Resources for Preparing Middle School Mathematics Teachers
Book Description:

Middle school mathematics teachers occupy a unique place in the mathematical development of students. These teachers need to be proficient in all elementary mathematics topics, together with some secondary mathematics topics. They demand a special kind of preparation that differs from both that of their elementary and secondary colleagues. The Mathematics Education of Teachers (MET) document published by the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences set forth criteria for the preparation of mathematics middle school teachers which made it critical that special programs and courses for this group emerge. This collection of articles is in response to the MET document and the result of several gatherings of mathematics educators and mathematicians training middle school teachers. We have chosen the articles that appear in this volume for several purposes: to disseminate various middle school programs structures, to detail methods of teaching specific middle school teachers content courses, and to share materials and resources. While each article describes the unique program or course of its respective institution, each also includes a common core of information to provide some consistency to the volume. In particular, all articles describing middle school programs contain information about the host institution, a history of the program, degree and testing requirements for the program and for state licensure, learning goals and objectives for the program and courses, and any available assessment data. When applicable information is included about particular courses, for example, some articles provide sample activities or syllabi and some have a description of courses in the appendix. Most articles have links to websites containing further information about the program, courses, state requirements, or resources that can be downloaded and used directly.

eISBN: 978-1-61444-315-5
Subjects: Mathematics