Hieroglyphic Egyptian
Book Description:

This book offers a comprehensive, self-contained introduction to one of the oldest known recorded languages-Hieroglyphic Egyptian. Unlike other approaches, it is geared toward learning to read one of the masterpieces of Middle Egyptian literature, the story "Shipwrecked Sailor," written around 2200 bce. The text's eighteen lessons-organized around such topics as the body, flora, fauna, titles, administration, religion, sexuality, and warfare-cover all the basic grammar and syntax of Middle Egyptian. The book includes exercises for each chapter, sign lists, Egyptian/English and English/Egyptian dictionaries defining all the words and phrases used in the lessons, and a new edition of the tale "Shipwrecked Sailor" with facing commentary. Although the overall approach is literary,Hieroglyphic Egyptiancan also be used as an introduction to reading other material, such as biographical inscriptions, religious texts, historical annals, and mathematical or medical papyri. The text is suitable for classroom use, as well as for those who want to learn independently.

eISBN: 978-0-520-95523-3
Subjects: Linguistics