Taking Public Universities Seriously
Book Description:

The Government of Ontario recently announced a comprehensive review of the design and funding of the province's post-secondary education system, chaired by former premier Bob Rae. The issues and opportunities confronting Ontario and Canadian research universities are by no means unique. Many industrialized countries have been forced over the last several years to respond to challenges in higher education.

In response to the Rae review, the University of Toronto convened a conference in December of 2004 to focus on the evolving role of the public university in industrialized democracies, and the implications of this role for creating optimal government policy. The conference involved leading policy makers, university administrators, and scholars from Canada and abroad.Taking Public Universities Seriouslyincludes all the papers given at this conference, and is enhanced by a comprehensive introduction by two of Canada's most prominent and experienced university administrators, Frank Iacobucci and Carolyn Tuohy.

Topics discussed include the rationale for funding public universities, the role of the public university, the increased competition between higher education and other government priorities, the proper role of tuition in the funding of higher education, and the models for student assistance if tuition fees increase. Anyone concerned with the future of public universities will find this book essential reading and a touchstone for future discussions.

Contributors:Benjamin Alarie • Nicholas Barr • Bahram Bekhradnia • Michelle Broderick • David M. Cameron • H. Lorne Carmichael • Judith Chadwick • John R.G. Challis • Ronald J. Daniels • Peter Dawkins • David Duff • David Dyzenhaus • Ross Finnie • Jane Gaskell • Meric S. Gertler • Andrew Green • Martin Hayden • Ruth Hayhoe • Edward Iacobucci • Glen A. Jones • Daniel W. Lang • Donald N. Langenberg • James Milway • V. Lynn Meek • Stephen Parker • W. Craig Riddell • Arthur Ripstein • Steven J. Rosenstone • José Sigouin • Andrew A. Sorensen • Lorne Sossin • Janice Gross Stein • Arthur Sweetman • Michael J. Trebilcock • Tara Vinodrai • Melissa S. Williams • Ross Williams • David A. Wolfe • Qiang Zha

eISBN: 978-1-4426-8033-3
Subjects: Education