Anglo-Norman Studies 36
Book Description:

The contributions collected in this volume demonstrate the full range and vitality of current work on the Anglo-Norman period in a variety of disciplines. They begin with Elisabeth van Houts' Allen Brown Memorial Lecture, which makes a major contribution to understanding Normandy's early history. A number of essays deal illuminatingly and provocatively with monastic culture (both male and female) and with associated literary production, from the making of the famous Worcester cartularies to new insights into the cultural world of forgery. There are also articles on the cross-Channel Anglo-Norman economy, a comparative study of Angevin and Hohenstaufen succession strategies, and Wace's treatment of women and power. David Bates is Professorial Fellow, University of East Anglia.BR> Contributors: Elisabeth van Houts, Ilya Afanasyev, Mathieu Arnoux, Robert Berkhofer III, Laura Cleaver, Matthew Hammond, Susan M. Johns, Catherine Letouzey-R├ęty, Alheydis Plassmann, Sigbjorn Olsen Sonnesyn, Andrew Wareham, Teresa Webber, Emily Winkler.

eISBN: 978-1-78204-297-6
Subjects: History