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Human Migration

Human Migration: A Guide to Migration Literature in English 1955--1962

with the assistance of CORNELIA MORGAN
Copyright Date: 1968
Pages: 200
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    Human Migration
    Book Description:

    In this guide to the literature on human migration, J.J. Mangalam indexes over 2,000 titles that appeared in English from 1955 through 1962. An important feature of this work is the annotation of nearly 400 major articles on migration. These annotations provide information on the main focus of the study, the hypotheses tested, and any special measuring devices employed. The conclusions are also given, using the authors' words whenever possible. To facilitate the use of this guide the author has compiled an index that lists not only the subjects treated but also the major variables used in each abstracted study; thus the researcher who is interested in the use of certain variables can easily refer to the previous investigation of the influence of these factors upon migration. In a comprehensive introduction, Mangalam surveys the current state of studies of human migration and suggests a theoretical framework by which the vast amount of existing facts from different migration studies can be integrated and given meaning.

    eISBN: 978-0-8131-6518-9
    Subjects: Language & Literature, Sociology

Table of Contents

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  1. Front Matter
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  3. Table of Contents
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    This work is a byproduct of a systematic search of migration literature during the initial phase of designing the Beech Creek Study, an investigation of social adjustment and personal stability of migrants from an isolated, three-neighborhood area in eastern Kentucky to places in Kentucky and adjoining states. We found that the vast amount of existing literature, empirical and otherwise, was scattered widely in a variety of sources such as scientific journals, dissertations, books, and reports. Furthermore, we found that, in spite of the large number of existing works dealing with migration, only a very few of them ventured any theoretical...


      (pp. 23-25)

      A number of bibliographies on migration literature already exist, but are out of date. Furthermore, most of them contain no annotations, and those that are annotated provide such limited information that they are of little help to prospective researchers in planning their projects. The present work is intended to fill these gaps to some extent. I say “to some extent” advisedly, for I have come to agree with Irene Taeuber’s warning, which accompanied her encouragement to undertake this enterprise: “The publications of bibliographies are always difficult. You accomplish a bit by never, never calling it a bibliography.” How true!


      (pp. 26-96)

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      A study of 630,000 migrants to Cairo as shown in the 1947 national census—census data and Social Agency Directory. One of the major cushions in the assimilation of rural migrants is the nature of the subcommunity to which they gravitate. Among the variables used in the study were: type of migrant, kind of adjustment, kind of association, occupational status, and sex.

      For the rural migrants, the urban subcommunity provides comforting similarities to the ruralness...

      (pp. 97-111)

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    (pp. 173-182)
    (pp. 183-194)