Mammals Of Kentucky
Book Description:

Because of its central situation in the Eastern United States and the variety of habitats to be found within its borders, Kentucky has an interesting mixture of mammals, including some characteristic of the Deep South, the West, and the North. All 63 species native to the state are described and illustrated in this volume, the fifth in a series of guides to the wildlife of Kentucky.

The book is conveniently arranged by orders, families, and species, and identification is facilitated by illustrated keys and by a series of dramatic color photographs. In the account of each species, the authors describe its distinguishing features, similar species with which it might be confused, its habitat, range, characteristic behavior, and life history. Much of the information in these accounts is drawn from the authors' personal observation of the animals in the wild and, in some cases, in captivity.

eISBN: 978-0-8131-5647-7
Subjects: Zoology