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Estuaries and Coasts

Vol. 34, No. 2, MARCH 2011

Table of Contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. What's Hiding Behind Ontogenetic δ¹³C Variations in Mollusk Shells? New Insights from the Great Scallop (Pecten maximus) (pp. 211-220)
    Laurent Chauvaud, Julien Thébault, Jacques Clavier, Anne Lorrain and Øivind Strand
  3. Biocalcification in the Eastern Oyster (Crassostrea virginica) in Relation to Long-term Trends in Chesapeake Bay pH (pp. 221-231)
    George G. Waldbusser, Erin P. Voigt, Heather Bergschneider, Mark A. Green and Roger I. E. Newell
  4. An Experimental Apparatus for Laboratory and Field-Based Perfusion of Sediment Porewater with Dissolved Tracers (pp. 243-255)
    Amber Hardison, Craig Tobias, Jennifer Stanhope, Elizabeth Canuel and Iris Anderson
  5. Submarine Groundwater Discharge to a High-Energy Surf Zone at Stinson Beach, California, Estimated Using Radium Isotopes (pp. 256-268)
    Nicholas R. de Sieyes, Kevan M. Yamahara, Adina Paytan and Alexandria B. Boehm
  6. The Bioavailability of Effluent-derived Organic Nitrogen along an Estuarine Salinity Gradient (pp. 269-280)
    Katherine C. Filippino, Margaret R. Mulholland, Peter W. Bernhardt, George E. Boneillo, Ryan E. Morse, Matthew Semcheski, Harold Marshall, Nancy G. Love, Quinn Roberts and Deborah A. Bronk
  7. Climatic and Tidal Forcing of Hydrography and Chlorophyll Concentrations in the Columbia River Estuary (pp. 281-296)
    G. Curtis Roegner, Charles Seaton and António M. Baptista
  8. Quantifying Annual Nitrogen Loads to Virginia's Coastal Lagoons: Sources and Water Quality Response (pp. 297-309)
    Juliette Christina Poleto Giordano, Mark J. Brush and Iris C. Anderson
  9. Incorporation of Leucine and Thymidine by Estuarine Phytoplankton: Implications for Bacterial Productivity Estimates (pp. 310-325)
    Margaret R. Mulholland, Andrea M. Rocha and George E. Boneillo
  10. Modeling Trophic Structure and Energy Flows in a Coastal Artificial Ecosystem Using Mass-Balance Ecopath Model (pp. 351-363)
    Shannan Xu, Zuozhi Chen, Shiyu Li and Peimin He
  11. Microzooplankton Grazing in Green Water—Results from Two Contrasting Estuaries (pp. 373-385)
    Joanna K. York, Barbara A. Costas and George B. McManus
  12. A Test of Bycatch Reduction Devices on Commercial Crab Pots in a Tidal Marsh Creek in Virginia (pp. 386-390)
    A. Scott Morris, Stephanie M. Wilson, Erik F. Dever and Randolph M. Chambers
  13. Trophic Resource Overlap Between Small Elasmobranchs and Sympatric Teleosts in Mid-Atlantic Bight Nearshore Habitats (pp. 391-404)
    Ryan Jordan Woodland, David H. Secor and Madeline E. Wedge
  14. Back Matter