Canadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairs 1999
Book Description:

Long praised for its accuracy, readability, and insight, theCanadian Annual Review of Politics and Public Affairsoffers a synoptic appraisal of the year's developments in Canadian politics.

Canada went to war in 1999, participating in a two-month NATO-led air war against Yugoslavia over its treatment of Kosovar Albanians. Attracting less public attention was an important turn in the country's constitutional arrangements—the creation of Nunavut—producing a self-governing capacity for the Inuit. The year 1999 also saw both the federal and British Columbia governments approve an historic agreement with the Nisga'a Nation. Additionally, Jean Chrètien?s Liberal government pushed ahead with its plan to create a law that sets out the rules around any future referendum on Quebec?s sovereignty.

TheCanadian Annual Reviewis unique in its collection and presentation of the year in politics. The combination of the calendar and the text offers a superb, easy-access reference source for political events, both federal and provincial.

eISBN: 978-1-4426-7212-3
Subjects: Political Science