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Recruitment and Retention

Recruitment and Retention: Lessons for the New Orleans Police Department

Bernard D. Rostker
William M. Hix
Jeremy M. Wilson
Copyright Date: 2007
Edition: 1
Published by: RAND Corporation
Pages: 48
  • Book Info
    Recruitment and Retention
    Book Description:

    This study presents recommendations to improve recruiting and retention in the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD). The recommendations, tailored to the unique circumstances of the NOPD, include using civilian employees for some jobs now performed by officers; developing a proactive recruiting program; providing housing; increasing the frequency of promotion examinations; eliminating the backlog of promotions; restructuring compensation; establishing a first-responders charter school; and rebuilding the police infrastructure.

    eISBN: 978-0-8330-4268-2
    Subjects: Management & Organizational Behavior

Table of Contents

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  1. Front Matter
    (pp. i-ii)
  2. Preface
    (pp. iii-vi)
  3. Table of Contents
    (pp. vii-viii)
  4. Tables
    (pp. ix-x)
  5. Acknowledgments
    (pp. xi-xii)
  6. CHAPTER ONE Introduction: The Problem
    (pp. 1-8)

    To appreciate the recruiting and retention challenges facing the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD), it is necessary to understand the unusual nature of Hurricane Katrina and how it affected and continues to affect the conditions under which NOPD officers work, as well as the implications for their families and their personal lives.

    More than a year after Hurricane Katrina devastated large portions of the City of New Orleans, the NOPD continues to feel the consequences of the storm. Unusually large numbers of police officers have left the department, and few new officers have been recruited to replace them. In one...

  7. CHAPTER TWO Lessons That Might Help the New Orleans Police Department
    (pp. 9-28)

    This chapter addresses the recruiting and retention problems currently faced by the NOPD and applies lessons that RAND has learned from decades of working with large personnel organizations.ยน The chapter covers five topics: compensation, including housing; the promotion process and career management; recruiting; the mix of officers and civilians; and ways to improve the morale of the NOPD. For each topic, we discuss the problem facing the NOPD and the lessons RAND has learned from previous studies and research and offer recommendations. Specific examples of previous studies and research are cited in the footnotes; copies of these studies can be...

  8. CHAPTER THREE Conclusion
    (pp. 29-32)

    Since Hurricane Katrina, resignations from the NOPD have increased and recruiting has all but stopped. Compensation lags behind that of comparable departments. There are, however, measures the NOPD can take to address these problems. The NOPD can focus future compensation programs on the recruiting and retention of junior officers. It can give officers in the PO2 to PO4 grades the salary increases they have earned. The tragedy in housing can be turned into a positive program to foster recruiting and retention. Reform of the promotion system can encourage the best officers to stay and advance. Proactive recruiting must be the...

  9. Bibliography
    (pp. 33-36)