. Juan Carlos Flores
    (pp. 476-481)
    Juan Carlos Flores
  48. Pedro Llanes
    (pp. 480-487)
    Pedro Llanes
  49. Sigfredo Ariel
    (pp. 486-491)
    Sigfredo Ariel
  50. Frank Abel Dopico
    (pp. 492-499)
    Frank Abel Dopico
  51. Alberto Rodríguez Tosca
    (pp. 498-505)
    Alberto Rodríguez Tosca
  52. Omar Pérez López
    (pp. 504-515)
    Omar Pérez López
  53. Antonio José Ponte
    (pp. 514-523)
    Antonio José Ponte
  54. Heriberto Hernández
    (pp. 522-527)
    Heriberto Hernández
  55. Pedro Marqués de Armas
    (pp. 526-533)
    Pedro Marqués de Armas
  56. Damaris Calderón
    (pp. 534-541)
    Damaris Calderón
  57. Alessandra Molina
    (pp. 540-547)
    Alessandra Molina
  58. Carlos A. Aguilera
    (pp. 546-557)
    Carlos A. Aguilera
  59. Javier Marimón
    (pp. 556-562)
    Javier Marimón
  60. Biographies and Notes to the Poems
    (pp. 563-592)
  61. Translators
    (pp. 593-596)
  62. Acknowledgments
    (pp. 597-598)
  63. Credits
    (pp. 599-602)
  64. Back Matter
    (pp. 603-603)