Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem and other Analogous Documents preserved in the Public Record Office XXIV: 11-15 Henry VI (1432-1437)
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Fourth editor, Kate Parkin Inquisitions post mortem are the single most important source for the history of medieval English landed society, and are indispensable to social, economic, and political historians of the later middle ages; compiled with the help of jurors from the area, they are a county-by-county record of a deceased individual's land-holdings and associated rights, where the individual held land directly of the crown. It is this explicit connection with land and locality - in economic, social, political, and topographical terms - that makes these documents of such comprehensive interest. This volume covers the period between 1432 and 1437. It contains valuable information and detailed returns on the estates of the greater aristocracy such as Joan, Lady Abergavenny, John, earl of Arundel, Joan, duchess of York, John, duke of Norfolk, John, duke of Bedford, and Henry IV's former wife, Joan of Navarre, queen of England, as well as those of lesser landholders and the middling gentry of England and the marches of Wales. Standard information includes medieval descriptions of towns and villages and full manorial extents and the volume also provides comprehensive indexes of jurors, persons, places, and subjects. ACADEMIC DIRECTOR AND GENERAL EDITOR: Professor Christine Carpenter, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge. EDITORSBR> Dr M.L. Holford was a research associate at the Universities of Durham and Cambridge from 2003 to 2008. Dr S.A. Mileson is college lecturer, St Edmund Hall, Oxford. Dr C.V. Noble was a research associate at the University of Cambridge from 1999 to 2008. Dr Kate Parkin was a research associate at the University of Cambridge from 1999 to 2005.

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