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The Hollow Log Lounge

The Hollow Log Lounge: Poems

Poems by R. T. Smith
Copyright Date: 2003
Pages: 88
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    The Hollow Log Lounge
    Book Description:

    This is no fairy tale. / It's all fantastic and bizarre and true. / It's my life, a raspy song, that sounds better if you sing along._x000B__x000B_The men and women who live and work near Opelika, Alabama, gather at the Hollow Log Lounge. There, under the watchful eye of the stuffed fox behind the bar, they unload their gripes and worries, tell their stories, argue, joke, commune, complain, and confess. _x000B__x000B_In this collection of poems, R. T. Smith paints a vividly imagined portrait of the community in this small-town bar, capturing the chorus of the patrons' voices echoing off the knotted wood-paneled walls. Smith's stand-in, Sam Buckhannon, scribbles stories heard and overheard as tongues loosened by liquor spin out monologues in which southern idiom and vernacular seem perfectly at home within the constraints of measured verse.

    eISBN: 978-0-252-09244-2
    Subjects: Language & Literature

Table of Contents

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  1. Front Matter
    (pp. [i]-[viii])
  2. Table of Contents
    (pp. [ix]-[xii])
  3. One Man’s Sanctuary in Opelika, Alabama
    (pp. 1-1)
  4. Confession in a Booth at the Hollow Log Lounge
    (pp. 2-3)
  5. A Local Doc, over Rocky Lunchtime Bourbon, Speaks of Barter and Hopeful Home Remedies
    (pp. 4-5)
  6. Charlene Sperry on Safe Beauty
    (pp. 6-7)
  7. Flat-footing on Bluegrass Night: Dorsey Hostetter Explains It All to a Stranger
    (pp. 8-9)
  8. He Gets Nostalgic in the Hollow Log Lounge Just Before Friday Night’s Last Call
    (pp. 10-10)
  9. Pick It, Squirrel: Steve Gresham Sees the Light
    (pp. 11-11)
  10. Theology in the Hollow Log
    (pp. 12-13)
  11. Wade Seego Believes Soylent Green Is People
    (pp. 14-14)
  12. A Cosmological Discovery in the Hollow Log Lounge
    (pp. 15-15)
  13. Tull Jackson’s Slow Confession
    (pp. 16-17)
  14. In Horsehide Shoes, Fleur Hobbs Eats Cheese, Drinks Irish Beer, and Laments the Nature of Her One Arrest
    (pp. 18-18)
  15. Break Time: Herman Wiggins Just About Says It All to a Fledgling Who Hopes Swing Music Turns the Local Girls to Carnal Dreams
    (pp. 19-19)
  16. Getting Cleared: The Cosmetologist Recounts Her Recent High-Noon Ordeal
    (pp. 20-22)
  17. Cadmon Dabney from Whitby Corners on How He Made His Song
    (pp. 23-24)
  18. Dew Stuart’s Breakthrough on the Jew’s Harp
    (pp. 25-26)
  19. Oxford Stroud Recollects Fishing with Electricity
    (pp. 27-27)
  20. The Phyllis
    (pp. 28-30)
  21. After One Straight Jack Too Many, the Salesman Waxes Wild
    (pp. 31-32)
  22. Politics and Vodka in the Hollow Log Lounge
    (pp. 33-34)
  23. Cowgirl
    (pp. 35-35)
  24. Zydeco Washboard, the Confession of Johnny Smooth
    (pp. 36-36)
  25. A Putative Country Star Rebukes His Exit Escort
    (pp. 37-38)
  26. Twang Chic: Sam Buckhannon Explores the Latest Fashion
    (pp. 39-41)
  27. Country Music
    (pp. 42-44)
  28. One-Eye Remembers Silver Queen
    (pp. 45-46)
  29. James Lee Bucky Declines the Offer
    (pp. 47-48)
  30. Leaving the Kmart 4-for-$1 Photo Portrait Booth, Junior Martin Flirts with Madness beyond the BlueLight Special and Rumors of Joy
    (pp. 49-49)
  31. Miller
    (pp. 50-52)
  32. He Has Seen More Than He Bargained For
    (pp. 53-54)
  33. Working Up a Thirst in the Hollow Log Lounge
    (pp. 55-56)
  34. March, and Mae Fields Tells the Most Recent Miracle She Sort of Saw
    (pp. 57-59)
  35. Goatsucker: Dillard Ramsey Admits to His Suspicions
    (pp. 60-60)
  36. Jane Lagrone Rejects a Tract En Route to Happy Hour
    (pp. 61-62)
  37. Sheriff Matt Whitlock Confesses to a Lesson in Zen after Hours
    (pp. 63-65)
  38. The End: Sam Buckhannon’s Lament as Told to Pattie Holcey
    (pp. 66-68)
  39. Back Matter
    (pp. 69-74)