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Records of Woman, with Other Poems

Records of Woman, with Other Poems

Felicia Hemans
Edited by Paula R. Feldman
Copyright Date: 1999
Edition: 1
Pages: 192
  • Book Info
    Records of Woman, with Other Poems
    Book Description:

    Felicia Hemans (1793-1835), one of the most influential and widely-read poets of the nineteenth century, wroteRecords of Womanin 1828 at the height of her long career. In the series, which includes nineteen poems about exemplary lives, Hemans explores what it means to be a woman, challenging traditional beliefs while at the same time reinforcing persistent stereotypes. Her work celebrates the lives, events, and imagined thoughts of unremembered women from different cultures and time periods whose deeds show nobility of spirit and inner strength. In her introduction, Paula Feldman examines how Hemans's poetry shaped and was shaped by nineteenth-century literary tastes, and she reconsiders the aesthetic value of Hemans's work and the current understanding of the nature of Romanticism.

    eISBN: 978-0-8131-4906-6
    Subjects: Language & Literature

Table of Contents

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  1. Front Matter
    (pp. i-iv)
  2. Table of Contents
    (pp. v-vii)
  3. List of Illustrations
    (pp. viii-viii)
  4. Acknowledgments
    (pp. ix-x)
  5. Introduction
    (pp. xi-xxix)

    Felicia Hemans was one of the most influential and widely read poets of the nineteenth century.Records of Woman,published in 1828, was her best-known book. It is of special interest to readers today not only for its remarkable lyricism and exploration of psychological states but also for the way in which it both engages and paradoxically defies stereotypical nineteenth-century views about the character, history, and emotional resources of women. The most personal of Hemans’s books also struck a particularly responsive chord with the reading public of her time, both in Britain and in America. Hemans sold more copies of...

  6. Further Reading
    (pp. xxx-xxxi)
  7. Note on the Text
    (pp. xxxii-xxxiv)
  8. Records of Woman

    • Arabella Stuart
      (pp. 7-15)
    • The Bride of the Greek Isle
      (pp. 17-23)
    • The Switzer’s Wife
      (pp. 25-28)
    • Properzia Rossi
      (pp. 29-33)
    • Gertrude, or Fidelity till Death
      (pp. 33-35)
    • Imelda
      (pp. 35-39)
    • Edith, a Tale of the Woods
      (pp. 39-46)
    • The Indian City
      (pp. 47-53)
    • The Peasant Girl of the Rhone
      (pp. 54-57)
    • Indian Woman’s Death Song
      (pp. 57-59)
    • Joan of Arc, in Rheims
      (pp. 59-62)
    • Pauline
      (pp. 63-67)
    • Juana
      (pp. 67-69)
    • The American Forest Girl
      (pp. 69-71)
    • Costanza
      (pp. 72-75)
    • Madeline, a Domestic Tale
      (pp. 75-79)
    • The Queen of Prussia’s Tomb
      (pp. 80-82)
    • The Memorial Pillar
      (pp. 82-84)
    • The Grave of a Poetess
      (pp. 84-86)
  9. Miscellaneous Pieces

    • The Homes of England
      (pp. 89-90)
    • The Sicilian Captive
      (pp. 90-94)
    • Ivan the Czar
      (pp. 94-97)
    • Carolan’s Prophecy
      (pp. 97-100)
    • The Lady of the Castle
      (pp. 100-103)
    • The Mourner for the Barmecides
      (pp. 103-106)
    • The Spanish Chapel
      (pp. 106-109)
    • The Captive Knight
      (pp. 109-110)
    • The Kaiser’s Feast
      (pp. 110-112)
    • Tasso and his Sister
      (pp. 112-114)
    • Ulla, or the Adjuration
      (pp. 115-117)
    • To Wordsworth
      (pp. 117-118)
    • A Monarch’s Death-Bed
      (pp. 118-119)
    • To the Memory of Heber
      (pp. 120-121)
    • The Adopted Child
      (pp. 121-122)
    • Invocation
      (pp. 122-123)
    • Körner and his Sister
      (pp. 124-127)
    • An Hour of Romance
      (pp. 127-128)
    • A Voyager’s Dream of Land
      (pp. 128-130)
    • The Effigies
      (pp. 131-132)
    • The Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers in New England
      (pp. 133-135)
    • The Spirit’s Mysteries
      (pp. 135-137)
    • The Departed
      (pp. 137-139)
    • The Palm-Tree
      (pp. 139-140)
    • The Child’s Last Sleep
      (pp. 141-142)
    • The Sunbeam
      (pp. 142-143)
    • Breathings of Spring
      (pp. 143-145)
    • The Illuminated City
      (pp. 145-146)
    • The Spells of Home
      (pp. 146-147)
    • Roman Girl’s Song
      (pp. 148-149)
    • The Distant Ship
      (pp. 149-150)
    • The Birds of Passage
      (pp. 150-151)
    • The Graves of a Household
      (pp. 153-154)
    • Mozart’s Requiem
      (pp. 154-156)
    • The Image in Lava
      (pp. 156-158)
    • The Last Wish
      (pp. 158-160)
    • Fairy Favours
      (pp. 160-161)
    • A Parting Song
      (pp. 162-162)
  10. Notes to the Poems
    (pp. 163-212)
  11. Index of First Lines
    (pp. 213-214)