Mike Barry and the Kentucky Irish American
Book Description:

TheKentucky Irish Americanbegan life in 1898 as one of many ethnic newspapers in America, but by its final years it attracted an avid national audience of many ethnicities. From 1925, theKIAwas owned and edited by the Barry family of Louisville: by John J. Barry to 1950, and by his son Michael to its demise in 1968.

This anthology focuses on the Mike Barry years -- a time of Cold War and Vietnam, of Kennedy, Nixon, McCarthy, Goldwater, and Happy Chandler. Under Mike's brilliant editorship, theKIAoffered its readers a richly textured, pungent voice that combined humor with a constant push for social improvement in Kentucky and in the nation.

Always theKIAwas strong in its support of all things Irish, Catholic, and American. It was also an acerbic commentator on the absurdities of Kentucky politics. But theKIAwas notable -- and noticed -- for its strong positions on national and international issues.Red Smith once described theKIAas "all the excuse any man needs for learning to read." Today's readers can now discover the pleasures of a livelier era in journalism.

eISBN: 978-0-8131-5651-4
Subjects: Language & Literature, Political Science