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Egyptian Cooking

Egyptian Cooking: and other Middle Eastern Recipes

Samia Abdennour
Photographs by Graham Waite
Copyright Date: 2005
Pages: 240
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    Egyptian Cooking
    Book Description:

    Since its original publication twenty years ago, Samia Abdennour’s Egyptian Cooking has become a true classic—a must-have cookbook for anyone who wants to eat as the Egyptians do. From hearty staples like foul midammis (stewed fava beans) and kushari (a mix of pasta, rice, and lentils under a rich tomato sauce) to more complex meals such as roast leg of lamb and baked stuffed fish, Egyptian Cooking runs the gamut of the national cuisine. Now, in this revised and expanded edition, Abdennour has added over eighty new recipes from all over the Middle East, including some of the most popular dishes from the Levant, the Gulf, and North Africa. With 485 recipes and mouthwatering color photographs, this versatile guide gives users a wide array of basic meals and sumptuous dishes. With entries organized under the categories of Mezze, Breakfast, Main Courses, Sweets and Desserts, and Beverages, Egyptian Cooking offers a comprehensive collection of Middle Eastern recipes in one volume. Spiral-bound for easy accessibility while cooking, this practical handbook offers detailed advice on shopping, food preparation, and unusual ingredients, as well as the Arabic names for individual items and recipes. Ideal for the novice as well as the experienced cook, this expanded edition of an Egyptian bestseller is the ideal introduction to cooking this delicious cuisine at home.

    eISBN: 978-1-61797-266-9
    Subjects: Middle East Studies, Sociology

Table of Contents

  1. Front Matter
    (pp. i-vi)
  2. Table of Contents
    (pp. vii-viii)
  3. Acknowledgments
    (pp. ix-x)
  4. Introduction
    (pp. xi-xii)

    This is a new version of my original bookEgyptian CookingA Practical Guide.To it I have added some one hundred of my favorite recipes from my second bookMiddle Eastern CookingA Practical Guide.Here again the titles of the recipes bear the names in their native language, with their English translation. They reflect what the average middle-class Egyptian would serve without any of the sophisticated recipes copied and adapted from the west.

    The book has been divided into five parts: Mezze, Breakfast, Main Courses, Sweets and Desserts, and Beverages.

    Breakfast, if and when taken at home, usually...

  5. Chapter 1 Useful Hints
    (pp. 1-4)
  6. Chapter 2 Mezze
    (pp. 5-20)
  7. Chapter 3 Breakfast
    (pp. 21-34)
  8. Chapter 4 Main Courses
    (pp. 35-218)
  9. Chapter 5 Sweets and Desserts
    (pp. 219-230)
  10. Chapter 6 Beverages
    (pp. 231-236)
  11. Chapter 7 Pastes and Mixed Spices
    (pp. 237-240)
  12. Chapter 8 Kitchen Utensils
    (pp. 241-244)
  13. Chapter 9 Spices
    (pp. 245-246)
  14. Glossary
    (pp. 247-256)
  15. Index
    (pp. 257-264)