The Creative Process of Els Joglars and Teatro de la Abadía
Book Description:

The rehearsal processes of theatre companies are an oft-neglected area of research in Drama and Performance Studies. This work on the Catalan devising collective Els Joglars and the Madrid producing venue Teatro de la Abadía seeks to redress the balance with a close analysis of methodologies employed in rehearsal. In effect, both companies have created distinctive rehearsal processes by applying ideas and techniques from a wider European context to a Spanish theatre scene which had been seen to follow rather than develop trends and techniques visible in theatre across France, Italy and Germany. Critically, their hybrid rehearsal processes generate heightened theatrical results for the audience. Thus the book shifts the focus of academic study away from product and towards process, demonstrating how an understanding of process assists in the reading of the theatrical product. Simon David Breden obtained a PhD in Drama & Hispanic Studies from Queen Mary, University of London. He has worked as a professional director and expert in Spanish theatre in London and Madrid.

eISBN: 978-1-78204-268-6
Subjects: Language & Literature