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Shechem IV: The Persian-Hellenistic Pottery of Shechem/Tell Balât'ah

Shechem IV: The Persian-Hellenistic Pottery of Shechem/Tell Balât'ah

Nancy L. Lapp
Edited for the Expedition by Edward F. Campbell
Volume: 11
Copyright Date: 2008
Pages: 160
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    Shechem IV: The Persian-Hellenistic Pottery of Shechem/Tell Balât'ah
    Book Description:

    This is the final publication of the Persian and Hellenistic pottery from the American Joint Expedition to Shechem, 1956-1968. Since these were the last periods of occupation of the site, most of the pottery comes from the early seasons, especially 1956, 1957, 1960, and 1962. The later strata were defined by these excavations as Early Persian (Stratum V) and Early Hellenistic to Late Hellenistic (Strata IV-I). This volume presents the complete pottery corpus of these periods from Shechem. In an introductory chapter, the stratification and important loci for this study are described. The next two chapters present the pottery from the Persian and Hellenistic pottery by type with reference to strata and loci, complete with drawings, descriptions, and comparative material from other sites. A final chapter summarizes the important typological features and appendixes list loci with descriptions and finds from them.

    eISBN: 978-0-89757-016-9
    Subjects: Archaeology, History

Table of Contents

  1. Front Matter
    (pp. i-vi)
  2. Table of Contents
    (pp. vii-viii)
  3. List of Illustrations
    (pp. ix-xi)
  4. List of Tables
    (pp. xi-xii)
  5. Preface
    (pp. xiii-xiv)
  6. Abbreviations
    (pp. xiv-xiv)
  7. Chapter 1 Introduction
    (pp. 1-18)

    This publication represents the Balâṭah pottery corpora of the Persian-Hellenistic period, Strata V–I, in accordance with the publication plans of the Joint Expedition to Shechem (Shechem III.1: 1). As noted there, this report is very late in coming, but it has been an effort that has covered over forty years of study by my late husband and myself. Strong impetus to this final study was given by the publication in 2002 of Shechem III.1 and III.2 by Edward F. Campbell and G. R. H. Wright. With their detailed presentation of the stratification and history of the site, clear reference...

  8. Chapter 2 The Early Persian Pottery — Stratum V
    (pp. 19-40)

    The Persian pottery, that assigned to Stratum V, is presented by types and significance of loci. There are discussions of each type and the various sub-types. Plates that present the sherds in profile and section and accompanying charts with ware descriptions of the illustrated sherds, as well as ware descriptions for other similar sherds, can be found in the plate section of this volume. The pottery is illustrated and listed by stratum, with that from identifiable Stratum V contexts first, Stratum V pottery in later strata next, and significant unstratified sherds last.¹

    As has been noted, pottery from Stratum VI,...

  9. Chapter 3 The Hellenistic Pottery — Strata IV–I
    (pp. 41-72)

    The Hellenistic pottery, that assigned to Strata IV–I, is presented by type in a manner similar to the Persian pottery from Stratum V. The Hellenistic occupation was much longer and more widespread; consequently, there is a greater quantity of pottery to present. As in Chapter 2, there is a discussion of each type and the various subtypes. Plates that present the sherds in profile and section, accompanied by a chart that has descriptions for the illustrated sherds and those of other similar sherds, are found in the plates section of this volume. The pottery is illustrated and listed by...

  10. Chapter 4 Summary of Pottery Types
    (pp. 73-80)

    The stratified material that can contribute to the development of particular ceramic types is considered in this summary of the Strata V–I pottery at Shechem. Only forms that may be confidently designated as diagnostic types for the Early Persian, Early Hellenistic, or Late Hellenistic periods will be mentioned. Details of their classification and analysis are found in Chapters 2 and 3.

    In the discussion of Stratum V pottery attention is given to those ceramic types that can be placed in the late sixth and early fifth century bc. First is the bag-shaped jar with a variant profiled rim, a...

  11. Appendix I: Locus Lists
    (pp. 81-138)
  12. Appendix II: Locus Indices
    (pp. 139-149)
  13. Appendix III: Coins
    (pp. 150-157)
  14. Bibliography
    (pp. 158-166)
  15. Index
    (pp. 167-168)
    (pp. 169-338)