My Favorite Burgundies
Book Description:

In this book, Clive Coates, a Master of Wine who has spent four decades of his distinguished career in Burgundy, shares his vast insider's knowledge of one of the world's most exciting, complex, and intractable wine regions. Personal rather than encyclopedic, and informed by Coates's unparalleled access to regular, extensive tastings, this book imparts the author's philosophy and expertise as to how best approach, appreciate, and discuss the wines of Burgundy. Coates updates and supplements the domaine profiles featured in his two previous books,Côte D'OrandThe Wines of Burgundywith new in-depth assessments of specific vineyards. Divided into three sections-Vineyard Profiles, Domaine Profiles, and Vintage Assessments-My Favorite Burgundiesconsiders the leading vineyards and today's top estates, and features detailed maps and a wealth of tasting notes that reflect how the wine develops as it ages. Enlivened by Coates's singular, firsthand knowledge and precise descriptions, this is an indispensable guide for amateur and professional enophiles alike.

eISBN: 978-0-520-95660-5
Subjects: Environmental Science