Arthurian Literature XXIII
Book Description:

The essays in this latest volume have a particularly strong focus on English material; they include explorations of Malory's presentation of Sir Dinadan, the connections between ballads and popular romance, and, moving beyond the medieval period, Thomas Love Peacock's 'The Misfortunes of Elphin'. They are complemented by articles on French sources ['L'Atre perilleux', the 'Queste del Saint Graal', and the 'Perlesvaus'], and with an overview of the idea of cowardice and Arthurian narrative. Contributors: ANDREW LYNCH, P. J. C. FIELD, JOYCE COLEMAN, D. THOMAS HANKS JR, RALUCA L. RADULESCU, MARGARET ROBSON, MARTIN CONNOLLY, NORRIS J. LACY, FANNI BOGDANOW, TONY GRAND, ROBERT GOSSEDGE

eISBN: 978-1-84615-446-1
Subjects: History, Language & Literature