Gabriel García Márquez and the Cinema
Book Description:

"A unique and indeed indispensable addition to the critical literature on a writer of world importance." Gerald Martin, author of Gabriel García Márquez: A Life Far from being an occasional occupation, García Márquez's film work forms an intrinsic part of his overall aesthetic and literary poetics. The book's primary aim is to present a detailed study of García Márquez's wide-ranging filmography, which has never received a comprehensive, systematic analysis. Rocco argues that it should be recognised as an integral part of the author's narrative output, and brought into the mainstream of studies concerning his literary activity. The first part of the book reconstructs the trajectory of García Márquez's career in cinema and his connections with the world of film. The second part looks at all his screenplays on which actual films have been based. These are examined chronologically, but also analysed according to thematic and aesthetic concerns and placed in relation to the novels and short stories with which they are 'twinned'. Alessandro Rocco is Researcher in Latin American Literature and Culture at the University of Bari, Italy

eISBN: 978-1-78204-337-9
Subjects: Film Studies, Language & Literature