Anglo-Norman Studies 31
Book Description:

The contemporary historians of Anglo-Norman England form a particular focus of this issue. There are contributions on Henry of Huntingdon's representation of civil war; on the political intent of the poems in the anonymous Life of Edward the Confessor; on William of Malmesbury's depiction of Henry I; and on the influence upon historians of the late antique history attributed to Hegesippus. A paper on Gerald of Wales and Merlin brings valuable literary insights to bear. Other pieces tackle religious history [northern monasteries during the Anarchy, the abbey of Tiron] and politics [family history across the Conquest, the Norman brothers Urse de Abetot and Robert Dispenser, the friendship network of King Stephen's family]. The volume begins with Judith Green's Allen Brown Memorial Lecture, which provides a wide-ranging account of kingship, lordsihp and community in eleventh-century England. CONTRIBUTORS: Judith Green, Janet Burton, Catherine A. M. Clarke, Sebastien Danielo, Emma Mason, Ad Putter, Kathleen Thompson, Jean A. Truax, Elizabeth M. Tyler, Björn Weiler, Neil Wright.

eISBN: 978-1-84615-690-8
Subjects: History